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Query regarding possible causes for divorce Family 1 Apr 2019

My wife is asking me for divorce primarily based on one incident. A month back, we had a huge fight in a car. During the car, she wanted to move out of...

no, thats not likeView

Legality about knuckle knives ANY 1 Apr 2019

Are metal or brass knuckle knives legal to purchase for self defence purpose? If not then what weapon can a person carry for safety purpose?

no,only gun can b purchase that should b with like giftView

Bank frauds by his own employee Constitution 1 Apr 2019

Can a bank employee lodge fir against officer who has misused probationary officer Id for fraudulent transactions and junior officer future career spoiled...

Though you were on probation when once you know that some fraud is being committed by someone using your Id it is your duty to put on paper and pen boldly...View

Builder cheated after paying the booking amount 163800 rupees Consumer Protection 1 Apr 2019

I have booked a flat through 360 realtors in Bangalore in jan 2018 by giving the booking amount 1,63,800. Since Iím having other loans home loan didnít...

First issue legal notice asking him to pay back your money. If he doesnít pay back you may approach the Consumer Forum or file civil suit for recovery...View

Can she demands this house Property 1 Apr 2019

I have succession certificate.but can\'t transfer this property my name.25 years she lives in house .but I live in another house.can she demands this property...

why u r telling her,go in registration and transfer in ur like giftView

How to back my father property Property 1 Apr 2019

My father was dead. .father''s sisters leave in house last 25 years.but this property is my father name(legally).all paper this house back?my...

take succession certificate aftr that transfer property at ur name... Click like giftView

Cheque bounce which was given by Builder Banking 1 Apr 2019

Hi Team, I would like to inform that Builder give me the cheque and when I submit it to Bank then it was bounced and also debited some charges from my...

issue legal notice file cheque bounce case immediately file consumer case also with notice alsoView

want to make wills for safety purpose of my parents Property 1 Apr 2019

Dear Sir, I am living in Delhi , belongs from Kolkata, my parents are living in kolkata with my elder brother and his family ... recently there are some...

yes, u can make it,click like giftView

Husband filed divorce I filed rcr Family 1 Apr 2019

Hello I came for medical treatment to my parents house 15 months back my husband called me but I did not go as I was scared that he and in laws will continue...

u contest rcr and divorce case ,nothing happen to like giftView

division of family pension Family 1 Apr 2019

my father after his retirement was in the process of seperation with my mother and he died before divorce. me, unmarried daughter and my unemployed brother...

u will not get money but if ur sister is minor then u can maintence amt case in court against like giftView

Who owns after death of Jointly owned property Property 1 Apr 2019

Religion: Hindu, We have property which is owned jointly by Me and My mother. Property share is not mentioned anywhere, one can utilise full property and...

previously i hv ans u like giftView

A person of my village has planted some trees very close to the border Civil 1 Apr 2019

A person of my village has planted some trees very close to the border line of his farm. Due to the growing of twigs and overshadow of trees, the farm...

do police like giftView

Name misinterprated in document ANY 1 Apr 2019

Sir my name is mohammed izhan but my degree certificate it written as izhan mohammed what document i need to produce to prove both are my name

nothing worry about like giftView

real state complaint Consumer Protection 1 Apr 2019


you can file a case in RERA. and can claim interest compensation from the promoter/developer. if you want you can also demand refund of money with interest....View

I m Muslim,17 years girl my father want to marry 32 yrs man Family 1 Apr 2019

Dear Lawyers, I am muslim 17 years girl.My father is unwillingly want to marry 32 years uncle coz he is rich & also about to bcom lawyer. And as for...

Contact nearby police station and inform them the same. If need more help then whatsapp me " nine nine nine one nine nine nine zero zero eight "View

Query for start up a new business in online lottery according to gambl Business 1 Apr 2019

Can I able to open a online lottery business through website and mobile application in India according to India\'s gambling act? Which documents are...

1) If in your state lottery selling is permitted then you can do so through your website for which no specific permission is required. 2) Please do click...View

land deal- wrong measurement of land in token money affidavit. Property 1 Apr 2019

Hi, I gave a token money to purchase a land in Nov 2018 and that must be registered on my name in this month. We both partied signed a affidavit for...

Dear client it's can be remeasure by court order Like itView

What legal action can be taken to recover pending salary working in sc Criminal 1 Apr 2019

I am working in a school for last 5years my salary is pending....everytime with a hope I kept on continuing...during hiring time they did not say about...

You can file civil suit for recovery of your money . Without detail discussion and document review proper consult is not possible. Call me for detail...View

Street Dogs Menace In Co-operative Housing Society Premises. Civil 1 Apr 2019

Ours is a small building having only one wing one staircase with only a very limited space available for kids and small children to play in the society....

Dear client lady pet animal could be dengerous for society.its very well praposed at society meeting so take step to give lesson to the owner of the...View

Name Spelling mistake in certificate Civil 1 Apr 2019

Sir, In my 10th certificate & all id proofs my name is Bibhudatta. In 12th & graduation it's Bibhudutta. MISTAKE: U in place of A. What should I do for...

it is minor mistake ignorable then too go to the school clerk they only can do the correction in person .View

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