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Legal questions & answers for family

Legal questions & answers for family

need divorse immediately    » Family » 19 Oct 2014
im fed up of the marriage that i have been in for the last 3.5 years. i have been mentally tortured and harrased by my wife. she is extremely "shakki"...
immediate divorce is impossible . . you have to file divorce case . it may take 3-5 years if she contests . click

Can power of attorney be granted to father in Mutual Consent Divorce c    » Family » 19 Oct 2014
Hi Sir, I got arranged marriage on June 4th 2014.But i came out with in 3 days after marriage from his home to my parents house when i came to know...
even mutual consent is to be filed in court . sex or no sex does not make it mutual consent nor does it mean annulment . 2 POWER OF ATTORNEY IS NOT...

Husband filed divorce under Cruelty Ground    » Family » 19 Oct 2014
Husband filed contested divorce under Cruelty Ground, I also want divorce from this bad blood husband but not agree with his cruelty ground. What I do...
Dear sister 1. you also have to file the petition for the divorce under the groun of cruelty only 2. so if both of you want to avoid the cruelty ground,...

dispute between brother ,ikrarnama want by both on immovable property    » Family » 19 Oct 2014
father/mother both died ,no willpaper about property was made by them,younger brother try to captured and saying on stamp paper made ikrarnama whether...
1. This ikranama may be fabricated. Ask him to give you a copy of it. Then challenge such document in the court. @ Pl. give rating to reply.

status of the case in rangareddy court    » Family » 19 Oct 2014
Case No. 915 Under Hindu Marriage Act 1955 Restitution of conjugal rights Year 2012 What is the present status please.

fir filing procedure for husbands remarriage    » Family » 19 Oct 2014
fir filing procedure for husband's remarriage and reuirements of other things
1. Just go to the nearest police station and narrate the facts of your complaint. The F.I.R. can be recorded by the police after making preliminary investigation....

regarding potgi and divorce    » Family » 19 Oct 2014
myself rohini tarkar. my hubby file case for divorce.i am having my doughter of 6 years old with me.i dont want to give divorce. i am working in govt...
Dear client as u r earning member so u cannot ask maintenance for u. But u can ask maintenance for yr daughter by filling application under sec 125 of...

My husband has left home. I am still living in his home .....what shou    » Family » 18 Oct 2014
I have a 9 yr old daughter. After 10 years of marriage my husband has left home on insistence of his married sister. I am still living in his home. What...
Hello, No, you should not leave home by all means.It is your right to reside in the house.You need to file a casein the court to get maintenance for yourself...

How to get information like name and address of one mobile number regi    » Family » 18 Oct 2014
For my marriage (I am female) my parents given adv in one news paper, as per my parents advise I met one person (he is Vijay Mohan Reddy, working in South...
file a cheating and harassment case against him under section 420 ipc in court

i have got married from last 08 years, i hv faced lot of problems with    » Family » 18 Oct 2014
for small small things we have discussion and it goes to fight and after that he start hitting me very badly in front of his parents and start giving me...
Dear sister 1. file a petition in the magistrate court against him and his family memebrs under the domestic violence act 2. the magistrate may provide...

how to get restraining order    » Family » 18 Oct 2014
My husband doesnt allows me to go to my mother's home...i just wanna restraining order stating that i can leave my matrimonial house n live in mothers...
r/s you may file a d.v.act case and demand all such right what you want u/s 12 ............adv.vikas T.

how can i get divorce    » Family » 18 Oct 2014
my wife is troubling in my day to days of running my business
Dear brother if you can manage the business and the clients effectively then you know and can manage your wife also engage elders, relatives and friends...

I want to apply for Divorce for 8 months marriage    » Family » 18 Oct 2014
My wife's parents are interfering with my personal and parents life. My wife along with her parents are threatening my family every day for every small...
r/s for such situation both agree for divorce the you my give traditional divorce it means file a maintenance case before criminal case and such both party...

mujhse ab bardast nhi hota    » Family » 18 Oct 2014
Mera nam nilam hai meri sadi 2012 me hui thi sadi arrange thi lrke walo ne dahej v liya but sadi k bad v demand krte the meri nanado ka mere sasural me...
ap un par toture ka case police me dal do . ek bar supdt of police se mil kar apni bat kah do sab thik karva dega . click

Regarding Dhana settlement    » Family » 18 Oct 2014
mother in law registered dhana settlement deed to my husband.I have two kids girl 3yrs old, boy 1 yr old.without my knowledge he want to sale the property....
file domestic violence case on him and claim residential rights and u can have rights in that property you can stay in property

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