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College is refusing to refund my fees. ANY 16 Feb 2019

I applied for my fees refunding before attending clsses but the college is refusing too refund my fees.

Dear Client must to step ask with Complain in Court. View

Regarding abusive dad blackmailing for police complaint Family 16 Feb 2019

My dad is blackmailing for police complaint against me. I would like to explain further.

dear client, your query is not complete. on the face of it, i can only advice that you need to file a complaint in the police station against your dad...View

What should we have to do for this 0 16 Feb 2019

I have a relationship with someone who have married Nd had 2 children. We r in love since 2yrs but we our relationship as secret, now his family members...

Answerd by Adv kavery Anand Bangalore.. Adultery is Not an crime..but it is a solid ground for Divorce.... so No need to worry about police complaint.....View

public procuter in dsk fraud case Criminal 16 Feb 2019

Are you the public procuter in dsk fraud case? I want to meet you in pune on 11th Feb\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' 2019 to handover details of my FD\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s,...

To know in detail and get legal services at there you may contact with me getting my information from the site. Click LIKE button to get more effective...View

Prove of Unregistered Will in Partition Suit. Civil 16 Feb 2019

Both the witness of the Will are ready to give their statements in the court in favour of Will. But none of the plantiff are ready to challange the Will...

If no one objection then on problem and they do not receive summon then exparty order against them. your wiĺl proved. If you like my advise then click...View


Society is not yet formed, and he is decline to give second NOC, however i am ready to surrender previous one

must for brief fact of issuesView


Hello, I had signed a bond with a logistics company, it was a bond wherein I have to work for the company for 3 years and by any chance if I leave the...

Dear client this bond is legally implementable So try short out amicably. Once they are got notice from you,process for solution is start for end of...View

WHAT IS THE Fullform of CPRO Labor 16 Feb 2019

what is the full form of CPRO? CPRO number is mentioned smewher for theconstitution of JCM.


Does MPID act oust RERA act ANY 16 Feb 2019

Does MPID act oust RERA act during recovery? If you got the order from RERA authority for recovery under sec 40 against a builder & as per sec 40 tehsildar...


Marraige second option Family 16 Feb 2019

A person want to do second marriage,his first wife is agree .first wife have no objection,then is there any option to make second wife valid

Dear client her concern could be make on written. It's eligibilty of Second one. Go ahead For query call me #Nine Nine three Six one five eight six...View

appeal against default for dismissed Civil 16 Feb 2019

SDO passed and order \"Dismissed for default\", I made and application for restoration, restoration application was also rejected on ground of sec 255...

dear client, your query is advised as under :- 1. the order by the SDO is right. 2. however you can go in for appeal against the order to the next higher...View

diverse suggestion to my brother Civil 16 Feb 2019

its about my brother.he got marreid 2years ago.she lives in shimoga and he in moodbidre in karnataka.she had doubt about my brother have an affair..we...

Dear Sir it's family Counseling matter,She could be arrogent by nature of heart.Suggestion for divorce,she could not accept because of nature.Send him...View

diverse suggestion to my brother Civil 16 Feb 2019

its about my brother.he got marreid 2years ago.she lives in shimoga and he in moodbidre in karnataka.she had doubt about my brother have an affair..we...

She can not claim any maintenance from your brother. But best thing is she come back.View

court stamp fees + 8percentage Labor 16 Feb 2019

Thank you. But, I have already paid 1250/- court fees. Is this 8% fees on my claim are extra, I need to pay? Then why 1250/- again? Please clarify....

If your claim amount's percentage is same as you were paid already then no need or if that amount is more then you will pay to your lawyer /court. If you...View

Infringement of RTI act ANY 15 Feb 2019

Public information officer(PIO) provided information to an applicant regarding a public servant , that information was barred under section 8(j) of RTI...

appeal to cicView

stamp duty on claim amount ANY 15 Feb 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, I got your reply against my question in pathlegal. Thank you. Actually, I have already paid court fees stamp 1250/- for the expedited...

1) This 8% charges are actually not revenue stamp duty but are same as court stamp fees which are adhesive court fee stamps and are needed to be affixed...View

Stamp Duty Value for 5 Years Notary 15 Feb 2019

I need leash deed agreement stamp duty for five years the rent is 86000/- P.M. and 7% incremental per year

1) Any way you will be needing help of a local advocate who will prepare the lease deed and he is the right person as to stare the actual value required...View

Can a chargesheet be filed on Mcoca (section 3-4) without any substant Criminal 15 Feb 2019

Can a chargesheet be filed on Mcoca (section 3-4) without any substantial law?

no can not be filed if filed it will be dismissedView

Pre Requisites for Tambola game ANY 15 Feb 2019

What are the procedures and documentation and cost required to start a game of Tambola in our locality in Bangalore. Is there any agency which can help...

Dear Sir, Housie, Tambola, Bingo, Housey Housey, Tombola, Houzee are the name of the one game only. Play Housie with your friends and family online and...View

Prove the genuineness of Will in Probate of Will Suit. Civil 15 Feb 2019

Dear Sir, We are the plantiff in "Probate of Will" suit, can our advocate move an application for balastic check of signature on the Will to prove its...

1) There is no kind such balastic check is made in case if signature it is only done in case of fire arm issues. 2) Your advocate can file an interim...View

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