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ASI restricted retail residential site within 100m of archaeological s Property 18 Mar 2019

I am seeking legal advice on a land/site issue wherein one of our retail residential site in Viajayapura (prev. Bijapur), Karnataka, has been restricted...

Dear Sir, You may file a Writ Petition to get appropriate relief. I could have explained more if background is known to me. I am at your service if...View

Can a minor claim right to property Property 18 Mar 2019

Can a minor stake claim to ancestors home if her father has died?

minor need to keep the document or the certified copy with self and at 18 become major and claim or claim through mother .View

procedure of changing name ANY 18 Mar 2019

can we change our name after graduation in date of birth and all the legal educational certificates

need permission of the DJ court file petition for the same .View

Denying childs legal right to give last rights to father Family 18 Mar 2019

Me and my mother were forcibly thrown out of our house by my uncle as my father was simple minded and feeble. This was 6 years ago. We have been fighting...

sir go for the FIR and file the writ petition at the honorable high court to the human right commission and take help of news paper too .View

Divorce case filed by my husband Family 18 Mar 2019

I hve an ongoing divorce case filed by my husband in mumbai family wch i applied transfer petition and got stay on mumbai proceedings...notice...

madam file application for the news paper tamil .View

Whatsapp for Duty group Business 18 Mar 2019

did a company make WhatsApp group for duty information every day and if can they warn employee if they did not reply yes sir will come tomorrow as employee...

If you are asked to wait for duty allocation beyond your normal duty hours, it would count as overtime for which double the rate of per hour wage needs...View


I am a hindu man & I love a hindu man\'s christian wife. She too loves me madly.My hindu wiife knows of it & is willing to accomodate her for she knows...

sir do not try to talk the husband or accommodate the lady the husband will file the case of kidnapping , better let the things go like this when going...View

house property registration on ownership from two different people to Property 18 Mar 2019

We want the house property on the my name. I have a one brother. I m staying in that house from 20 yrs. there are both of us name on that property how...

sir ask the brother to sing the relinquish deed at the area sub registrar in your name then you register it in your name .View

Urgent Situation regarding ancestral property Property 18 Mar 2019

Hello Dear Lawyers My grandfather(Maternal grandfather) or Nana has 10 acres of Land and he being a son-lover want to transfer all the property to his...

sir talk to the lawyer at the area sub registrar and the DJ court , as I suppose that in those days the girl did not had the right in the grand father...View

District court mandya Criminal 18 Mar 2019

Apeerance of accused means and what is the purpose for used FOR STEPS Tell this meaning

appearance means accused has not appear and steps means to issue summons,warrantView

is there any way to marry my ex-girlfriend Family 18 Mar 2019

my girlfriend got married she compelled by his parents to marry that guy...she s not willing to live with i have any way to marry her???

only if her husband divorce her no other way out . better keep away now as why would her husband divorce her and why should he and the girl parents not...View

Domestic violence case Criminal 18 Mar 2019

Dear team I have filed dvc and now i was cross examined .my husband asked me the proofs to prove dvc and I was unable to show the proofs as I don\'t have...

Dear client it's proof by recording.???,,,////... 👍 Talk to mobile,Chat to consult, you can gift it,Please review, by detail of lawyer. Kanpur...View

Hdfc credit card payment Banking 18 Mar 2019

How can i make this better , india perspective would be better ,I have missed my credit card payment for 4 months due to unwanted circumstances , certain...

sir go to the bank manager and talk in person . View

Domestic violence case Criminal 18 Mar 2019

Dear team I have filed dvc and now i was cross examined .my husband asked me the proofs to prove dvc and I was unable to show the proofs as I don't have...

case will fail . that is all .View

Served non veg instead of veg in a famous 5 star hotel of pune ANY 18 Mar 2019

Hello sir , could you please guide me about this as I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m only 20 years old faced same situation yeasterday from a 5 star hotel

Dear client the conduct by hotel and his employee done ,is comes under preview of law.Take step forward and lodge complaint to Food Security authority.👍 Talk...View

Divorce without Alumini Family 18 Mar 2019

What are the favourable conditions for Male to file a Divorce without Alumini.

file mutual concern divorce ... Any guidance contact meView

Advice for Legal Action though labour court Labor 18 Mar 2019

If I get job in acompany though job consulrant and after making one month salary to them as a consultation fee, after some month the company suddenly Terminate...

You can lodge a complaint to the Labour Commissioner. And if the matter is not solve then you can file a case to the Labour Court. But without detail...View

Transfer of MACT case Motor Vehicle 18 Mar 2019

Need to transfer MACT case from Gujarat to Jamshedpur or jharkhand as I am a serving army officer and posted away. Been 4 and half years and case is still...

file transfer petition at high courtView

Lok Adalat loan payment Banking 18 Mar 2019

Hi I'm from Chennai. Recently I got lok Adalat notice. Last year I have some health issues so I dont have job. Recently I joined. Because of my health...

no need to attain lok adalat but as u recieve notice from court then u hv to present in court except lokadalat... For guidance contact meView

Jjobless Housewife wants divorce Family 18 Mar 2019

Housewife is jobless and has no money source to pay fees & all. In this situation what to do.

u may go in court in legal aid department and legal aid give u lawyer with free of cost, any guidance contact meView

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