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420 case...chennai, procedure for high court Criminal 31 Mar 2019

420 case... After accused getting bail.... Delaying produce a chargesheet in court . So How to get direction from highcourt to speedy the chargesheet to...

file directional case under criminal lawView

Broker asking for money for agreement renewal Property 31 Mar 2019

Is it compulsory to pay the Broker at the time of agreement renewal in Goregaon West?? Both landlord & tenant have agreed upon extension but now this initial...

no not at all do it yourself with the partyView

Specific performance suit Civil 31 Mar 2019

Dear sir,recently i filed case specific performance on land issue ,i got status quo order with so.e limit date to deposits remaining balance.due to some...

u may check on e court app or send me your full name,place,court name and year of like giftView

CRPC Section 190, How to file a complaint Criminal 31 Mar 2019

I live in Rohini, Which Magistrate should I approach to file a complaint u/s 190 CRPC?

Whatsapp me " nine nine nine one nine nine nine zero zero eight"View

Property related advice Property 31 Mar 2019

Dear Sir, I want to know that based on power of attorney can we prove that the property is ours. Because the elder brother of my fater has refused...

file partition like giftView

Legal heir or successor Civil 31 Mar 2019

My husband got share of property from his parents. It was a partition deed. His property is on road side. But he has to give 3 metre wide way to his sisters...

Normally it includes any successor to the property. Anyway can you please share the scan copy of the document then we can advice you properly. Regards Rajeev RJ...View

Wrong boundaries in registration papers Property 31 Mar 2019

Sir we had bought a land of 266 syno 3 acres in our village in 2001 we have everything regarding land such as casebook ror pahanies etc but seller intentionally...

file rectification deed before registrar seller to correct boundaries after that file suit for declaration that property is yoursView

dhana settlement issue related Civil 31 Mar 2019

Sir my father died 7 years ago.He gave his property via dhana settlement to his elder brother for 4 lakh rupees.Can my mother get the property back . ...

sir the question is wrong as you say in this , that father has sold the property by this then mother need to purchase it no other way . as the title is...View

dhana settlement issue related Civil 31 Mar 2019

Sir my father died 7 years ago.He gave his property via dhana settlement to his elder brother for 4 lakh rupees.Can my mother get the property back . ...

you can file suit for cancellations of settlement deed on the ground of null and void if the said documents executed by your father by force or fraud otherwise...View

Transfer of tenancy under MAH. rent act ANY 31 Mar 2019

Uncle 82.expired. Unmarried, no father,mother and no siblings.leaving in Mumbai in rented premixed.I am his nephew looking after him for 20 years. At time...

yes u will get like giftView

Threat and abuses by neighbour Criminal 31 Mar 2019

We are in Govt. flat and opposite to our front gate is the front gate of other flat occupant, also in the same govt. institute. But the lady of opposite...

do police complain like giftView

Fraud, mental and physical harassment, violence, divorce Family 31 Mar 2019

My sister was married in April 2017 and now she has a baby girl. Currently she and her baby have been living with my parents for last one year. Her marriage...

file 498 a case @women redressel forum or u may complain to police station for all this facts, file maintence and domestic violence cases in


For joining job in saudi arabia I was examined at Sara Diagnostic centre Kolkata on 25/03/2019 & was declared unfit stating abnormal X ray Report (Remarks:...

1) Why in the first place you dispatched the report given by Sara Medicals to Dubai ? 2) Or was it that Sara Medical had sent the report by themselves...View

PoA for selling immmovable property, valid or not Property 31 Mar 2019

I have a PoA from my brother who is settled abroad for several years. PoA is drawn up favouring me to look after his property, inherited,.. Now he wants...

1) A P.O.A given by a blood relation is valid and you can proceed to do what your brother wants you to do. Let him inform you in writing to use the P.O.A....View

Pls suggest something good for me Family 31 Mar 2019

Mere husband ne meri past relationships ko le k kuch recording kar rkhi thi fir mujhe blackmail karne laga k tum chupchap apne ghar ja k rho nhi to aa...

१) अगर उसके पास इतने सबूत है...View

How much should I give to my advocate Family 31 Mar 2019

How much should I give to my advocate for going to attend case in another district?

in which case? Click like giftView

Her parents locked her in a room Family 31 Mar 2019

But sir her parents locked her in a room and didn't allow her to go outside the room. They tortured her continuously . I am unable to meet with her for...

then file 97 CRPC custody Petition in like giftView

Loane given to friend in 2016 till date not received amount ANY 31 Mar 2019

I have given money to my friend in 2016. I have deposited money in her and her family account. From their they have transferred amount in her business....

if u hv checque then send cheque bounce or legal demanding notice to like giftView

How much amount should I pay for filing a case in Chennai but my case Family 31 Mar 2019

How much amount should I pay for filing a case in Chennai? but my case is not filed . so will they refund money?

speak sweet nd take out ur like giftView

Legal notice from employer Labor 31 Mar 2019

I worked at Tech Mahindra for a year and half. However, due to some personal reasons I had to leave immediately without informing and resigning. Now the...

reply them about ur difficulties nd if u want to join job u may like giftView

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