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Legal options to prevent inlaws trouble Family 10 Jan 2019

My brother's inlaws are troubling him to send his son to their home for vacations. His wife died 2 yrs before and he is taking care of his son now. we...

You need not send his son to their grand parentsí house though they may also be missing the love and affection of their daughter and grand child. You may...View

Property dispute between legal heirs Property 10 Jan 2019

I am Suhas living in MULUND, we are four siblings, We have an ancestral property, after my father\'s death, the same property has been transferred in my...

sir here you have written that you all transferred the property by the relinquish deed and made him the owner , then what remains . he is the owner . stamp...View

Gift settlement cancellation possible Civil 10 Jan 2019

Sir, My father has given his property to his brother for running business. His brother has mortgaged the property and got loan of 10 lakhs on 2010....

sir approach the area sub registrar lawyer with all the document in person .View


Iam a cashier in bank. My mother is affected by cancer in fourth stage. So she need attendant. Only Iam to look after. But Iam posted 220 km apart from...

It is a crystal clear case of negligence. But, to prove misconduct, have to see what you have admitted with the manager in writing. Please contact me with...View

Issues with selling post cards with celebrity images Intellectual Property 10 Jan 2019

I am starting an online postcard company where fans of various celebrities can choose to send postcards to their favorite celebrity. The postcard will...

sorry sir this will be treated as infringement of right of privacy of the celebrity . so be cool and discuss with some cyber lawyer in person discuss the...View

Breaking company bond Labor 10 Jan 2019

I am a fresher stuck in mumbai IT company where i have signed a bond of 1.5 yr. I have submitted my original degree certificate as a security. I want to...

sir better go to the HR for the same . be cool as you are the fresher every thing is new for every one in person . and then go to the labour court and...View

Financial matters court case ANY 10 Jan 2019

Hi I lent money to a person in a relationship who thereafter betrayed me in a relationship. The money was lent for a short period as per the mutual...

sir talk to the police only as if it is needed then go for the same . sir the court never provide the interest the court only provide the basic .View

How can I stop Section-107 Cr.Pc case against me Criminal 10 Jan 2019

Respected Sir , I just want to get simple answer . The matter is that a promoter has been making a building illegally in front of my house so being...

you may appear before sdem court and file objection petition for quashing 107. You may also file writ petition before the High Court, Kolkata for inaction...View

medical operation bill details for mediclaim insurance Consumer Protection 10 Jan 2019

details of medicines and consumbales charged by the hospital for operation is not being provided by the hospital. due to which mediclaim insurance has...

issue legal notice ask details and bill needed to claim insurance after 15 days file consumer case for that ad for costs for failure to give intime to...View

Cause damage to my house. Environmental 10 Jan 2019

My next door neighbour\'s coconut tree lean towards my house and cause damage to the terrace. What should I do?


Gratuity under Payment of Gratuity Funds Labor 10 Jan 2019

Foreign employees are coming to India for 2 years what will the gratuity funds requirement on employers? Because they will not work for 5 years.

They will be eligible for gratuity if hired on fixed term contractView

Contested Dismissed, will I get passport Criminal 10 Jan 2019

The judge disposed the case saying contested dismissed. Judge notes: 1. Complainant is not deligrent in prosecuting the case. Hence complaint dismissed...

You may file for Tatkal passport since no more cases are against you. Click like please View

I want to file a case against my father. He is not taking responsibili Family 10 Jan 2019

hello Sr...I want to file a case against my father. He is not taking responsibility for his children and wife. He just comes and keeps 25000 per month....

If your mother is not a legally wedded wife you have no more right to question your father as he is already giving money for your maintenance. Click...View

criminal contempt section 2c rw sec 15 Criminal 10 Jan 2019

fir was registered against me and i filed quashing before high court. police filed status report that original forged documents have beeb seized from...

Filing affidavit is not contempt at all..... Section 15 of which act....? The complainant application wl be rejected.View

Permanent job regarding Labor 10 Jan 2019

I am working in the Anna university,tamilnadu as a teaching fellow. Teaching fellow is a temporary post and I am working here for 5 and half years. My...

Dear brother/sister Wish you a happy and prosperous new year 1. it depends upon the availability of the vacancy in the post of the assistant professor 2....View

Are online student credit agencies like krazybee ,mpocket are legal in ANY 10 Jan 2019 gives loans to students. They will make an agreement once and then start giving loans. For 1000 loan amount the repayment is 1150(after one...

If their business is with the proper permissions and they are paying their taxes regularly you need not file any cases against them. Click like please...View

New Pathpedhi / Mumbai location / information required Banking 10 Jan 2019

Dear sir, I wish to start small pathpedhi in Mumbai location. What is the process, how much capital requirements, how many members required and formalities...

call me for more detailsView

Police asking for company bank statment for transactions Criminal 10 Jan 2019

a holiday package was book and visa got cancel tickets as per company rule non refundable customer lodge complaint to police that no booking was done,...

no u can not conceal from policeView

Additional affidavit in setaside exparte application is allowed or Family 10 Jan 2019

My setaside petition to set aside exparte under Or 9 rule 7 returned due to cause title and wrong date problem . Time given for resubmitting is...

file new set aside petition mentioning older oneView

and2360;and2352;and2325;and2366;and2352; and2342;and2381;and2357;and23 Property 9 Jan 2019

मेरी कृषि भूमि 0.130 हे, जो नगर पालिका...

१) दफा ४ जमीन अधिग्रहण एक्ट...View

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