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Please tell me what is section 125 of code of criminal procedure...... Civil 16 Jan 2019

Please tell me what is section 125 of code of criminal procedure....................... ... ... ... .... ... ...


Crpc 125 advice for men Criminal 16 Jan 2019

Hello Sir/Madam, I was married on February 2015 and after 8 months, my wife went to her parents home for simple issues and till now she didn't returned...

Dear Client,When they are filing any application on hearing date, you or your Advocate should get a copy of the same. By going through the same you can...View

Agriculture land location authentication Property 16 Jan 2019

Can we get simtal map of any village on line ? Is chatur disha given by talti mantri is authentic??

Dear client you get online site of ADM revenue court Appreciate click any Link or Like View

Quashing of DV case filed by Daughter in law Family 16 Jan 2019

How much will quashing of DV case against Mother in law and sister in law cost? Also what will be the duration of the proceedings? Please advice. This...

it is not for sale . can not say for time also can not say if it will be quashed View

Please tell me what is section 125 of code of criminal procedure...... Civil 16 Jan 2019

Please tell me what is section 125 of code of criminal procedure....................... ... ... ... .... ... ...


Wife not willing to vacant my home Family 16 Jan 2019

Sir mutual divorce में wife कहें रहीं हैं kiमै घर...

if the house is paternal then she has no right but if house is your self acquired then she can claim but better is u should clear everything in mutual...View

Voluntary retirement scheme Labor 16 Jan 2019

My company has announced Early voluntary retirement scheme for workman category, we are operating machine but Company says you comes in staff and not in...

any person employed. ... As per Section 2(b) of the Employment 1970 "workman" means. 1952 "Employee" means a person appointed to or borne on the cadre...View

Regarding withhold scholarship ANY 16 Jan 2019

I am a phd student and getting financial support from MHRD in form of scholarship. In january-may 2018 semester my guide award me unsatisfacotary grade...

u should request them and give oral warning to file writ petition before Allahabad high courtView

How to convert new shart na plot to old shart na plot for home constru Property 16 Jan 2019

Sir, i m buy 5 years ago new shart na plot from Farmer, now i am apply for home loan in nationalized banks but all banks are refused my application due...

u should explain about shart plot .View

Divorce Decree timeline Family 16 Jan 2019

How much time does it take to get a divorce decree after the divorce is granted in Mumbai family court? The lawyer says it takes minimum 2 months. Is...

now time can be waived and it's depend on discretion of courtView

buy one guntha property in uran ANY 16 Jan 2019

i am going to buy 2 gunth from 2 acer of grampanchayat can my name will come in 7 12 , as seller can not sell less than 18 guntha as per rule , owner...

before u ask to the local talathi office . about it if talathi said yes then go aheadView

Sir please give me a suggestion to come out of this case sir I hope wi Criminal 16 Jan 2019

Sir. I am anosh. My brother was booked in a case but he did not did that. Due to our personal problems in our village 3 members scolded us so my brother...

the details of case are required to be examined. was there any injury caused by your brother? was FIR registered? what is the MLC report? if merit if case...View

Married life issue, I need Child Custody Family 16 Jan 2019

Hi, Law team please help me with your expert advise. I need to know what should be the age of daughter and son inorder to give the custoday to father under...

According to Muslim a father can retain the custody of his male child. You may also seek your daughter’s custody so that both the children can be brought...View

Issues with interior designer Consumer Protection 16 Jan 2019

Hi my interior designer has bit substandard material done substandard work and not yet delivered my house and making rasons to even meet me. It\\\\\\\'s...

send legal show cause notice . better go for the in court settlement so that the person is in pressure . View

Disability due to acl avulsion Human Rights 16 Jan 2019

I had ACL avulsio and to cure that my knee was operated & two screws were inserted. After this surgery, I have certain limitations in regard to usability...

yea loco motor disability that be t limits usability of knee, so better consult the surgeons of knee replacement in your town or near by city where relevant...View

No will, property issues. Property 16 Jan 2019

We are two brothers. Our father died 7 years ago and mother died 1 year ago. Left 1 house and 1 shop and some assets. No will. My brother is unwilling...

one option is if you agree then settle that way; if not you can say intestate property need to go by regular equal partition as per partition Act read...View

RP(rice puller) business is leagal in india Business 16 Jan 2019

I have heard about rice puller but is that leagal in India and until now any one has done that business and got succeed

Dear Sir, Please consult any chartered accountant or concerned authorities. I could have explained more if background is known to me. I am at your...View

Can lawyer represnt me as witness for a minor procedure ANY 16 Jan 2019

My friend wants to perform a minor surgery. It needs an adult to be witness as it involves anesthesia (sign not liable form). Can a lawyer represent...

sir/madam please explain your problem in details. Usually parents or a relative signs not liable form. Why do you need a lawyer to do that? Please contact...View

Right of Law Civil 16 Jan 2019

My family members worked in servent post pvt company leaves in pvt Land 100 years but land for sale local contractor and forced to vacant land, so plz...

sir/madam please explain your problem in details or contact for detailed discussion.View

Dispute with chacha family over possesion of property Family 16 Jan 2019

We are a family of 6 members and my chachaji ( my father younger brother) and her wife is a family of 2 people till his death, now his wife left. After...

first issue a legal notice to her without pre empting actions that will strengthen your case in the court of law sir.View

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