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Extra fees charges by college without receipt Human Rights 25 Jul 2008

I an a dental student in xxxxxxx College. I have passed my 2nd year. Now I have to take admission in 3rd year. Our annual fees for the course is fixed...

You must send a letter to the minister of higher education with a copy to Hon'ble President of India, minister of education (central govt) and Human Rights...View

Christian marrying second cousin Family 24 Jul 2008

I'm a male Tamil Christian and is it legal under Indian law to marry a second cousin (my mother's mother's sister is her mother's mother). Please help....

The relation that you have mentioned doesn't fall within the prohibited degree.View

rights of promoter share holder Business 22 Jul 2008

i am a promoter share holder of a public limited company, at present iam not in the management, does prmoter share holderr of a company have right to be...

The percentage of share holding is not stated, this is relevant. All the activities of the company, except those that are to be exercised only in a...View

sister claim on land after transfer to bother name Property 22 Jul 2008

1 brother and 5 sister, father death in 1965,after all property on brother name with no objection given by sister that time, now land value is more and...

Due to technical reasons your question send to pathlegal was not listed before the subject expert. Hence we were not able to answer your question in proper...View

Cacellation of lost passport Human Rights 21 Jul 2008

My friend has lost her passport.They have loged an FIR.Now she want the cancel the lost passport.What has to done.

She can apply for a duplicate passport. At the time of issuance of the duplicate passport the previous one will get cancelled automatically.View

Divorce Family 21 Jul 2008

since last 4 years my case is going on in the family court of guwahati.i want divorce from my husband on the basis of cruelty.when i started this case...

As regards your 1st question,there is no short cut for getting divorce.But even then, four years is a bit too longer a period.You should better be talking...View

Alimony by Indian court - Matter pending in foreign court Family 20 Jul 2008

Is it possible that someone can file for alimony in Indian courts while the divorce case is in progress in US courts (The person in India was served with...

The pendency of a case in any foriegn court does not take away the jurisdiction of Indian courts.An action for alimony can be brought in the Indian courts...View

Divorce By Mutual Consent Family 20 Jul 2008

Dear Sir / Madam, Need your help on the following My wife and I got registered in July 2007. Now we want to break this marriage as my wife wants...

The requirements for seeking divorce by mutual consent are given below:- 1. Petition for divorce has to be presented to the district court by both the...View

Illegal eviction notice Property 20 Jul 2008

We operate a Medical scanning facility inside the campus of a Medical College and Hospital in Kerala. The hospital administration has given us permission...

All will depend on the contract conditions between you. Since your problem requires a more elaborate discussion we advice you to consult a lawyer with...View

rights of hindu widow in husband's family property Property 20 Jul 2008

Sub:- Seeking for Legal Advice. Respected Sir, Firstly I would I like to state that I am a 57 year old widow of Late Prabir...

All the transactions done after the death of your father-in-law with regarding to his immovable property is invalid if he had died intestate. You can move...View

Mutual settlement of properties Property 19 Jul 2008

We are four beneficiaries of certain inherited properties.Me,my mother,my brother-in-law and his daughter.Now we want to divide the above properties among...

You can register a settlement deed specifying the exact division of properties among you.Registering a settlement deed is much cheaper comparatively.View


Sir, I and my brother have a land with building in chennai , Tamilnadu, which was given to us by our mother by settlement deed. It was duly registered....

Now that the undivided property stands in the name of the brothers,you can register another settlement deed specifying the exact division of property between...View

What is an LPO Human Rights 19 Jul 2008

what is lpo can you guide me about this

WHAT IS AN LPO Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is the industry in which in-house legal departments or organizations outsource legal work from areas where...View

Partition Property 19 Jul 2008

my mother executed a will and registered it . as per will the propertier are for me and my 3 sisters. i dont have a home. all others are having. they...

Just because all other co-owners have a residential property barring one,the one cannot have any superior right over the residential property at the time...View

jurisdiction for Divorce Family 18 Jul 2008

What if I never got the notice? Does it still hold? What if I have tried serving her from US and she has been served? In this case, would US courts have...

The jurisdiction of family matters is either the place of marriage or the place in which the couple last resided together.View

resignation on request Labor 18 Jul 2008

my brother was working in xxxxxxxx as sr.executive and he was placed under suspension after registration of a false criminal case.he was acquited by the...

The resignation and termination from a organization can be effected only as per the terms and condition of the appointment letter .Here if the organization...View

marriage with cousin Family 18 Jul 2008

Please suggest me, Can I marry with my second cousin of maternal side. She is my mother's cousin sister's daughter. My family's chain with her like--She...

The relationship referred here does not come under the category of first degree. Hence this relationship cannot be considered as a prohibited relationship...View

female's right family property Property 18 Jul 2008

1 brother and 5 sister, father death in 1965,after all property on brother name with no objection given by sister that time, now land value is more and...

The sisters can claim only the share of the undivided property, where which the title of the property still remains in the name of their ancestor as per...View

divorce without notice Family 17 Jul 2008

I am individual living in US and was recently married to an Indian girl. Due to our differences, she went back to US and we have gone down the path of...

As per Indian law it is mandatory to serve notice to the spouse before divorce. But if the party does not accept the notice or refuse to come before the...View

torture by in laws Family 17 Jul 2008

My wife went to my in-laws house on Aug'07 to deliver our 1st child.I supported her upto my level best upto Oct'07.When I visited my in-laws house I have...

You can make complaint before the police with regard to the previous issue and the case will help you to avoid any threat from the other side. if you are...View

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