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right of son over father's inherited property Property 27 Jan 2008

the property in ques was divided into 5 brothers after grandfathers death into 5 parts . there was no my father (one of the brother has transferred...

please mention the details regarding your religion and native place.View

legal sollution for tele markiting disturbances Human Rights 26 Jan 2008

Hi, I am getting very frequent business promotion calls from xxxxxxxx bank, it is very irritating inspite of informing them not to call me/ not interested. But...

You can move complaint before local police. or you may send a registered letter to the bank with a copy to the City Police Commissioner and if they are...View

lease and sale Property 24 Jan 2008

My father purchased this Registered Land in 1982 on a Lease of 99 years and 35 years has been passed now and now I want to sell this property on lease...

The seller of a property must have absolute title over the property.View

legal remedy against environmental pollution Environmental 24 Jan 2008

Our colony is situated in the heart of the city. Adjacent to our colony, just touching our line of houses, and road, there is a piece of vacant land(8...

First see whether the cultivator had got required sanctions from the local self government bodies and cheek whether he is following the norms of pollution...View

Indian marriage certificate for foreign citizen Family 24 Jan 2008

A marriage between a foreign citizen (born overseas but of Indian lineage) & a foreign citizen (Indian by birth) has occurred in India under a Hindu ceremony...

If your marriage is done only as per the religious ceremonies, you must register with the governmental authorities also. District sub-registrar is the...View

registration of secret marriage Family 24 Jan 2008

i get married on 07augest2007 .i m muslim girl so my marriage basis is nikah in presence of 2 people.i dont have marriage certificate ,so plz tell me how...

To constitute a legal wedding under Muslim personal Law a proposal and acceptance in the presence and of two males or one male and two normal female adults....View

right over the property got as per WILL Property 23 Jan 2008

My grandfather had made a will which states that my grandmother would be caretaker of the flat after him and my father would be the owner of the flat after...

Just having a WILL in ones favor will not get the absolute right over it. For getting the title absolute you must probate the will and register the property...View

Vehicle Ownership Transfer Motor Vehicle 23 Jan 2008

Dear Sir, I Sold my motor cycle to a person with whom I worked in chennai (2001).All transcations were done in good faith as I had to move out of chennai...

You can enquire with the Regional Transport Office with the vehicle number. From the records you can find in whose name the vehicle ownership remains....View

legal openion on property transfer by WILL of grandmother Property 23 Jan 2008

Dear Sir/ Madam My Late Grandfather had a residential property (purchased by him) coming under the city limits (bangalore). After his death, as he had...

As per the present law of the land all the children will get equal share in the property.View

surety for probating WILL Property 22 Jan 2008

My will is at the verge of probate. They want me to provide a surity. I do not have any property and do not know any one who can provide surity for me....

If the person who stands as the surety is very sure about the facts and he is having absolute trust upon you, nothing to worry about, he will case difficulties...View

nominee and legal heirship Banking 22 Jan 2008

My grandfather died recently. My uncle was nominated as nomiee and he is no more. Nominee name was not updated after my uncle\'s demise. How do we claim...

If the nominee is not updated you must produce a legalheirship certificate. and the amount will be disbursed to the legal heirs equally.View

how much can a lawyer charge for legal openion Property 22 Jan 2008

Sir, I am in the proceess of constucting my own house, I have approached a nationalised bank, who intrun want Leagal Opinion from Lawyers. I want to know...

Even though there is fee structure fixed by the BAR COUNCIL OF INDIA, lawyers are not charging as per the rules, hence we cannot give a specific opinion...View

legal openion on appartment terrace Property 21 Jan 2008

brought a flat in Kolkata on 17th September, 2007, 3rd Floor (last floor). took possession on 25th, October, 2007. Noticed that tap has been given on the...

You must send a lawyer notice to the developer to shift the tap inside your premises and disconnect the tap in the terrace showing your difficulties. if...View

Hindu daughter 's right over father's property Property 21 Jan 2008

We are hindus , my parents staying with landed property situated in Andhra Pradesh. For the first time ever , my father and his brothers got partition...

If the title of the property still remains in your fatherís name, you have every right to claim your respective share from the property.View

Not getting response from PathLegal for 15 days Human Rights 20 Jan 2008

I dont know how do you operate. However I have been posted a query almost 15-20 days back and not yet recived a single comment from your side. I dont think...

Thanks for your information. Here we would like to make you understand the process model from Pathlegal. We have a well experienced legal panel dedicate...View

challenge of sale after 39 years with a WILL .clarification Property 18 Jan 2008

Yes, they are 45 and 42 years as in the complaint now so they may be 4 and 2 years of age in 1966 at the time of making of will. very fast response...

As now the matter had reached the court, it is upon the court to decide whether the WILL is forged or not. It is the burden of the party who had brought...View

restitution of conjugal rights Family 16 Jan 2008

Dear Sir....I am married 1.5 years back. After marriage my wife become pregnent (after 2 months of marriage). She did abotion suddenly at her parents place...

At this point of time the legal remedy available for you is to file a case before the Family Court for RESITUTION OF CONJUGAL RIGHTS here you can approach...View

NRI power of atorney Property 16 Jan 2008

i m in u.k,i want to give power of atorney to a person,who lives in bihar, can i execute a document.i am resident of india.this time i am practising...

You can send the power of attorney with the attestation of Indian embassy.View

challenge of sale after 39 years with a WILL Property 16 Jan 2008

Sir, land bought in my mothers name and registered in 1967/68 from lady seller and in our possesion, since taking payment seller had died due to old age,...

Get the details of age of the persons who are claiming the property. see whether they were alive at the time of making of the will.View

legal status of marriage before valid divorce Family 13 Jan 2008

I married a guy in Aug.2005 then found out his divorce wasn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t final until Nov 2005 now we are spliting up, we have a kid that was born Feb....

If the guy was not legally divorced at the time of your marriage your marriage is invalid as per the law. But the parentity of the child will exist. Itís...View

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