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Need some suggestion Criminal 19 Mar 2019

Need an suggestion for this query ( what will be the price ur for getting bail for ipc 324 what will be approximate expenditure to get an bail

in maharashtra we take 10 thousand for bailView

Pension share for wife Family 19 Mar 2019

My father is retired and has all on his name And he does not want to give any amount of money from his pension to mother and younger sister education...

file maintence case against ur father.View

Notice Period Issue - company not allowing early release Labor 19 Mar 2019

In my notice period below line are mentioned but my company is not releasing me early. I am serving a one month notice period as well and ready to buy...

request your to release uView

Need advice on court decision Property 19 Mar 2019

My grandfather had 6 children [4 sons A, B, C & D and 2 daughters E and F] A, B & C - Defendants and D is the Plantiff , E and F have...

sir as no will is there so all kids have equal share yes . they can sell if the property is registered in their name and they have clear title .View

Case diary number 2844/2019 Banking 19 Mar 2019

In my previous question I mentioned about stay but actually it's Status Quo So please guide if the supreme court put status Quo for the case which...

Dear Client, There is no such time limit. It totally depends on facts and circumstances of the case. One has to contest it's case properly before the...View

Recovery suit under permanent injunction Civil 19 Mar 2019

Sir if any case in damage suit for recovery the court fees will be payable by defendant or not recovery suit of 1000000

the plaintiff hv to pay court fees in court.View

Senior citizen maintanance claim Family 19 Mar 2019

My mother & two sister live with me in father property. My Father was expired for 2 years We have older two of brothers has came with...

file maintence case against yourt brotherView

Old parents harresment Family 19 Mar 2019

I m shabnam yadav, I'm living in Delhi and my parent's in Khagaria bihar. My brother and his wife are mentally harresed my parent's. So please suggest...

file maintence case agnst ur brother and do complain in police station against brother and his wifeView

No representation and absent in hearing Business 19 Mar 2019

If the hearing is missed and no representation means what will happen Section details are below:: Under Act(s) Under Section(s) INDIAN PENAL...

next date will be given .View

I am interest in sex full sex in 24 hourse Insurance 19 Mar 2019

I love in sex full time wrking in sex frish pice intha sex i am happy in sex

what kind of legal advice do u wantView

Information about Daan patra Property 19 Mar 2019

Dear sir my dad has got two wife\'s now his first wife not staying with his . Now my dad wanted to do daan patra to me . He has 5 hectares 4 hectares...

no she doesn't have right to claim a case on DAAN patraView

Arranged marriage solemnised under fraudulent claims ANY 19 Mar 2019

My sister married a person who claimed to be employed with ICICI Bank. Within a year, my sister found out that he is unemployed and has never had a job...

सामाजिक दृष्टि से ऐसा नहीं करना चाहिएipc me 415 ki tahet cheating ka case kare sakte heView


My house construction contractor filed(2015 june) a case against my mom and father,because he was fully constructed my new home and we are not given some...

sir go to the court and ask the court reader by giving the case details and the reader will guide you from where you can get the document in person .View

Marriage ceritificate after 45 yeras ANY 19 Mar 2019

Our marriage was solemnised 43 years back - How can we get marriage certificate

Is the marriage registered?View

Thieft of electricity ANY 19 Mar 2019

Thieft of electricity act 2003 section 135/37 Isma Kya punishment ho skta hai or Kya procedure hai.kitna smay lagaga case final hona ma maximum

sir file the FIR and complaint with the electricity department , time and punishment no one can tell .View

documentation along with form 54 Accident 19 Mar 2019

need one piece of info... in an accident case when IO has to submit the Accident Info Report (form 54) in the court with the challan... is there any affidavit...

not necessary to give info in detailView

Refuse partition of dwelling family house Property 19 Mar 2019

Refusal for partition as co owner in settled possession of dwelling house with common areas

proper question please .View

Case diary number 2844/2019 Banking 19 Mar 2019

Namaste Sir, I would like if you guide us in this matter. Every year new bankers join RRBs (Regional Rural Bank) through exam conducted by IBPS. This...

Dear client, If the petition is not admitted, then stay will automatically be vacated. So, wait for the next date. If case is admitted, then you should...View

Domestic violence case Criminal 19 Mar 2019

Dear team I have filed dvc and now i was cross examined .my husband asked me the proofs to prove dvc and I was unable to show the proofs as I don\'t have...

meet me once madam I am from HyderabadView

How to reply for false streedhan list and protect from 498a Family 19 Mar 2019

My wife filed compalint in women cell,they have provided me the streedhan list,which is fake, exaggerated.she has mention money in cash given in different...

Dear Client, Many people claim such false things. Need to know more facts from you. For further discussion you can contact me. Please click like button. Adv....View

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