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Ex-parte of land-lord , what will be the effect on suit. Civil 24 Jan 2019

Elder brother file a suit for transfer a name as talent.Land-lord, two brothers and sister are respondents.Land-lord has no interest in the suit. Court...

sir then the suit will be status co , it has no stand . View

Cheque dishonour and neglecting the phone calls ANY 24 Jan 2019

I was issued a cheque dated 27 12 2018 from a person for my work for 15000 inr.. He asked me on the day before the cheque date not to produce the cheque...

sir go to the police and take help in person.View

Appeal in higher court and request to jr court Civil 24 Jan 2019

Dear sir/madam in a civil suit Hon jr court rejected our application stating GPA can not depose plaintiff as per order 3 rule 1&2 of CPC as in this case...

sir we need the brief of the case facts with section . and the role of the GPA in this .View

Victim girl Miner or major Criminal 24 Jan 2019

Victim girl is medical report is 18 to 19year and matric certificate is 15 year now preval age superim court judgement

medical report will be consideredView

personal loan settlement Banking 24 Jan 2019

personal loan settlement is possible....i have 12 lakhs personal loan and I payed 6 emi Rs.16,600 after that 12 emi Rs.26,164 now i loss my job, and im...

yes any settlement is possible negotiate with lender . click View


Respected Sir(s), I want to know the Notification number wherein the stipend for new lawyers as Rs 5K was granted in a joint meeting because West Bengal...

kindly contact the honorable high court president regarding this in person.View

Do we have to approach co-operative court to challenge an illegal reso Civil 24 Jan 2019

Do we have to approach co-operative court to challenge an illegal resolution even if it has not been approved by the Deputy Registrar? Our society has...

Yes - As per the provisions of the Maharashtra Co op Soc Act, 1961, any dispute among member to member or with the society, member or aggravated party...View

Docs submission in 498A case Family 24 Jan 2019

Is it necessary to deposit all dowry related docs and snaps for 498A in the court or can deposit photocopy of the docs

no... coz dowry related docs are different from this 498A case.... so dowry related docs should not get priority....View

Am Ieligible for pay protection Labor 24 Jan 2019

Respected sir , I Govardhan doing job as a lecturer (pgt economics) in Directorate of Education,NCT of Delhi , GP 4800, SELECTED BY DELHI SUBORDINATE...

yes ur eligible for all benefits of emplaymentView

Can Dy. Registrar\s decision to not take action be appealed before Jt Civil 24 Jan 2019

Hello, I wish to know if the decision of a Dy. Registrar to not take action under Section 79A(3) of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act be appealed...

As per the laid down court procedure in case any decision pending before the lower authority, one can not appeal before the higher authority i.e. in ur...View

About maintenance case Family 24 Jan 2019

case status dekha online to disposed dikha rha hai aur mere wakil ne date di

Apne vakil se pooche kya koi application laga rahe hai, disposed hai toh order kya hai poochey.View

About intercaste marriage query Family 24 Jan 2019

Mine is inter caste marriage.My husband is converted from hindu to christian so , now belongs to BC christian (Aadhidravidar ) and i\'m hindu MBC (vanniyar)

come on my what's noG.MUNEESWARAN..9597797779..View

Allotment of flats in Redevelopment of old building Property 24 Jan 2019

Dear Sir, Our co-operative housing society in Mumbai is in the process of redevelopment. Existing building is four floor and New Proposed building will...

sir make proper agreement try it to made by lawyer .View

Check authenticity of marriage certificate ANY 24 Jan 2019

Do you have background check on the authenticity of a marriage certificate?

Yes. With reference to the registration number and the date of registration, it can be checked in the records of the Registrarís Office. Click like please...View

difference between tribunal and court ANY 24 Jan 2019

What is the difference between a tribunal and an ordinary court ???

Tribunals is for the adjudication of disputes arising in special cases.View

dhokhadhadi and fraudsters ANY 24 Jan 2019

some one msg me that i have won some prize money of 16 lakhs and you have to deposit some money for that in this way they have taken 50000...

u r victim of cyber fraud and this is racket so pls complaint to your district cyber cell or sp. Recovery of money is tough coz accused are over smart...View

Should i attend the high court for 482 petition Criminal 24 Jan 2019

I have filed a case under section 354 ,506 .the case is under trail in the court now the person has filed an 482 petition in high court,do i need to attend...

u have no need to appear before high court but if fir is not quashed then u should continuously appear in district courtView

How order warrant 1st party against 2nd party Human Rights 24 Jan 2019

Sir between two party 1st party case against 2nd party and 2nd party case against 1st party but first party take bail from court and 2nd party can\'t...

Dear Client............ Your query is not clear ..... its counter case..... one had to properly explain the same to court.... for any query or help feel...View


Please tell me the process how to correct my name in document

Hire a lawyer and then make an affidavit. Please click👍👍👍like buttonView

can i get my money back legally Criminal 24 Jan 2019

I am married man. One year back I met one married lady. She is separated from his husband & living with her parents at Jagatpuri, Delhi. We became friends....

go to the police and talk there in person .View

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