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I need immediate help about this msg full details Consumer Protection 25 May 2019

acmm: P.C.R./52690/2019 M/S Vs RANGANATH, Listed on 09-07-2019, Court: LVII ADDL CMM I wanted to know what is this case for n complete details who registered...

send me full name , place of both the parties. My no. Nine seven six three four two three six four two. Press like giftView

procedure to consfication Criminal 25 May 2019

who has power and what are the procedure to consfication ones property

On what grounds? Please elaborateView

Need Career guidance Business 25 May 2019

Hello sir/mam, I am junior advocate in District Court but I want to switch my career in law firms because I am not happy with my practicing as a lawyer.....

firstly you cool down in our profession all lawyer newly think"I am not happy with my practicing as lawyer". But in this profession firstly you learn how...View

passport related query ANY 25 May 2019

my name is nitinkumar devendrakumar sharma but in my child\'s birth certificate it is written as nitin kumar devendra kumar sharma..would it create any...

it might create problem some where. to over come the problem you can do publication of the same name.then in future also all the problems would be r...View

Effect of criminal case decision on civil case decision Civil 25 May 2019

Sir Does criminal case decision have any impact on the decision of civil case. We won civil case from both lower and district court. Now, the civil case...

Both procedure is different do not scared and why you think you are not win criminal case is depending on your advocate that how he argued the case. If...View

Issue realted to husband didnt want to be with his family Family 25 May 2019

My dad didnt want to live with their family ie my mom and my 3 sisiter and i am single brother, and we also didnt want too now. My uncle has eyes on his...

yes you have to file maintence and dv case in court for expenses. My no. nine seven six three four two three six four two. Press like giftView

Rectification deed To be done Property 25 May 2019

What is cost of rectification deed in patna bihar, and how can ve done

the cost is ten. its with two hour. pathlegalView

Violation of Model Code of Conduct by a govt employee. ANY 25 May 2019

Sir/Madam, I want to file a court case against a govt. employee in haryana. During this parliamentary election, during Model Code...

sir forget all of them , as till the election commission has no objection till then no one has any right to object . and sir they can take as defamation...View

Sole custody and divorce Family 25 May 2019

Hi Sir, I\'m planning to move abroad from India and with my kid We are separated since 4 years but not legally and have a kid of 4 years. Iím planning...

so you can take mutul divorce and get the divorce decree and free to do 2nd marriage. contact me My no. Nine seven six three four two three six four two....View

Right in step mothers acquired property Property 25 May 2019

My father remarried after death of first wife, I am single son of second wife. There are 2 sons and 2 daughters from first mother. If my mother acquire...

wife has share in husbnd property . Press like giftView

mother accident case Accident 25 May 2019

My mother accident case is going still now its happen 2005. My lawyer is government lawyer he did not help me many times he said many reasons no one help...

approach to the district court for legal help . in legal aid departmentView

FIR in 498 A case in Uttarakhand Criminal 25 May 2019

मैं यह जानना चाहता हूं कि एक...

hello. can you understand english. your wife filed FIR but police need some commission and some cases they will keep aside.if your wife go and asks...View


My plaintiff was filed Civil suit against my father seeking for parmanent injunction.But in the Plaint/Affadavit he is quoted false allegations (that in...

sir file the discharge petition for the same and file the harassment case on the uncle . and go to the municipality and the collector and ask help to make...View

Domestic violence n dowry Family 25 May 2019

Dear sir,my sister husband is abusing her physically n mentally from past few months. They r married for 5 years and were very happy till then. He has...

yes 100 percent she will get maintence. File 498a at women cell and after that file maintence and domestic violence case . My no. Nine seven six three...View

Civil Injunction suit Civil 25 May 2019

My neighbour(plaintiff) was filed Civil suit against my father seeking for parmanent injunction.But in the Plaint/Affadavit he is quoted false allegations...

after wining the case you can file defamation. My no. Nine seven six three four two three six four two. Press like giftView

Need mact cases vendor Motor Vehicle 25 May 2019

Hi Advocate, I am Rahul Kumar Shah and I am looking for vendor who can do MACT cases investigation. Kindly help to know are you into similar line...

yes, you can contact me.View


My house have ground + 4 floor and height is more then 15 meter (appx 52 ft), and i have 02 bses electricity meter already. Can i get another 03 meter...

The rule regarding 15m came with MP2021. However, it was disputed and settled with vikas singh judgment of Hon'ble Delhi High Court. There are certain...View

The had kept cheating case on me I had transferred more than 15 laks Civil 25 May 2019

We had a serious relationship between us from 2013 recently we got engaged after that filed a case on me and braked the engagement what I should do now...

file recovery suit against that girl. My no. Nine seven six three four two three six four two. Press like giftView

Opposite party is constructing illegally after filing civil suit Civil 24 May 2019

Sir someone illegally grab my late father's land with the forged documents and have started construction I have file the complaint under section 144 CRPC...

Try b filing police complain against them. Press like giftView

we her sisters how to save het Property 24 May 2019

Brother selling mentaly abnormal sisters property came from mothers gift deed

file partition suit. Press like giftView

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