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property with bank loan Banking 16 Jul 2008

Dear Sir My father in law purchased a residential house from one person Mr. Sanam . Mr sanam is having a loan on this house from state bank of india...

Due to technical reasons your question send to pathlegal was not listed before the subject expert. Hence we were not able to answer your question in proper...View

salary in notice period Labor 15 Jul 2008

I have already resigned from the companny and told Please release me as per the company terms and conditions of employment mentioned in my appointment...

You are advised to issue a lawyer notice to the company for approval of the resignation and also demanding any salary due which is illegally withheld by...View

Notice period for resignation Labor 15 Jul 2008

Dear Sir, Iam working for an X company i have told my company Please release me as per the company terms and conditions of employment mentioned in my...

The terms and conditions of an appointment letter will always become binding upon employee- employer relationship. Hence if you want to resign from the...View

Conditional transfer/Life interest Property 15 Jul 2008

my client has received an immovable property through will,in that will there is a condition that after my client's death property will be transfered to...

It looks like all that your client has got is only a life interest. that means that on his death the property will automatically get transferred in the...View

LPO Human Rights 14 Jul 2008

Dear Sir / Madam, Iam an account manager in litigation service provider company in India. I need to know more about LPO and services as my company is...

You can call on our helpline and contact our executives.View

Illegal society charges Property 14 Jul 2008

I m selling my flat which is just 3 years old.Still Society is maintened by builder. They are asking illigal 2lakhs for society name transfer apart from...

Ask them for a split-up details of the amount claimed.This is necessary as only based on that you can proceed further.View

Freezing of account by bank Banking 14 Jul 2008

bank has blocked funds in my account because of a disputed loan without giving any prior notice ausing me a great deal of anxiety as my wife is due for...

You can immideatly send a lawyer notice and after you can approach banking ombudsman.View

Promotion Labor 14 Jul 2008

I am a govt employee with 18 yrs of regular service but not been provided with ACP benefits / promotion where as my juniors havebeen promoted .

You can first of all make a representation before your higher authorities before proceeding further.View

Disciplinary action against advocate Consumer Protection 14 Jul 2008

Dear Sir, Approx. five years have passed in a case of my daughter, of whom I the undersigned am the special attorney, Versus (a) Administrator, (b)...

Your matter needs an elaborate discussion. We would advice you to consult a lawyer with all supporting evidence and facts. It may be true that you had...View

LPO Human Rights 14 Jul 2008

i am an advocate,and i want to start an lpo in bangalore so i need detailed information about how to start lpo bussiness, so i request you to send detailed...

You can call at our helpline and talk to our executives.View

Protecting share when partition has not been carried out Property 13 Jul 2008

Dear Sir, A residential house in Delhi was jointly bought by late grandfather(3/4 share) and my father (1/4 share) in 1970.It was registered and the title...

We are afraid that there is no other way than approaching the courts for solving your problem.View

Trouble from neighbour Human Rights 12 Jul 2008

As I am 83 year old one of my nighbour is troubling me lot. My request to the corporation commissioner has gone un noticed what legal action can I take...

You have not mentioned what kind of trouble you are getting.View

Water supply Consumer Protection 12 Jul 2008

I am a resident of old mysore region the concern authority V.V.W.W mysore are not supplying cauvery water for drinking since from past one yearI had compliant...

You cannot insist the local authorities for supplying any specific or peculiar kind of services like water from a specified source etc.View

punishment in theft case Indian law Criminal 12 Jul 2008

my cousign is a receiver no.1 in one theft case which is Rs.5000000 worth. Now the case is in examine position. what will be the judgement if case proves....

Without getting the clear knowledge about the prosecution case leveled against the accused we cannot give a definite answer. Moreover the accused will...View

Division of assets parents dying intestate Property 12 Jul 2008

My husband has 4 sisters. His father earned 50 lakhs property. these property was kept in the name of my mother in law. Without any distribution both...

All the children including your husband will have equal share in the property.View

Transfer of property as gift Property 12 Jul 2008

My father has got a piece of land from his father. Now he wishes to transfer the same in my name, and I feel gifting the same is right approach. Can he...

Certainly your father can gift the property to you. But any gift worth value of more than Rs 100 has to registered as well. But it is least expensive....View

Sale of undivided share Property 11 Jul 2008

my fathers uncle selling our un divided propery without cosulting us is it legal or other wise how to stop the process

Is he selling only his share or the entire property?View

Notary Human Rights 11 Jul 2008

What is notary all about? What are his duties and what all he do? How and why common people approach him?

It's better if you go through the Notaries Act, 1952 and Notaries Rules, 1956 .View

LPO in chennai Human Rights 11 Jul 2008

in chennai wer lpo available pls inform me as soonas possible iawiting for that

You can approach someone like kpoconsultants for getting details about LPOs.View

138 matter - Banking Ombudsmans powers Banking 11 Jul 2008

Ive entangled in a case with bank wherein I issued a SBI cheque(valued Rs 23000/=) to UTI Securities Ltd in Nov,2007 as a payment for some shares that...

You can move a complaint in consumer disputes redrassal forum or file a civil suit.View

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