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Can person buy an industrial land with partnership deed Property 13 Jan 2019

If there is a proprietorship firm with conveyance deed in the name of Mr.A, All the business and the land belong to Mr.A, if Mr. B and Mr.C took the signature...

sir with all the document go to the lawyer at the DJ court they will guide you after the study of the document .View

Right to Injment and Deewani mukdma Property 13 Jan 2019

Sir mere Sahan darwaje ke saamne thodi si vacant land hai jo lagbhag 30 years se Khali PADI hai jispe koi Nirman nahi tha hamre Makan ke dahine tarf se...

aap stay civil case daal do Apne district court mein aur local vakil civil ke dwara daal do ya aap yogi portal per anti land mafia ke dwara online complaint...View

Original documents in possession of plaintiff Property 13 Jan 2019

My grandfather had 6 children including my father. A house was purchased by my father in the year 1989 in the name of my grandfather. My father was GPA....

sir why to go on the wrong path as you say that it was on grand father name and then by GPA father sold it to grand mother and then later grand mother...View

Rental income under Settlement deed Tax 13 Jan 2019

Sorry to continue the same question . Sir, though I am the owner of the house property, since I am transferring it to my wifes name under Irrevocable...

yes very much View

Facing probelm from the shop owner Civil 13 Jan 2019

I was take a shop for rent since 22 years . Last year my owner told to me you to write an aggrement for 11 months. I was wrote the aggrement. Now owner...

this is the big mistake that you did and you wear holding this app from last 22 years without any agreement and by the agreement the landlord has proved...View

Rental income under Settlement deed Tax 13 Jan 2019

Sorry for continuing the same question. Though I am the owner of the property, as I wanted to transfer it to my wife s name under Irrevocable settlement...

if you have transferred the property under the settlement deed and it is transferred to your wife any rental income in this regard will be added to have...View

Rental income under Settlement deed for income tax calculation Tax 13 Jan 2019

This is in continuation of my previous question . Sir, if the rent accrual is less than the exemption limit, i.e., less than₹2.5 lacs per annum,...

1) The one who own such premises in his name then such person has to file I.T showing the actual accrual of rental income from other source in the I.T.R.....View

GIft or Release deed Property 13 Jan 2019

My father bought a land 30 years ago and has patta/chitta. I came to know about the property only after he passed away 5 years back. I have 2 sisters and...

Dear client you have required follow these steps a.file suiit of declaration b.through declaration get register this property . on your name by the...View

Rental income under Settlement deed for income tax calculation Tax 13 Jan 2019

Sir, I want to transfer my property in my name to my wife s name under irrevocable settlement deed with a clause that in the event of any thing goes to...

If the rent accrued is more than the exempted amount she can submit her income particulars and put the excess under tax saving schemes. Then you need not...View

Narayan Singh v/a Chattarsingh Civil 13 Jan 2019

Enquiry regarding a case under civil wrong i.e, law of congracts under section 128 of the Indian Contract Act,1872. Please let me know the facts and the...

1) Let me sum up the rationale of section 128 of the Contract Act, 1872. 2) A guarantees to B payment of a bill of exchange by C, the acceptor. The bill...View

Validity of a land Registry with one incorrect land bordering (chauhad Property 13 Jan 2019

Sir, I want to know the prevailing procedure on how to correct land bordering (chauhaddi plan) in respect of a Registered Land Deed done by my forefathers...

Dear client file your application before ADM finance revenue Click to appreciate or Talk moreView

Do I get my money return Criminal 13 Jan 2019

Hi sir My father gave the money of Rs 5 lakhs to the neighbour in the year 2014. On an agreement base and they gave to my father 2 empty cheques for...

yes. firstly raise the claim and sent legal notice.View

Compromise and alimony International Law 13 Jan 2019

Sir 7 years married life whole earning hmgave to husband paid his loans but husband left home without informing. 3 years now for court cases. Lost my...

take divorce and money kids take alimoney dont withdraw the casesView

Reasonable classification.. Constitution 13 Jan 2019

Critically examine,In which Article come the reasonable classification? And the decision given by Supreme Court is right or not ?

1) Article 19 of the C.O.I. critically examines the test of reasonableness. 2) In applying the test of reasonableness ( which is the most crucial consideration...View

Dowry case u/s 406/498A/494/496/506IPC Family 13 Jan 2019

2001 ka case h . U/s 406/498A/494/496/506IPC. Prosecution complete Ho Gaya final argument ke liye fix Kiya tha 22.12.18 ,11.01.19 but iss stage par akar...

it's discretion of court and depends on lawyers skillGovind Kaushik Advocate Saket Court DelhiView

My wife wants to take my property Family 13 Jan 2019

My wife fights with me 2 hue I sent 2 notice 1 took 1 and sent me 1 and my relatives record my pile on me. But I'm bringing the elderly and come He said...

sir gift your property 50 % to your mother and from the rest, 50 % to your kids . as you have problem with wife not with kids so their right to have to...View

Please tell me what is section 125 of code of criminal procedure...... Civil 13 Jan 2019

Please tell me what is section 125 of code of criminal procedure....................... ... ... ... .... ... ...

What sec, This provide safeguard for family. Click Like Or you can Talk moreView

Property issues dividing the property Family 13 Jan 2019

Hi My dad has 2 wifeís I am daughter of second wife my question is will my mom will get share in property after my dad die..... does second wife have...

If itís your dadís self acquired property then no body has any share or right unless your father died intestate. Your mother can never claim any share...View

personal loan (one time settlement) - Requesting Banking 13 Jan 2019

sir/madam, taken personal loan of one lakh in NBFC through mobile using adhaar... I lost my job at the same time i m huge loss in commodities

You may write the details to the bankís higher authorities and request for one time settlement due to your in ability to pay completely. Click like please...View

Please tell me what is section 125 of code of criminal procedure...... Civil 13 Jan 2019

Please tell me what is section 125 of code of criminal procedure....................... ... ... ... .... ... ...

It is realted to order of maintenance of wife, daughter,son and parents.View

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