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Father refusing to support daughter education by being the guranter Family 17 Mar 2019

I am 28 year old unmarried girl. I have recently got offer from foreign university to study Masters. My father who is government employee earlier assured...

Dear Client, You can file a case in the magistrate court under sec 125 crpc ( maintenace case ). Regards. press like.View

Full and Final settlement Labor 17 Mar 2019

I am a British National (ex-Pat), I was recently employed by and working for an Indian company in India, I have a contract of employment, pay Indian taxes...

You can serve a legal notice and then file money recovery suit . Please click 👍👍👍👍like button. Call me for detail di...View

Clarification needed on Group Patta Property 17 Mar 2019

Hi ,We had obtained our group patta in the year Dec 29,2011 with Tamil Nadu Revenue department submitting our orientation plan confirming our boundary...

Dear brother/sister on filing an applivation, the revenue authorities or the tasildar only can decide staus your case after visiting, surveying and checking...View

Clarification regardin Assam population policy ANY 17 Mar 2019

Respected Sir/Madam Regards, I have a query regarding Population policy of Assam. A cabinet decision was taken regarding two child policy. Now, I would...

sir for the same you need to contact the concern department which the benefit you want , as every department alter the rules according to the benefit ....View

She entitled maintenance or not above criteria Family 17 Mar 2019

A woman is working a teacher contact basic from 2015.she filed maintenance case in 2016.prior mc she is getting 6000/- per month. Onwords 2017 her salary...

whatever it may b she is entitled for maintence.View

Appropriate court for INJUCTION SUITE Civil 17 Mar 2019

What will be the appropriate court for Injuction suite where neighbours are encroaching from both side. Property purchased 45 years back Neighbours are...

the writ petition of status quo . and declaration suit .View

Property Transfer Problem Property 17 Mar 2019

My mother wants to transfer her property to me(her son) and she doesnt wants to give the property shares to her 2 daughters. How to do that? My mother...

madam if the property is registered in her name then it is lady property obsolete and no one has any share in it , so she is free to give it to any one...View

Ancestors property division Property 17 Mar 2019

Dear Experts , This is about the residential house of my father in Delhi. We are Hindu .He had no will . We are 3 brothers and living in that house. It...

1. yes. 2. yes.View

Appropriate Court for Injuction suite Civil 17 Mar 2019

What will be the appropriate court for Injuction suite where neighbours are encroaching from both side

in lower court were u resides.View

Cooperative Society in karnal haryana Banking 17 Mar 2019

Can any registered society use Haryana government name and logo in their offices?

No... None of private society are allowed to use any government logo.View

My neighbour build a compound in my absences. Property 17 Mar 2019

My neighbour build a compound in my absences. It seems they have attached our land for building his compound wall. The construction have completed. We...

1) Approach the District Land Record Office and fill a form together with fees requesting of survey of your land and marking of the boundaries. 2) At...View

perjury case responsibility Labor 17 Mar 2019

I have filed forceful resignation case against company before labour court, So from company side HR manager has give false affidavit in court. Now...

1) First it need to be proved that the affidavit filed contaibs falsd information and then you can file the case of perjury against the person who has...View

Disputes within partners Business 17 Mar 2019

License of a pawn shop is on a person and in that shop I am having my share but the proof is only the ledger note we are having .now the person is claiming...

1) The ledger note itself is an evidence. 2) Serve upon him a legal notice through an advocate calling him to share the profits with you since you have...View

Encroachment land issue Civil 17 Mar 2019

I recieved notice from revenue department, they are saying its encroachment land, i have all document like sale deed, house tax, building permission etc,...

1) Contact an advocate and ask him to give suitable reply relying upon the documents you have. 2) You will have to fight the case on the merits of the...View

Audio recording Evidence Criminal 17 Mar 2019

When police called for investigation u/s 498a, 313, 406 we have recorded audio on mobile. Full conversation of complainant, Accused no, 1 and IO Is...

1) Yes, this recording can be produced as evidence before the Court when the trial proceedings commence. Down load this recording on a pen drive which...View

I want know about the stage of case:Part heard cases Property 17 Mar 2019

How many hearings court will provide then when is final disposal?

it depent on caseView

Land lease for Petrol bunk Property 17 Mar 2019

Hi, We are in the process of giving our land in Telangana for lease for petrol bunk to some 3rd party and looking to draft an agreement which will protect...

see that respondent uses land for petrol pump make lease for petrol pump get it for long lease contact me i will help u this different from other lease...View

How to get order copy from high court for a recently dismissed case Civil 17 Mar 2019

Can a party can get the order copy of a dismissed case directly without the lawyer or can the order copy get by the party by showing the change of valallat...

Not without the advocate, but with the change of vakalat order copy can be obtainedView

want to know legal distance between well and a borewell in Telangana ANY 17 Mar 2019

There is a well near my field, I want to dig a borewell 40 meters away from it, is it possible or it leads to violence of law. I\'m from Telangana sta...

1) If you are the owner of the land upon which you intend to dig a bore well then what's the problem ? 2) At the most you can liaise with the Taluka...View

Hindu succession of widow is possible or not Civil 17 Mar 2019

1.hindu widow(57) demanding property in the name of dead(2004) fatherinlaw is possible?Under which ACT{WIDOW not have any child}. 2.hindu widow(50) demanding...

1) If your mother in law is also not alive and there are no children of your father in law alive then the you succeed to the entire property of your father...View

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