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Legal questions & answers for environmentalLegal questions & answers for environmental

Saved Legal Questions
society decision to cover tarrace Environmental 22 Jun 2019

check my previous question regarding society contribution for roof on tarrace , nothing is metioned in moa,this is the question that whether society has...

1) File an ordinary civil suit against the society and obtain stay restraining to proceed further in making the roof on the terrace. 2) Let there be...View

How to proceed forward through law for solving prb related to digging Environmental 18 Jun 2019

Around 5 electric motors of rich people were dig around our government bore well now it is getting difficult to get water to people and there is only one...

1) This issue needs to be highlighted by electronic media and a delegation organised to meet the District Collector and hand over a suitable memorandum. 2)...View

I am not attend the court Environmental 16 Jun 2019

Court hereing date this month 6 bt I am not attend any problem is their and I missing my only this first date hering

sir better ask your lawyer to take the next suitable date for you . View

Overflowing of sewerage and toilet bathrooms water into my property Environmental 4 Jun 2019

Neighbor,s sewerage water. & Toilet bathrooms water flooding my property legal advice is it amount to criminal offence

fike permanent injunction and take interim stay also first let them them repairView

Overflowing of sewerage and toilet bathrooms water into my property Environmental 2 Jun 2019

Neighbor,s sewerage water. & Toilet bathrooms water flooding my property legal advice is it amount to criminal offence

the neighbor has wrongfully harass its amount of illegal activity, take cognizance through in-charge of station house. petition should be file in nation...View

Noise pollution. Neighbor\s Dog barks all night Environmental 24 May 2019

Our neighbor\'s dog barks all night.. It\'s very very irritating.. Even we are unable to sleep. We have tried to solve the matter by talking to the neighbor...

you can complain to police station and muncipality office. My no. Nine seven six three four two three six four two. LikeView

I want to file case against them Environmental 22 May 2019

Requested sir I am from yemmiganur, in our town place owners cutting trees besides publick roads ,I want to protect trees and environment plz give suggest...

report to police and municipality show pics in social web sites yes take legal proceedings under forests actView

Making Environment Dirty Environmental 21 May 2019

Dear Sir, I live in rural area. My neighbour used to through cows waste besides empty private plot which is not belongs to him or me. Due to this too much...

complain to gramsevak or grampanchayat or you are living in municipal jurisdiction than give 1 complain to muncipal office ,lastly to police station also...View

Uska and maintenance of the world cup and password Environmental 18 May 2019

Happy birthday Mr Cameron has a happy married life share price for the same time duration of brothers movie counter whale rider sd movie


Looking for an Internship for law Environmental 9 May 2019

Dear sir. I am saurav chauhan living in malakpur greater noida. i am pursuing my ballb from sharda university. I am looking for an apportunity for internship...

Dear Mr. Saurav Chauhan, 1) The best way is to contact an advocate who has his own office in vicinity of your residence and meet him for the intended...View

We are a zero discharge unit and reuse the treated water in process. Environmental 30 Apr 2019

We are from Micro Turners, Haridwar Ultrakhand POLLUTION Board closed our plant on Friday. We want to put up our case in High Court. Pl send your...

You have to file your case in Uttarakhand High Court in this regard and produced the plant mechanism and evidences in this regard that you are not a polluting...View

Wts law about river population Environmental 16 Apr 2019

In kanpur people used to polluted all the river and government didn't took any strong action against this so how come I come forward this matter in front...

Dear Sir/Madam, Several PIL as writ petition had been filed in the Supreme Court already in this context. By the act of Environment (Protection) Act,...View

Floor mill causing irritation to my family, have to get rid of it Environmental 8 Apr 2019

Hello I am manish, there is a floor mill beside my home as it's creating a dust and sound irritations to my family. We have asked the owner to replace...

complain to police station and municipality office.. click likesView

How to apply inter cast marriage jobs for bc Environmental 31 Mar 2019

Im got inter cast marriage hot apply govt job bc cast pls gevi the answer sir

1) You are eligible for reservations in govt employment. 2) Get a recommendation letter from your state M.P. of distruct M.L.A. 3) Please do click...View

PLANTING OF TREES IN OWN LAND Environmental 31 Mar 2019

As per Indian law what should be distance for planting the trees from border line of own plot.

sir contact forest department and the municipality in person.View

Confined space work permit Environmental 30 Mar 2019

What is Non permit required confined space ? Permit required or not for sand and carbon filters media replacement work?

question not clear better contact expert in the subject in person.View

Mental harrassment in job Environmental 21 Mar 2019

Harrassment in job regarding the things which I have not done specifically. I have also asked to report but no one listened to me . They have also issued...

do police complainView

Application of Karntaka Tree Act to trees on podium Environmental 17 Mar 2019

I would like to know whether the Karnataka Tree Preservation Act of 1976 and its amendments thereof apply to Trees grown on Podium /terrace / rooftops...

Dear Sir, It may not be applicable if common sense is applied and it is a debatable issue. Please find the Act and read each definition there under....View

How can i stop my neighbours from throwing garbage near my gate Environmental 4 Mar 2019

My neighbours throw garbage just by the side of main gate of my house...when we tell them not to do so they say they are not doing it..and then they do...

register FIR against them for public nuisance. View

What is the distance between well to another well Environmental 1 Mar 2019

Hi sir we r digging well in the paddy fields with distance of 50meters of another well .But our neghiubour was objection to me and he also stopped my digging...

Dear client file petition get order against stop digging well View

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