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credit card malpractice by bank Indian law Business 9 Aug 2008

I am a foreigner and worked in India for 6 yrs. I took a Credit card from xxxxx bank in May 07. Every month I paid more then the amount due on time. In...

The appropriate legal remedy is to approach BANKING OMBUDSMAN. As now you are called before the district legal services authority you can submit all the...View

rights of tenent after re-consstruction Indian law Property 9 Aug 2008

I am a small time sales tax practitioner. I am a tenant of a commercial room measuring about 100 sq. ft. in a building. The building is now under redevelopment...

There is no specific law towards the rights of a tenant in re-constructed building, it has to be decided mutually between the owner and the tenant and...View

cancellation of divorce indian law Family 8 Aug 2008

I have married a women in june1997 separated in 1998 got divorce in 2001.can we cancel the divorce taken by her in 2001 and live together?

You can very well live together,either by approaching the appellate court or by a fresh marriage. If you are moving the court you must take institutive...View

procedure to transfer property Property 8 Aug 2008

my mother died intested in 2006 i have to transfer shop to my name which is purchased in my mothers name earlier this shop is in co.op. hsg. soc. in panvel,...

If your mother has not left any will in respect of the property. The transfer can be done only with the written consent of all legal heirs of your mot...View

WILL Indian law Property 6 Aug 2008

Respected sir plz guide us in the following matter………… A,B,C& D ARE FOUR BROTHERS……HAVING E AS ONE OF THEIR SISTER……ALL THE BROTHERS ARE WELL SETTLED...

A Will is the reflection of a person's wishes concerning how his property is to be distributed after his death. A Will will come into force only after...View

Legality of Christian Adoption in India Family 4 Aug 2008

being a 52 years old Christian bachelor, I have adopted my third sister's [I am having five sisters] first daughter[she is having two daughters]as my legal...

Simply because there is no separate statute providing adoption by Christians, it cannot be said that the adoption made by a Christian is invalid.Christian...View

LPO training centers in India Business 3 Aug 2008

looking for your training center in delhi and ncr

At present we conduct training in kochi.our training program in delhi will commence shortly.View

Transfer of Flat to legal heir Indian law Family 2 Aug 2008

Dear Sir, I received your email ID while surfing the net regarding legal assistance. Hope you will be kind enough to guide me as i am in trouble. ...

Changing of owners name in the housing society does not create any real right over any property. To get absolute right over a property the transaction...View

Daughters claim in Father's property indian law Property 2 Aug 2008

dear sir, i'm from xxxxxx. we are x sisiter and x brothers. few times ago my father has divided some of agricultural land to my both brothers. the...

Issuance of NOC does not give any right over any property. Strictly speaking NOC does not have any legal validity. A transfer of property will became valid...View

Terrace Rights -Top Floor OWNER -JALVAYU VIHAR ,NOIDA Property 1 Aug 2008

My daughter&son-in-law purchased a top floor flat in Sector-25(Jalvayu Vihar) in M Block from the original allottee of Air Force Naval Housing Board....

One cannot claim any extra right over the terrace unless it is provided in the deed. For security reasons you can demand the society to stop issuance of...View

Setting up LPO firm in Mauritius Business 1 Aug 2008

My Consulting Firm PRAXISLEGIS wants to enter the LPO business. Can you advise and train us and can you refer us to a bona fide agent to secure contracts...

You can call at our helpline and speak to our executives about business development.View

change of name in property documents Property 31 Jul 2008

I married about 5 years back , Few months after marriage I bought one flat through my own earnings & bank loan. Till Now that Bank loan is going on &...

The reference of husband's name in property document does not create any special for husband over the property. If you are very particular about removal...View

Formalities for a valid of marriage Family 31 Jul 2008

how we can protect our self

Please mention your religion .Are you wanting to know about register marriage?View

PathLPO Training Business 29 Jul 2008


The total fee payable is 15k. a certificate will be given to those who successfully complete the course. July batch is already started running;the next...View

Leave & license agreement Property 28 Jul 2008

what are the legal rights of property owner under "LEAVE & LICENSE AGREEMENT" for Residential house property.

legally the rights will be same as of normal rent agreement.View

Title deed missing Property 28 Jul 2008

Sir, We found that the title deed of one of our propertie is missing. The property is bought in 1960's by my expired father. It is located in Kanniyakumari...

You can apply for a duplicate of the title deed before the concerned registrar office.View

Custody of child Family 28 Jul 2008

i am married and have 17month old son. my husband and i are working and i earn double the amount INR per month than he does. he has become violent and...

If your question is only regarding the custody of the child, considering the tender age of the child you have every chance of getting the custody of the...View

extra marital affair Indian law Family 28 Jul 2008

I have an affair with a married person and we are living alone in his factory, is there any solution to keep myself safe if his wife take any legal action...

Your relation with a married man has no validity in the eyes of law. We are afraid that you cannot make your self secure in anyway during the subsistence...View

Childrens right to claim self acquired property of parents Property 27 Jul 2008

my father purchased agricultural property in my mothers name with his own earned money my mother is housewife, my father died in 1998, can my mother gave...

The mother can give the land the way she wishes.The children cannot clain share of the self acquired property of their parents.View

Name change after marriage Human Rights 27 Jul 2008

is it necessary to chane a women her name after her marriage if no how can she use her husbands name

It is not necessary to have your name changed. You need to undergo the formalities for name change only if you need the documents to reflect that. There...View

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