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sitesale advance given he is asking return of advance Property 21 Jan 2019

sir..i am 72 years old...i have site in vizag 100 square yards....due my childrens financial crisis i kept for sale one personal given as advance 10 lakhs...

have u given in writing how many days passed from date of registration of sale deed .u dont have to pay amount now.tell hingis amount is forfeited as he...View

About property my father Family 21 Jan 2019


then file case on them for the share of the sale . when mother is there then she has full right to sale it your permission is not needed when mother is...View

About fathers property Family 21 Jan 2019

No nothing as done from my father my mom and brothers sold all property after sudden death

did you check the document at the area sub registrar , as with out title no one can sell the property , they must have the title in one of their name so...View

Regarding court marriage ANY 21 Jan 2019

In gorakhpur can u tell me a registar marriage office nd in document class 10 marksheet we need original r xerox

go to the family court there lawyer will guide you , the mark sheet to should be original they will keep the scan copy or copy with them and return the...View

Query about described matter Criminal 21 Jan 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, Please clarify that if someone is falsely implicated in false criminal case & that innocent person files INQUIRY before Senior Police Authorities...

sir then the innocent person has to search the solid alibi for the same . the only way out . contact good criminal lawyer for the same . by the police...View

Land registration and Payment issue Property 21 Jan 2019

Gudmorning All I have purchase a plot through broker I have given all money to broker ,My plot has been registered and mutation done too..But broken...

Dear client yes this is complicated beware mutation is null and void until owner not declare the sale by receive of money. It's very good you have registration...View

Unknown man extorting money using physical means for baseless reasons Civil 21 Jan 2019

Greetings I have an unknown person trying to extort money from my father through physical means using some unknown 3rd party localites. The person claims...

sir right now go to the police commissioner to get the person . and contact lawyer at the honorable high court to contact that person in the right way....View

Regarding court marriage ANY 21 Jan 2019

Sir i wanna ask about court marriage , what are the document needed cn u suggest me

Dear Sir are you both take age of marriage Kindly click your feedback ask more View

False Compromise in Complaint u/s 138. Criminal 21 Jan 2019

A false complaint u/s 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act, for Rs. 1.6 lacs is pending in court.. The accused is illiterate. Both the Advocates colluded...

As per the court procedure, in case any compromise made outside the court, the same should be filed in the form of consent terms to be submitted before...View

Not producing Divorce decree Family 21 Jan 2019

What if I dont want to produce divorce decree to court while second marriage registration. Can i register my second marriage as the first marriage. Any...

you may and it will be registerd also but later-on if detected you marge will be annulled and you may be in jail View

Adoption of adult boy Family 21 Jan 2019

Hi If a NRI wants to adopt a adult boy of his friend is it possible to adopt

No. Since the applicability of the provisions of Indian Adoption act applies to only to the Indian citizen for falling under the jurisdiction of said...View

Shares on my father property Property 21 Jan 2019

Does my mom as right on her father property her age 55years all property sold by her brother but she never signed any documents

madam first check with the area sub registrar as if father himself has given all his things to the brother only, if yes then nothing can be done , as...View

Claim on father property Property 21 Jan 2019

Can married daughters claim their ancestral property if the father died before 2005 but mother died after 2005

if undivided then yes , not other wise .in this death of parents has no role till father has left any will .View

Whether the recording of a wife can show up in the case of 125 DV case Criminal 21 Jan 2019

Whether the recording of a wife can show up in the case of 125 DV case

sir if the recording show her job place then only has some use . as this Is for the money part .View

Denovo inquiry service matter Labor 21 Jan 2019

High Court set aside the termination order and ordered a Fresh Inquiry. In compliance, the Employer initiated inquiry and issued show cause notice with...

yes it can be challenged in the HC.If you wish you may contact me.View

Problem in getting mutation done Property 21 Jan 2019

Selling property/ buyer asking for mutation/ when I went to patwari\'s office/ they said the land is put under ACQUIRE. The registry of property was...

Dear client it's done through ADM(F/R) Your appreciation LIKE to close or ask me View

Hdfc bank me from Katie jo me right policy ki hai use canal karani Banking 21 Jan 2019

Sir mark problem you hai ki hdfc bank ramganjmandi walk me mere credit card se me right 52000/yera ki policy kar do hai jo canal nahi kar rage hai or credit...

Dear Sir RBI guidelines. Go their Click this LIKE tab,View

Case filled outside India Criminal 21 Jan 2019

Can a person is summoned by foreign court under cheque return case? Can any Indian file a case of cheque return outside India against any Indian in...

Dear client any type of case could be file to any part of globe.kindly do need full for help .cheque bounce is criminal offence don't take risk Clcik...View

legal firms to practice ANY 21 Jan 2019

Looking for legal firms to practice in kerala ...any suggestions??

Contact me,LIKE to appreciate View

Legal notice for breach of trust. Criminal 21 Jan 2019

If I want to complaint for Criminal breach of trust against a person, can I send a legal notice to the accused person asking him to give written apology...

Dear client this is criminal offence So file sec 200 in Court You Like to appreciate. Talk for clarifyView

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