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Legal questions & answers for family

Legal questions & answers for family

Major doughter comes under family defination for agriculture land cell    » Family » 11 Sep 2014
Major doughter comes under family defination for agriculture land celling
Dear client, Daughter\'s right to deceased father\'s agricultural land 1. Yes, she may be entitled to her share in the land; 2. She may inherit...

Wife having an affair    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
Is it possible to take legal action on this men whom my wife is having affair & whats need to done for that? also what punishment this men will bear for...
sir first controll your wife talk to her parents about all this , and then go to the police and complin about this. you can ask th apolice to keep the...

performing test tube baby, without husbands permission is legal by la    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
first wife passed away. having 2 childs from her, aged 24 & 27 years. after that we done second marriage before 6years ago.before marriage she accepted...
yes it is legal , every woman wants her own child , but be aware as she wants her own child , so now you may send your first wife children to the boarding...

Me and my wife want divorce in mutual understanding ,    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
Sir,What are the compensation I want to give to my wife,we got married in 1999,We have one boy age 14,I will look after him.What are the legal formalities...
you can give all your property if you want to give or do not give single rupee it will be your mutual decision .the court does not come in the picture...

my sister is beating by her husband without any fault    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
My sister is leaving with her husband he beats my sister without any reason n theur is swellen on face of my sister n scratches on hand but we did not...
Dear brother let your sister file a petition under the domestic violence act to the state protection officer for correcting him Advocate, A.P.Loganathan,...

can I give divorce without paying any amount except amt given by fathe    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
She is not obeying to my mother & me. Even there are no respect for mother in law. If my mom teach to her something "She" does argument eiyh my mother....
Dear brother 1. it is universal fact that there wont be 100% normal relationship between the mother and daughter in law. so dont take it so serious 2....

To obtain TC from KV    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
I have dispute with my husband and only one girl child. I want to live separate but my husband has objection in obtaining TC from KV. How can I obtain...
1. Meet the school principal. Discuss the matter. You may get the T.C. Try and settle the dispute in interest of the child. If you live separately he will...

what is the maintenance goes to spouse after getting divorce decree    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
Divorce filed by me due to contact with other person.His divorce is made during the year 2011 by settlement on bond paper.she is want only going outside...
it will be 2500 both for mother and child if filed under section 125 crpc

Section 498A and Section 125    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
Hello, My wife has filed a false dowry case against me and my parents in Dumka Court Jharkhand. My bail was rejected in the Dumka Court and is now pending...
yes . sooner or later you have to surrender or get bail . . in 125 case your advocate only can present . also there will be many more dates for 125 case...

under section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 if petitioner is a woman and no source of income is entitled to get interim maintenance till the divorce...

get quick diverce with my spouse    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
my marriage held in august 7th,2014. i want to get divorce with my spouse as early as possible.plz help me
Sir no divorce petition can be filed within 1 year of marriage you can file a Petition to declare the marriage as Null and Void.

Regarding duplicate copy of filled case    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
My wife filled case under section 125 regarding maintenance in ratlam madhya pradesh. I lived in jaipur rajasthan. i'm getting single post card which not...
Dear brother either you have to go or engage an advocate from that court to have copy of the petition Advocate, A.P.Loganathan, Madras High Court CLICK...

hiw do I know about my deceased husbands assetts    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
I was disowned and dragged out of my in kaws house soon after the death of my husband after 1 month of my marriage.please suggest as to how can I kniw...
Dear sister find out the details of the assests acquired by your husband 2. find out the ancestral properties for him 3. then approach an advocate and...

EP in Restitution of Conjugal Rights--    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
Hello All, I got a decree from the court in section 9 - Restitution of Conjugal Rights in my favour during 2013, Jan. Do i need to file an Executive...
yes you have to file ep under order xxi cpc for execution of decree of rcr decree

Section 125 Maintenance case    » Family » 10 Sep 2014
Dear Sir, My wife has filed a false 498A case against me in Dumka Court, Jarkhand and my bail application is pending in Ranchi High Court. In the interim...
Dear Mr. Vikas Garodia, 1. You must appear for the first hearing and then your advocate will take of your absence in future. You will not be arrested...

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