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Legal questions & answers for environmentalLegal questions & answers for environmental

Saved Legal Questions
Wts law about river population Environmental 16 Apr 2019

In kanpur people used to polluted all the river and government didn't took any strong action against this so how come I come forward this matter in front...

Dear Sir/Madam, Several PIL as writ petition had been filed in the Supreme Court already in this context. By the act of Environment (Protection) Act,...View

Floor mill causing irritation to my family, have to get rid of it Environmental 8 Apr 2019

Hello I am manish, there is a floor mill beside my home as it's creating a dust and sound irritations to my family. We have asked the owner to replace...

complain to police station and municipality office.. click likesView

How to apply inter cast marriage jobs for bc Environmental 31 Mar 2019

Im got inter cast marriage hot apply govt job bc cast pls gevi the answer sir

1) You are eligible for reservations in govt employment. 2) Get a recommendation letter from your state M.P. of distruct M.L.A. 3) Please do click...View

PLANTING OF TREES IN OWN LAND Environmental 31 Mar 2019

As per Indian law what should be distance for planting the trees from border line of own plot.

sir contact forest department and the municipality in person.View

Confined space work permit Environmental 30 Mar 2019

What is Non permit required confined space ? Permit required or not for sand and carbon filters media replacement work?

question not clear better contact expert in the subject in person.View

Mental harrassment in job Environmental 21 Mar 2019

Harrassment in job regarding the things which I have not done specifically. I have also asked to report but no one listened to me . They have also issued...

do police complainView

Application of Karntaka Tree Act to trees on podium Environmental 17 Mar 2019

I would like to know whether the Karnataka Tree Preservation Act of 1976 and its amendments thereof apply to Trees grown on Podium /terrace / rooftops...

Dear Sir, It may not be applicable if common sense is applied and it is a debatable issue. Please find the Act and read each definition there under....View

How can i stop my neighbours from throwing garbage near my gate Environmental 4 Mar 2019

My neighbours throw garbage just by the side of main gate of my house...when we tell them not to do so they say they are not doing it..and then they do...

register FIR against them for public nuisance. View

What is the distance between well to another well Environmental 1 Mar 2019

Hi sir we r digging well in the paddy fields with distance of 50meters of another well .But our neghiubour was objection to me and he also stopped my digging...

Dear client file petition get order against stop digging well View

Disconnection of Satellite 4G Internet Disc causing severe health prob Environmental 1 Mar 2019

For past 6 months my daughter aged 15 years is suffering from severe headache, sleep disorder, fatigue, lack of concentration, dizziness, memory loss everyday....

1) You have guessed right the root cause of the mental and physical ailments is indeed due to the high voltage magnetic resonance emissions emitted by...View

Permission for dig a Bore well Environmental 18 Feb 2019

I want dug bore well in my agriculture land but my neighbor approached the village revenue officer and stopped the bore digg as mentioned in his compliant...

1) The Village revenue officer has no discretion to give any ruling. The issue should be referred to the Irrigation department. 2) As according to the...View

regarding nuisance case Environmental 12 Feb 2019

Hi Sir, I am saranya staying in bangalore and the area is mahadevapura. Beside my appartment there is a gym and every day morning they are keeping high...

make police complain about thatView

How to file a Police complain and Is the case will be in my favour Environmental 1 Feb 2019

Neighbour is throwing there garbage infront of my house. Even after telling them they are not stopping this.

You click the photos of that garbage and make complain to MDDA/Municipal committeeView

powerloom noise making issue by neighbour Environmental 19 Jan 2019

my neighbour has setup a powerloom machine in his house makes huge noise/sound is really disturbing, and irritating is almost painful...

Sir, you can complain for nuisance. Please contact for detailed consultation.View

Cause damage to my house. Environmental 10 Jan 2019

My next door neighbour\'s coconut tree lean towards my house and cause damage to the terrace. What should I do?


Trees of my neighbour affected my agricultural land Environmental 27 Dec 2018

My neighbour had planted mango garden in their fields. They have planted some trees near the bay. Due to the growing twigs and shade of trees, the farm...

give him legal notice then if no response you cut overhanging branches yourself and claim labour cost . clickView

Doon valley case detail Environmental 23 Dec 2018

Doon valley case litigation in detail with an argument of respondent and petitioner and also judgement given by the court in thi case?

1) So what is the issue now. 2) Your query is incomplete. 3) You must realize the importance of time and communication charges that which involved and...View

To vacate commercial activities form residential colony Environmental 12 Dec 2018

Good evening sir I'm siddu student neighbours house is rented to daily wages Labour's for 8 families 26 to 30 members AlterNet day they use fight after...

sir first take photo of every thing and then make copy and then send the copy to the concern person but do not be smart hide your name be safe .and if...View

About mutation of wetlands Environmental 12 Dec 2018

Sir Maine ek wetlands liya hai kolkata hatgachha area main .Kya Iska mutation hoga

sir contact the area sub registrar in person .View

Negligence towards Animal safety Environmental 2 Dec 2018

hello sir/madam, i am from Vadodara, Gujarat where in there is a garden named Sayaji garden and it has a very big Zoo where there are all types of birds...

intimate to peta menka Gandhi and approach to Nagar nigam but if u have money so u can approach to Gujrat high court coz it is clear case of negligence...View

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