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Saved Legal Questions
Threatening for penalty Labor 5 Apr 2019

when I tried to login from my cellphone other than my laptop my a/c for online part-time job my a/c was blocked. Next day they are threatening me to...

Dear client, they should be beware. you could be sign agreement on line,, SO for precaution send him a legal notice to withdraw your all request to business...View

Legal process and permissions before starting construction in our land Civil 5 Apr 2019

Hi Team, This is venkatesh. Am having a land in vijayawada for which we have all clear legal documents and we are paying property tax every year from...

dear client file a complaint in police station Thanks to LIKEView

Serving of notice period during probation in LLP company startup. Labor 5 Apr 2019

I work for a startup LLP company since one and half month without the provision of PF deduction since there are only 3 employees currently in the company....

dear client the company is must get your resignation with proper way as mention in a clause of agreement for service, do through drafted lawyer resignation...View

Serving of notice period during probation in LLP company startup. Labor 5 Apr 2019

I work for a startup LLP company since one and half month without the provision of PF deduction since there are only 3 employees currently in the company....

dear client ony FIR is solution thanks to TalkView

To evict the tenant living without paying the rent Civil 5 Apr 2019

A tenant is living in my two room flat since 13 months. Now i am out of my town so he neitner pays the rent (from 4monyhs)nor evict my flat. I failed...

send notice to pay rent and evict the likeView

Ancestors property agreement is done by my father Civil 5 Apr 2019

Agri land ( ancestors property agreement was done by my father, in the hole amount fifty percent we received. Unfortunately because of health issues...

yes, your mother is likeView

Transaction in my current account Banking 5 Apr 2019

Sir Lost more money transfer in my current account. Any problems for me?

dear client for avoiding legal consequence get a draft of an affidavit and submit in concern bank, click LIke to appreciate, View

Adverse possession on unclaimed land Civil 5 Apr 2019

I am living with family in Faridabad (Haryana) from last 11 years. We have our own house in un-regularized colony but we have registry of this house. Adjacent...

dear client the unclaimed plot has well know by the society you have on the position of the land from more than years, It's your you can do anything that...View

I want to know about the cancelled cheques Civil 5 Apr 2019

I have issued the cheques to my friend later some days i paid the cash can i cancel the cheques now in the bank? Is there any possibility that he can...

dear client the draft of the affidavit for submission in a bank is available, kindly ensure to get by writing your detail of contact to next query or...View

Adultari case me doshi kaun Criminal 4 Apr 2019

Adultary matter me talak sambhav hai kya. Hai to kis tarah se

know adultery not a crimes.View

Notice pay recovery for absconding and I do not want to pay this amoun Labor 4 Apr 2019

Hello, My name Is Rahul and I was working In Amazon development Center Pune for approx 5 Months(Sep 10th 2018 -Joining) and Due to my Personal Issue...

file complaint against them to the labour commissioner officeView

Not providing copy of contact Labor 4 Apr 2019

I had entered in a contract with my previous employer for which i have been asking a copy of (they never provided any copy of the contact). As per contract...

dear client file your complaint the nearest police station,Any doubt chat to ask, thanks to LIKEView

School not following CBSE retirement rules, teacher being forcefully r Civil 4 Apr 2019

My sister is a senior coordinator at a reputed public school in Gurgaon. The school is affiliated to CBSE which have passed retirement age @ 60. My sister...

a. The age of superannuation was revised from 60 to 62 few years back for teachers in NCR pursuant to committee report b. CBSE rules for superannuation...View

Love my husband but want a divorce Family 4 Apr 2019

My problem is I hate to be in my husbands parents house. Earlier we used to live alone. Plus his behaviour is geting worst day by day. I cant live with...

u may take divorce but i advice u to take a alimony amt of 10 to 20 likeView

Minor daughter runs away with minor boy and returns with a baby Family 4 Apr 2019

Hello sir. My friend Manish, age 45, stays at Rajkot, Gujarat. His daughter (age 15) ran away with her boy friend (age 16). Both of them have now...

sir, those childrens are minors both of them and didnot attend the age of majority 1.actually their marriage will not be a lawful bu they had baby you...View

brother may apply for legal heir certificate without my ANY 4 Apr 2019

our ancestral property (residential house)in tamilnadu. my father died in the year 1976. my brother is trying to apply for legal heir certificate without...

if your are confirm that your brother is selling the property then you file a case that to divide the ancesrtal property among you because as the other...View

In reg soc without any legal resolution getting LOI and IOA Human Rights 4 Apr 2019

can developer process development without any legal GBR or process in REG. AND ACQUIRED SOCIETY in SRA

if it is authorized or registered he can proceseView

Trail case procedure and they are asked some tips . Civil 4 Apr 2019

How are start city court and high court civil and criminal trial cases , you are ask to me procedure for cases one by one along with I want must mcop...

1) If you have just enrolled as an Advocate then you can ask some senior advocate to let you work under him. You must meet and make friends with as many...View

legal advice for human harrasment Human Rights 4 Apr 2019

A person blame that my husband got money from his with out knowing anybody. He gave a complaint to the office where my husband is working. The person...

1) I do not think the company will give any importance to such complain. 2) Your husband should keep inviting his seniors of his office for lunch or dinner...View

Money recovery suit for 3,01,050 . Cause of area SantaCruz Mumbai Civil 4 Apr 2019

Hi, I am a lawyer, I was practicing at Ahmedabad, recently got married in Mumbai, here I got my first case about money recovery suit for 3 lac, area SantaCruz...

dear counsel As the state legislature decide language for court process, you should have knowledge of local language to file the suit in court, However...View

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