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Tenant behaving inappropriate Property 8 Jan 2019

I am a house owner. I had some issues with one of my tenant and asked him to vacate on January 31. I conveyed the msg by December 12th asking him to vacate....

sir please let him vacate and then you should show the house to other tenants. If he does not vacate, then you could take the legal route. Please contact...View

how can I stop him to get marry with someone else Family 8 Jan 2019

a boy and me lived as husband and wife. i don't have any proof of our relationship.but we lived in Jaipur for 2 months as couple on rent. they are witness...

yrs approach police View

Punishment for scooty accident unintentionally Accident 7 Jan 2019

My adopted daughter 22yrs student hit a 78yrs old man by scooty in a market place. He had his knee fractured. His son filed a case in court. She was at...

Respected Sir/Madam, Let me solve your query: Firstly: Do not worry, since the old man who is aged 78 years (Victim) has not met a fatal accident, your...View

Illegal vehicles parking in front of my house ANY 7 Jan 2019

Sir /Madam, I am from West Bengal, Krishannagar . I am facing problem with vehicles parking in front of my gate. I request them to...

Sir put up a board saying no parking in front of the gate and see if that helps. If that doesn't you can file for injunction as you have a right of passage....View

Mmt cancelled international booking last minute Consumer Protection 7 Jan 2019

had booked a hotel (Carlton City Singapore) which is a 5star rated property on Makemytrip (MMT) for 29th to 31st Dec 2018 well in advance around Sept 2018...

sir you should file a consumer case and claim the same amount of compensation that they refused. Please contact for detailed consultation.View



1) Gentleman, you first need is to spell it out what nature of complain you intend to file ?View

Injunction of court order and annulment of marriage Maritime law 7 Jan 2019

I dr.swagata was Traditionally married on 15th November 2017 at Andhra Pradesh Rajampet to dr.hari .marriage was not consummated.lot of disputes following...

madam let the order be there you file objection and file the case for the void wedding that is annulment .View

details needed on MOU ANY 7 Jan 2019

hi sir Sir iam working in trust as an admin.our trust with 3 trystees and 1 manaiging trustee have planned with a group of people in a particular area...

Dear client I have prepare it ,yes you need a stamp paper,prepared MOU is printed on this stamp by your printer through your computer . Click Like to...View

Time expired of registration documents 0 7 Jan 2019

I have borrowed finance by giving my documents registered and I couldn't repay it with in the time so I received an advance notice can I extend the time...

sir we need problem in proper way in details .View

OS suit with EP then land registered in their name. Property 7 Jan 2019

Sir, we bought a residential plot in 2011 but now we see someone has registered the whole land (all the plots in that survey no.) in her name Mrs. A,...

Dear client send legal notice file injunction get stay on that property immediately. Click Like to appreciateView

forcefully resignation taken Labor 7 Jan 2019

how much old employees daily work register we can demand to produce before court to the company for evidence?

Dear client five year Click Like to appreciateView

Refusing full and final payment Labor 7 Jan 2019

Sir, Am working Agh wires pvt ltd, Bahadurgarh since 2012 to till date as executive . as per management requirement resigned by mail .Now they refusing...

send the legal show cause notice to the company head and the HR .View

Delayed possession of Purab Premium apartments Property 7 Jan 2019

Hello Mr. Ratta, This is regarding my property in Purab premium apartments mohali, for which I would like to file a case in related to delayed possession....

Dear client send him legal notice and file your case in consumer court,you should be file complain in regulatory authority for compensation for delay possession. Click...View

Brothers of my mother is not ready to register land to my mother. Property 7 Jan 2019

Hello sir/mam need ur suggestion on my concerned topic.. we are living in Pithoragarh Uttarakhand.this question is about property/land .my grandfather(father...

Don't leave possession at any cost and if u have occupied the land for twelve years then u will be owner as adverse possession rule but if there is will...View

Resealing letter of administration Family 7 Jan 2019

I have a letter of administration from the Singapore Family Court in respect of my late mothers estate. My other siblings have renounce their right to...

it has to be validated by Madras High courtView

International divorce validity International Law 7 Jan 2019

Sir My husband filled divorce in newzealand with false story of separation. When I filled objection court directed me to put all the papers of our togetherness.i...

not valid in IndiaView

What will be my next step on this issue Property 7 Jan 2019

Good morning,my father has a property which was given by my grandfather after his death.he wrote vilunama on my father name when he is grandfather...

Dear client Since your grand father already take step forward and transfer his legal right to his only son. there are no legal value of his sister legal...View

Humne ek room ka token money Diya hai ab Nahi khali kar raha hai Civil 7 Jan 2019

Hum ek Ghar kharid rahe the USA token money Diya hai Abi room nahi de raha hai

Dear client send him legal notice through lawyer.could I help you. Click Like to appreciateView

Temporary Injunction Civil 7 Jan 2019

How to vacate temporary injunction on property. Please let me know the quickest way to do this as all supporting documents are with me.

You can file a written statement with regard to that case with mention and attach all that documents after that your case will fixed for consideration...View

Statement between police and common man ANY 7 Jan 2019

Quarel between police and common man raised to case on the police

Dear client you should be file in court under Sec 200. Click Like to appriciateView

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