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Saved Legal Questions
Marrying mothers brother Family 30 Mar 2019

Is it legal if I marry to maternal uncle? Whether this marriage is void ? Does court declares this marriage as void?

if u wish marry likeView

Engagement of pvt. Employee in general election ANY 30 Mar 2019

Can a pvt employee without concent of pvt. employer deputed for election duty who is working in a govt. Office.

Dear Sir only permission by district collector. Thank or gift itView

Marrying mothers brother Family 30 Mar 2019

I am a Hindu girl from Karnataka.. can I marry to my mother's brother ? Is it legal in Karnataka?

in south indian culture one gets married to cousins or maternal uncles but scientically this is wrong for your future genwration say no to marriage thir...View

Want full and final settlement Labor 30 Mar 2019

want settlement of 26 days worked with delhi based company but company i not agree to give me

without knowing the full facts, difficult to give any legal advice. Contact me through through the number mentioned in the contact details.View

Photography payment issues ANY 30 Mar 2019

I am professional photographer, my payment due by 1.5 year,so pls suggest me

send legal demand likeView

Employer Fraud. Non payment of TDS and salaries. ANY 30 Mar 2019

What actions can be taken against the employer if he has run away without paying salaries of his employees? Also, he has had a history of committing the...

sir file case with the police and with the tax department . if he do not turn for some time then you can go to the court to attach his property for the...View

Do we need legal opinion report to the finance company for property al ANY 30 Mar 2019

I am purchasing a flat on 2 sale from a seller which is already mortgage with some finance company. Bank agent is asking Rs. 15000 for legal opinion certificate...

sir why are you going for the mortgaged property as with the property the loan money too will come to you . do not go for the same . if you insist then...View

Appeal on Divorce order Civil 30 Mar 2019

After getting divorce order by Senior civil judge from district session court what is the next step to move on? And what the documents we have to collect...

proceed for what ? there is final order and the matter has ended View

electricity meter installed for building more than 15 meters Civil 30 Mar 2019

Can a electricity meter be installed in a building whose height is more than 15 meters? If yes then how? Please help

Yes. You have been advised multiple times. I seriously don't understand what you are looking for. There's clear HC direction on this. If you are serious,...View

Trying to get married force fully Family 30 Mar 2019

I have a relationship. We both want to get married. but she\'s parents don\'t want to. Therefore she\'s parents trying to get married force fully . What...

do police likeView

How can I file for divorce if am unemployed past 3 yrs and in abusive Family 30 Mar 2019

Iam an unemployed woman with no job past 3 yrs and in abusive relationship since 13 yrs of marriage including domestic violence,but ignoring it for long...

go in court in legal aid department and they give lawyer for free of likeView

How can I file for divorce if am unemployed past 3 yrs and in abusive Family 30 Mar 2019

Iam an unemployed woman with no job past 3 yrs and in abusive relationship since 13 yrs of marriage including domestic violence,but ignoring it for long...

go in court in legal aid department they wil giv lawyer free of likeView

What can we do after doing llb or with doing side by side with studies Criminal 30 Mar 2019

I m currently pursuing llb and i want to know what can i do more in this field to improve my skills. I want to do internship and how can i apply for that....

1) You see, dress like an advocate but do not wear a tie and frequent the court rooms and watch his legal proceedings are conducted . 2) Be friend a young...View

Regarding where and how to avail Banking 30 Mar 2019

How to file a complaint to occur Lok Adalat for education loan... And also where I have too approach.

speak in likeView

Rehablitation in rent based property Family 30 Mar 2019

I need to know regarding rent act/ family-law/property laws/rules

u may take advice frm me Nine seven six three four two three six four likeView

Property distribution by my mother Property 30 Mar 2019

Hi I m Madhvi residing in ahmedabad gujarat My father passed away three months before, my mother is a house wife and she is having a plot now my elder...

if the property is registered in mother name then yes she can , if not registered in her name then go for the partition suit from the court right now...View

collect initial settlement amount cancels settlement -SBI credit card Banking 30 Mar 2019

Hello Team, I need your kind assistance as I am SBI cr card customer from Bangalore location. As I am facing with financial crisis unable to make...

Dear Mr. Abhay, 1) you have quite a good amount but have you got a receipt for such payment ? 2) Credit Card loans are never secured loans. 3) The...View

documents before making sale agreement Property 30 Mar 2019

Hi, i am selling my flat in bangalore. The buyer is asking for sale deed, Encumbrance certificate, tax receipts, OC certificate, etc etc before making...

normally you have to take token amount, before giving documents....(nominal amount only.)...View

Legal formalities for marriage bureau ANY 30 Mar 2019

Sir I want to start offline marriage bureau for muslim community. I want to know that any legal formalities is necessary or not to open this. Please...

1) No legal formalities need to processed for such purpose. 2) You can even commence such bureau from your residence. 3) Please do click upon the like...View

stay in father house given by Will Property 30 Mar 2019

My father in law made a registered will conferring my husband as the only beneficiary and executor of the will. His property is a self acquired row house...

madam no worry first register that house and get the mutation done and then ask all of them to take the house on market value as the husband is the owner...View

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