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A "will" may contain many types of assts. From the legal vie... Property 29 Feb 2008

A "will" may contain many types of assts. From the legal view point, are there categories such as "probatable" and "non-probatable" assets? If yes, what...

Yes there are "probatable" and "non-probatable" assets. Life insurance policies, for example, do not pass through the probate process if you have named...View

buildr refuse to sell.buyers right indian law Property 29 Feb 2008

i have booked a flat,n gave down payment.and applied for loan,and when bank approved my loan ,builder refuse to sale the flat.check for loan amount is...

Your remedy lies in filing a suit for specific performance if you are ready and willing to perform your part of the contract. View

NRI Property purchase in india for fiancee Property 29 Feb 2008

I am an NRI woman buying a flat in India.My fiance is in India.we will be living in this flat when completed.What is the best way to avoid any legal issues....

The facts supplied by you are insufficient to answer your query. You have not mentioned what are the legal issues that you want to avoid. You have also...View

how can tenant buy rented property from landlord indian law Human Rights 29 Feb 2008

I have been staying in a rented flat for the past 8 years, from day 1 my landlady has been promising me she would sell the house to me only, one year back...

Your problem needs a more elaborate discussion.With the limited information available we consider that if you can substantiate on your contentions about...View

Do we need NOC from legal heirs for property title transfer Property 26 Feb 2008

When there is a will and it has been probated, is it necessary to get an NOC from each legal heir for transferring immovable property titles to respective...

If there is more than one beneficiary for a single property NOC will be necessary. Otherwise dispute may arise at the time of demarcation.View

What are my rights as a daughter to my father's property Property 25 Feb 2008

I live in USA. I have 3 brothers, oldest one lives with my dad in india. My dad owns a huge house and a land attached to the house. My dad is planning...

Please mention your religion and native place.View

Wife not ready to leave the rented house. Family 23 Feb 2008

Hi, Me and my wife rented a house. Rent agreement was signed by me and she signed as witness. Due to her illegal behaviour i asked her to leave...

If you are forcefully expelled from your house you may file a private complaint before the police and you must also inform the matter to the landlord through...View

Bank Debited amount without any notice Banking 22 Feb 2008

I have savings bank account with ICICI, my friend from canada has sent Rs120404 to my ICICI account by money to india scheme, the bank has credited the...

The legal remedy available for you is to approach Banking Ombudsman. View

Is it necessary to probate a will in Chennai? Property 20 Feb 2008

If there is an attested (witness signed by two people) will, is it necessary to probate it? To reduce expenses, shall we go in for a family settlement...

If the title of the property still remains in your deceased father's name, it is not posseble to exicute a settlement deed.View

cancelation of sale agreement Property 17 Feb 2008

Hi, I thought of buying a plot from a reputed builder. Verified the papers he gave. From the documents we understood that it is a resale property and...

You have every right to cancel the agreement. As the builder has suppressed the real facts from you, you can proceed against him legally. You may issue...View

exchange of property Property 15 Feb 2008

I am staying in a co operative hsg society at andheri i want to exchange my flat with another person on different floor what is the legal implication stamp...

If you want to get absolute right over a property you will have to register a deed before the concerned authority and the title of the property must be...View

Right over grandmotherís property Property 13 Feb 2008

Hello, My Grand mother has secured a 15 cents of land from her mother. My grand mother is having two sons and a daughter, right now she is in bed ( paralysed...

If the title of the property is in your grand mother's name, at this point of time no one else will have right over the property. As she is having absolute...View

Inheritance under martiarchial system Property 13 Feb 2008

in kerala families following matriarchial system(nair,menon community) in malabar,cochin and travancore area, female members and their children were entitled...

As per the present law, all legal heirs are entitled for equal share in the undivided family property. Hence your wife will get equal share along with...View

complaint before consumer court Consumer Protection 12 Feb 2008

i had opened my demat a/c with xxxxxxxxxx on Jan 7, 2008, and as such the company has also debited from my bank A/c about Rs 10,000 for the same. Now,...

Before approaching the court you can issue a registered notice to the company with a copy to SEBI and MINISTRY OF FINANCE. There is no special procedure...View


I belong to Hindu family. I have a 2 sons and 3 daughters, all are married. I am staying with my elder son and daughter-in-law who is taking care of me...

You can definitely give the property to your elder son. But first you must decide when you want to transfer it. If you wish to transfer it now, you can...View

Income tax for people working as consultants Tax 11 Feb 2008

I work as a consultant for an IT firm. What tax deductions can I avail while filing my IT returns i.e. HRA, Medical etc.

from your query , it is not clear whether you are an employee or an independent consultant. If an employee, you get exemption for HRA. HRA exemption...View

Salary to be paid by my employer Labor 11 Feb 2008

I work for an IT company as a Software Engineer, salary is paid as consultancy fees. When I amn't working on any projects is the company obliged to pay...

Your designation in the company will be clearly mentioned in the offer letter issued to you at the time of joining . If you are not served with the same...View

sale of terrace Property 10 Feb 2008

is the sale of terace flat legal There are three terraces in the building ,two are sold and one terrace has the common aminities like water tank etc...

A sale will not become proper unless the share of undivided right is assigned to the buyer. A terrace cannot be sold without assigning the undivided right...View

procedure to transfer propery from father to son Property 9 Feb 2008

My father recently shed his right in the property he purchased independently in my name on 100 rs stamp paper. Based on the same we paid 1000/- rs as fees...

The procedure referred above is invalid as per the law. The title of the property will still remain in your father's name. For getting absolute right over...View

Deductions on resignation. Labor 8 Feb 2008

I am working in a Pvt Ltd company from jan 2005, I have to give 2 months notice period, I got a better oppertunity and given a notice to current company...

We cannot give definite answer without getting the details of job contract signed between you and the company. But in the absence of any specific clause...View

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