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Limitation Act and Indian Contract Act Civil 14 Feb 2019

Respected Lawyers/Advocates, Kindly resolve my query and advice me. Facts: I was employed in a company for a total period of 14 months in Mumbai....


Bank NPA account for Loan Under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna Banking 14 Feb 2019

Hi I have Received Notice From Bank Against My NPA Account . for Pay full amount . i am not able to pay entire amount in one shot . i need time for...

You need to approach the court and put forward your defence by filing appropriate applciation. Revert me if you need assistance.View

For defending a consumer case Consumer Protection 14 Feb 2019

We are Lawyers from Delhi. We are looking for an Advocate from Alappuzha to represent our client in a small matter before Consumer Forum, Alappuzha. Contact...


Bank Notice for NPA Account Banking 14 Feb 2019

i HAVE Received Notice From Bank for my NPA Account . for pay full amount . i need reschedule my account and convert CC account into EMI

1) You need to reply to the notice under section 3-A of the SARFESI Act, 2002- within the stipulated time ( sixty days from the date of notice ) mentioned...View

Domestic violence to wife so how much maintainance can she get Family 14 Feb 2019

How much maintainance i I will get if my husband earn 80000 per month ...I don\\\'t want to stay with in laws due to mental torcher but husband don\\\'t...

1) You can make a claim of one third of his monthly earnings. 2) You will be asked by the Court and mention in your complain under section 125 of Criminal...View


Please tell me the process how to correct my name in document

Hire a lawyer and then make an affidavit. Please click👍👍👍like buttonView

Section 493, 420 and 506 B - Squash Criminal 14 Feb 2019

Hi Team, One of my cousin facing Section 493, 420 and 506 B by his ex-girl friend, and he told me she filed FIR stating lot of false statements about...

1) The police will investigate the facts of the complain made by her and may not arrest him but serve a notice to him under section 41-A ,of the Criminal...View

Permission for dig a Bore well Environmental 14 Feb 2019

I want dug bore well in my agriculture land but my neighbor approached the village revenue officer and stopped the bore digg as mentioned in his compliant...


what is the court fee for the suit filed for challenging the conveyanc Civil 14 Feb 2019

what is the court fee for the suit filed for challenging the conveyance worth 32 lakhs in district court.


Taxation Law / rules for Indian with foreign residential Permit. Tax 14 Feb 2019

I am a US Green card recipients but am NOT NRI, Am I allowed to invest my Indian earnings in India in shares, Mfs, PPF contribution and Govt Bonds.

sir talk to CA in india in person .View

Original document forgery, how to verify and prove Criminal 14 Feb 2019

In our case, the original sale agreement of our plot, which is with the opposite party, has been altered/forged by them. They have gone ahead and later...

you can produce the witness common in original sale deed and photocopy to prove your assertion. in cross examination also you shall have the opportunity...View

Remove the name of the co owner in sale deed Property 14 Feb 2019

Me purchased property by taking housing loan in the name of my son and in sale deed iam 1st purchaser &my son 2nd. But he declared to bank he unable to...

Welcome,Come on what's app no.G.Muneeswaran.9597797779.View

My opponent threatened to kill me during that incidence. Criminal 14 Feb 2019

I had a heated argument with my neighbor. My opponent threatened to kill me during that incidence. So I reported to the concerned police station and lodged...

ok police wil do their workView


We have a home loan going on our residential house for purchase of such property. We also have rent coming from other commmercial house property. Can we...

talk to the bank manager in person. View

I need drafting.. please draft and send me Consumer Protection 14 Feb 2019

Yes sir.. i need drafting. Content is i went to petrol bunk to refill car engine oil.. but the employee forgot to close the cap of engine oil tank.

I'll help you draft the consumer complaint at nominal charges, contact meView


Please tell me the process how to correct my name in document

sir you need to specify the document .View


Please tell me the process how to correct my name in document

It is not so easy and required several types of documents, you may get my service to correct it. You may contact with me getting my information from the...View

Legal notice model form Consumer Protection 14 Feb 2019

Please send me legal notice of defective service from petrol station.

thats not format,thats artView

Cancel vatappatra and hakksodpatra Civil 14 Feb 2019

My grandfather have 6 acre land in Pune. He has three there children. My uncle registered all land his two children through diwani court last month. My...

sir if the owner your grand father is alive then only he has the right to cancel it no one else . contact lawyer at the DJ court .View

Need Your Kind Help Sirs/Maam Consumer Protection 14 Feb 2019

How to get refund from a fraud matrimonial egency, they are unprofessional, not receiving promised service. just want to pass 6 months like this. kindly...

If all they are offering is Rs 5000, and you are not willing to settle for that, then your only option is to file a suit in consumer forum of respective...View

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