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full and finalsettlemet Labor 24 Jan 2019

dear sir i had worked in delhi with banglore based pharma companyfor 8 month as i had resigned from company with proper notice but my full and final settlement...

Dear client send legal notice to Company, File suit as per jurisdiction of Company. Kind LIKE Get my Service Check Link detail Lawyer PathlegalView

is parition deed is valid if not registered Property 24 Jan 2019

I have 2 sons and a daughter.My wife is no more. 2 months back we made a partition of my property on a stamp paper with my signature and my 2 sons also...

Dear Sir, You may get registered a partition deed along with signatures of sons and their signatures are necessary. If you do not want their signatures...View

Mahar vatan, patil vatan, gay raan can be taken on lease ANY 24 Jan 2019

hi, i wanted to know the lands like Mahar vatan, patil vatan, gay raan can be taken on lease.The reason i am asking is i am interested in farming and...

parties must be interested for lease the property. otherwise u can apply for it in wanavibhag . just for Enquiries about itView

Inheritance of immovable property Property 24 Jan 2019

I am sole beneficiary and sole executrix of my husband\'s will. There is a house property . Should I probate the will ? Is it enough to get a legal heir...

It depends on whether you are the sole legal heir under succession, however it is better to probate the will.View

Case of child abuse ten years ago Criminal 24 Jan 2019

HI, I recently came across an issue that needs to be addressed quickly and dont know whom to turn to. One of my girl students reported to me an issue of...

Initially she needs to lodge a complaint against the atrocities committed by her brother including the present threat communicated by him towards her....View

credit card default...regarding file case against in court Banking 24 Jan 2019

hi sir, what is the court case credit card defaulter... im getting notice every month through email.....if we didnt paid in 7 days...

Dear. Client you got summon from the concern court Do needful Pathlegal LawyerView

Was it a fake marriage, a fraudulent Family 24 Jan 2019

One of my very close is suffering a lot and I need some advice. He got married 5 years ago which was a second marriage for both girl and boy. Now, girl...

sir send the notice for the mutual divorce .View

Service matter is pending Civil 24 Jan 2019

Will the service matter in tribunal court be run into 2015 ?

Dear Sir approach positive,what stage have it Click LIKE Lawyer Pathlegal KanpurView

House Sell and bank loan process related query Property 24 Jan 2019

I want to sell my house. I have a buyer who agreed to buy. He paid half amount and for half amount, he has applied for a home loan in CANFIN housing limited. HIs...

sir have proper talk with the bank manager with help of lawyer for the same then take action.View

Financial Scam / IT evasion Tax 24 Jan 2019

What happens when I file a tax evasion complaint against another person to the CBDT? What are the procedures involved? What if the IT dept does not find...

Dear client you could not Kind LIKE Lawyer Pathlegal KanpurView

GIFT DEED or the WILL valid after the death Property 24 Jan 2019

my dad had bought a flat in my mother name and my name when i was a student... now i am out of country.. my mother has made a GIFT DEED of her 50%...

the last one is valid which she made in 2014 .View

my wife chatting on facebook and whatsapp with other guys Family 24 Jan 2019

my wife is chatting with other guys on facebook and whatsapp, i saw her from behind. She has affairs. can i file a case against her.

sir be the part of her chat , as simple chat does not mean affair for sure . why saw from behind be the part of it , if she is right then she will enjoy...View

guidance for further move ANY 24 Jan 2019

my daughter got married to person one and half year back she is facing domestic voilence from her mother in law, husband uncle (POLICE), SISTER, husband...

then it is best that bring her back leave that family who are inhuman why to keep relation . go for the divorce , is this married life no way . go for...View

DVC section 12 against me got Disposal Allowed... Family 24 Jan 2019

During the time of trail, we both side family agreed for outside court settlement and they not yet withdraw the DVC. In the mean while we didn't attend...

sir in family matter there is nothing called out of court settlement . go for the divorce . sir criminal case can not be with draw it has to be quashed...View

Legal notice from hdfc through messages Banking 24 Jan 2019

Sir i have hdfc credit card and dues almost 1 lac but i m paying minimum dues every month.... At present m job less so i have some financial issues so...

sir better go to the bank ombudsman and talk in person for the same . sir interest will be there on the remaining amount .View

What I do,, as the company file the case Criminal 24 Jan 2019

First time deal with the company. THE COMANY BDM contact me and take the order and take advance cash payment and give the receipts of cash payment on...

Have you received summons from the court directing you to appear before it? Have you received the case papers? View

Ex-parte of land-lord , what will be the effect on suit. Civil 24 Jan 2019

Elder brother file a suit for transfer a name as talent.Land-lord, two brothers and sister are respondents.Land-lord has no interest in the suit. Court...

sir then the suit will be status co , it has no stand . View

Cheque dishonour and neglecting the phone calls ANY 24 Jan 2019

I was issued a cheque dated 27 12 2018 from a person for my work for 15000 inr.. He asked me on the day before the cheque date not to produce the cheque...

sir go to the police and take help in person.View

Appeal in higher court and request to jr court Civil 24 Jan 2019

Dear sir/madam in a civil suit Hon jr court rejected our application stating GPA can not depose plaintiff as per order 3 rule 1&2 of CPC as in this case...

sir we need the brief of the case facts with section . and the role of the GPA in this .View

Victim girl Miner or major Criminal 24 Jan 2019

Victim girl is medical report is 18 to 19year and matric certificate is 15 year now preval age superim court judgement

medical report will be consideredView

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