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legal experts openion regading registration Property 5 Jan 2008

Dear Experts, I am from India. Currently am residing out of india in US. We are two sisters. My father is planning to share his properties between the...

Your presence is not necessary for executing a settlement deed in favor of you. We are not able to recommend a lawyer thru our site. A better solution...View

is grandfathers selfacquired agr land ancestral for us Property 4 Jan 2008

my grandfather selfacquired agr land in punjab village was divided equally among his 5 sons in 1958. now my father transferred all his property to my brother...

Explain the mode of transfer in division of property among the 5 sons.View

is grandfathers self acquired property ancestral for us? Property 4 Jan 2008

land in our village in punjab was self acquired by my grandfather,when he died it was equally divided into his 5 sons in 1958 and my father transferred...

Explain the mode of transfer in division of property among the 5 sons.View

legal advice on NOC for building construction Property 3 Jan 2008

hi, I am shailaja working in MNC. I am planning to build a house in a plot which is in the name of my Mother. For that we are going for Homeloans ,...

Legally your husband has no role to play in this issue as the ownership of the property west with your mother. We canít understand why the bank is insisting...View

sollution for peacefull settlement on matrimonial matter Family 3 Jan 2008

there is a frd of mine who has been married for past three years or so....but both of them are not getting along...continuous fights and for past two years...

If this is the situation it is better to approach a forum for a peaceful settlement. You can approach Mediation Centre or the Legal Services Authority,...View

cancellation of accepted resignation from Public sector Unit Labor 2 Jan 2008

i have resigned from National HydroElectric Power Corporation a Public Sector Unit on 18.12.2007. I have been told i can cancel my resignation till one...

There is no common rule for this. It depends upon the service rules followed the entities. You can look into the service manual of your institution there...View

I had Change My Name ? Property 2 Jan 2008

I had change my name frm old name what i want req uire Bond notes.My property of Grandfather\\\'s. could reply Me Sir.

question is not clear.View

Right of child from divorced wife Family 1 Jan 2008

I got legally divorced 25 years back. I had a son from that marriage. From My current marriage i have 2 child. My question is son from first marriage is...

A divorce will put an end to the wedlock. But the parentity will exist for ever. Your son in the previous marriage will have all rights upon you along...View

Property claim Property 31 Dec 2007

Dear Sir, Thank you very much. Now my grandpa\'s brother has closed the business , my grandpa was doing and now started a new one. Does this matter our...

If the business is a new one you cannot claim anything upon that.View

House Pre-Construction Buy or SEll Property 27 Dec 2007

Thanks for the reply. I want to add one more to the below questions. Until the builder sent the Lawyer Notice regarding the 10 lakhs, I was believing...

You can approach consumer court against the builder for unfair trade practice. or you can file a civil suit either compelling to register the property...View

Regarding Property Family 27 Dec 2007

Dear Sir, I came to know about you through website. I tried for you in the site please answer.I have property problem, I had been working for louis...

If your grandmother is not alive your mother alone will have right over the property. At this point of time your mother is incapable for making any transaction...View

I need to change my name for personal reasons. Family 27 Dec 2007

I need to change my name for personal reasons. How can I go about doing the same. Currently my educational certificates are in my old name. How do I go...

For changing the name you will get the application from the district government office. There you will have to submit the same with the affidavit supported...View

This is regarding my mother \'s property Property 26 Dec 2007

Dear Sir, I have property problem, at first let me tell about my self. I had been working for louis Berger Group an MNC from 2000 Feb, i had transfered...

please mention the details regarding the title of the propertyView

Disturbance from neibhours Environmental 25 Dec 2007

Sir, I am living in an independent home. Some years back twin housed were built just opposite to my house. Each house has 3 sub houses and totally 6...

You can approach the local self governmental bodies for restricting the pollution activities .you can also move local police to prevent illegal parkin...View

On property Property 23 Dec 2007

Sir, As per your advice I cheked with a laywer here. But he says since the place is a rental one , we cannot claim in due that my grandpa\'s brother is...

Here your claim is not only on the right of tenancy. Your main claim is of the right of inheritance of the business .even though the rent is being paid...View

how to close this case permanently (matainance or amount) Family 19 Dec 2007

my father married 30 years back to a relative and she has run away from house(untold reasons no proof) after 9 years leaving 6 years baby with...

Please give some more details. Your religion, the details of other close relativeís dead and alive, details of the property, details of cases filed in...View

Buy flat in Pune or Bangalore. Property 19 Dec 2007

I and my brother are planning to buy flat in Pune or Bangalore.Me and my brother will contribute for purchasing the flat. Me and my brother will take...

Purchasing flat with home loan does not affect your ownership right. You can do whatever you want as the normal owner. You can even sell the same,only...View

Property money division after the sale of the parents house Property 18 Dec 2007

Hi, I am a US citizen. We had a house in South Delhi and my father added my 2 brother\'s names in the will. We 3 sisters stayed out because we didn\'t...

The equal share as per Hindu succession act will come into play only when the title holder dies without leaving a WILL.View

Pre-Construction Property buy-sell problemm Property 17 Dec 2007

I am an NRI bought a pre-construction property in 2006 in Tamilnadu India from XXXXXXX pvt Ltd. The XXXXXX pvt Ltd agreed for some yyyyy value.. But within...

The MD has no legal right to demand any amount from you in this case. You can issue a reply notice to the builder. You can even file a case against the...View

Does getting Joint Khata is enough Property 16 Dec 2007

Dear Sir/Madam, I bought a residential plot in Bangalore several years back and registered it in my wife\\\'s name since she was present in Bangalore....

You have two options. You can re-register the property and transfer the title in your name or your wife can make a settlement deed by adding your share...View

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