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Legal questions & answers for bankingLegal questions & answers for banking

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fraud that emi given but not deposited Banking 9 Dec 2018

A person complaint today that 2 years ago he give me 50000 cash for deposit in his account.which I am not done.

You admit that you have not deposited or he never gave you to deposit altogether ! Please clarify the facts and brief in detail for advice. If you have...View

Section 13 (2) under sarfesi act Banking 9 Dec 2018

Q 1. Can bank file fir after issuing notice under section 13 (2) in case of npa if he finds no hypothecated stock available when he comes for physical/symbolic...


Query on termination of case and further details regarding the same Banking 8 Dec 2018

If civil case is dismissed automatically, how do you inform a bank about it?? What if they say they can't do anything without official orders? Can they...

sir there is nothing automatically . contact your lawyer and court reader for the detail in person. no presumption please .View

Query on termination of case if person deceased Banking 8 Dec 2018

If legal heir is not interested then case is terminated but how? Is there a need to issue official statement of closure?? If we don't have any contact...

if there is case of Civil latigation than there is no need of contact anyone it will dismissed of default automatically.View

Case Termination of deceased person Banking 8 Dec 2018

If legal heir is not interested, case is closed but how? Can it be called closed without official order??


Termination of case upon death Banking 8 Dec 2018

Lets say a case is filed against a person. Is the case terminated, if subject of the case has deceased??

yes sir if the legal heir is not interested then the case is closed . View

mental harassment by bank management Banking 8 Dec 2018

I have been harassed by way of deputation for more than 1 montheach twice consecutively n relieved at the close of business and took over charge of BM...

Full details must be furnished for a better advice. Whether you bank is private or nationalised, the reasons for they relieving you in the late hours,...View

mental harassment by bank Banking 8 Dec 2018

I have been harassed by way of deputation for more than 1 montheach twice consecutively n relieved at the close of business and took over charge of BM...

you can first make a complaint to higher or HR authorities about the same and if the things continue you can file a case.View

Regarding deduction of money from atm Banking 8 Dec 2018

Sir , Most humbly and respectfully I beg to say that on 12/10/2018 at 18:45:56 I used ATM of United bank Bagodar for money withdrawal of 10000 but...

Answerd by Adv kavery Anand Bangalore..sir in which ATM u entered Ur pin..and tried to take money.. and u lost Ur money.. Approach to that area police...View

Education loan issue Banking 7 Dec 2018

I have got education loan and i didnt pay it sinc3 3 yrs but now i paid myovrdue and spoke to tha bank manager regarding the monthly payment later that...

lok Adalat is a tool to solve the issue amicably prior initiating legal proceeding before court. so try to solve your issue in lok Adalat.View



appear in LOK ADALAT there your matter will be settledView

Breach of security cum service bond in bank Banking 6 Dec 2018

FDR in bank as security cum service bond to serve the institution for a probation period of one year . On breach of this bond will i be getting the the...

in case of breach of contract the party will claim they are amount to be paid underground of breach by the other party. please press the like button if...View

Query on One time settlement- Education loan Banking 4 Dec 2018

Hi Sir/Madame, I have repaid my education loan under OTS scheme, and. before repaying the loan bank sent legal notice and now I got a NOC from Bank....

Your CIBIL rating will be affected. No need to approach the court Regards Rajeev RJ AssociatesView

Address proof creation Banking 4 Dec 2018

I and my wife are shifting to Chennai from Pune The flat where we are shifting to in Chennai is registered in my name only. Municipal/property tax,...

dear sir u can attach Ur electricity bill. with Ur permanent address proof as adhar card. u should maintion both the address permanent as well as corresponding...View

Mis-selling of insurance by SBI Banking 4 Dec 2018

I have issue with SBI regarding misselling of insurance which costs worth 140000 for covering only home loan of Rs.1200000 which sanctione in the year...

it depends on the Advocate to advocate to charge fees for filing of a complaint in the consumer forum you have to find an advocate of your choice and you...View

Kcc loan defaulter issue Banking 3 Dec 2018

My father had taken loan for tractor on kcc in 2010 now the amount is approx 8lac to pay bank is forcing him to pay via selling his property else threating...

sir if father is not repaying the loan then he is defaulter not other wise . and then too the bank can not force father to sell the thing for the repayment...View

Requesting for suggestion Banking 2 Dec 2018

Hii i was taken personal loan of 8 lakhs and the amount was given to my friend for her daughter marriage and i was taken the land docuement as a security...

File recovery suit . clickView

Bank claiming from us instead of cgtmse Banking 1 Dec 2018

Took loan from bank under cgtmse cover, bank went to dry now dry order is against is.

question is not clear . Proper legal suggestions can be given only after persual of all legal documents.View

Fraud case happened with SBI credit card and prayer for recovery the Banking 30 Nov 2018

I received a fraud call referred as SBI credit card employee and convinced me to share OTP many times and looted near about 2 lakh rs from my account....

there will be a problem in the covering the amount but you can complain to this cyber cell you have provided the OTP and this is your sole responsibility...View

question related to bank misappriopration Banking 30 Nov 2018

an fir is been filed against me under 403,406,409,420 ipc codes for misappropriation of bank funds but i have already paid the amounts to the bank before...

first got bail and stay of arrest otherwise police will harass u pls provide me fir copy for better adviseView

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