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Legal questions & answers for familyLegal questions & answers for family

Property issue before divorce Family 23 Apr 2016

I have a property in Hyderabad which is registered by both of our names. So at the end of this month ,the final hearing of our divorce is going to be held.Is...

in divorce there are no property issues at all .the wife has no share in any husband property or in-laws property . she may only get maintenance and alimony...View

maintenance in exparte divorce Family 23 Apr 2016

Respected experts, i have applied for divorce around 1.5 years back, they are not appearing for 8 hearings if i get exparte divorce please suggest about...

Dear client If she did not appear in the court .then you will get exparty divorce. Decree. Without contesting divorce order she can not claim maintenance...View

contested divorce around 1.5 years Family 23 Apr 2016

respected experts, i applied for contested divorce around 1.5 years back , wife not appearing for 8 hearings but they are asking there things .please...

Dear brother as she is not appearing request the judge to pass the exparte order of the divorce return those items after getting the exparty order of...View

Maintenance, Pension, Divorce Family 23 Apr 2016

I need a legal opinion in the below given situation: On 28-04-1971, wed lock happened and 2 sons were born through husband as a result of marital relationship...

Dear Mr. Babu, 1. *Do the first wife's children have any right over the pension amount as nominees as it was pending from 2008 till date? . = Yo say...View

return stridhan in contested divorce Family 23 Apr 2016

Respected experts, what is the procedure to return stridhan in contested divorce petiion

There is no specific provision for it under a divorce petition. Still, you can add a list of items you have to recover. You should better file a criminal...View


Dear sir, Who ever ( advocate) I meet and discuss about my dv case, suggesting that dv act is useless and not useful to get relief you seek. In beginning...

madam residence and all come in divorce case not in DV case. can you kindly come out with your problem so that we can guide you the proper way. because...View

what is caveat and remarriage of the party within caveat period Family 22 Apr 2016

what is caveat? husband filed caveat at High court for the divorce decree that he got from lower court. I had heard that caveat is applicable for 90 days....

caveat is an application to the court to be heard if any case is file against the petitioner . caveat has nothing to do with marriage . . you are talking...View

My frustration without my fault. Family 22 Apr 2016

I am 58 years old male person staying in Pune for last 37 years. I got married in 1985 through love marriage. I have a Daughter from my first wife who...

Dear Client Right now, there is nothing legal or technical in your query. You are free to live wherever you want. Law can not force you in that regard....View

Stake to assets and child custody on divorce Family 22 Apr 2016

My husband will be buying a house with his money. What the steps i should take to ensure I have a stake in that asset, in case of divorce. I have also...

1. I think he is buying the new house for you so that he can convince you to get divorced by Mutual Consent. Be tactful and have him purchase the house...View

Divorce case appeal of HMA in Delhi High Court Family 22 Apr 2016

I am living separate from my husband from may 2013 with two minor daughters in parental home & the cases of domestic violence & a fir u/s 498 a & 406...

Agar aap karoge to better hai But I don't think that there is a need to appeal. DelhiView

Civil Case of Divorce HMA Family 22 Apr 2016

In case of divorce if we want to file an appeal in High Court for challenging Distt Court order. Kya hume apni petition me us order ke against high court...

but why to go for appeal in divorce case , can you first tell that . as divorce is by mutual then how can you go for appeal . this can be rejected. iske...View

wife want divorce need minimum economic loss .as i have to take care o Family 22 Apr 2016

My wife is compelling me to take divorce . Due to nonce reason that bring your part from ur parents property.while my grandfather did not given anyrhing...

sir first file for domestic violence case against the wife , the make her run after you for the money. no need of giving her divorce , as she wants money...View

Interpretation of the term \payment defaulter\ Family 21 Apr 2016

Sir, the Family court decreed the husband to pay interim and final maintenance of 400,000 and husband declared defaulter, is it correct? Neither has applied...

1. It looks like that the wife has filed a comlaint u/s 125 Cr.P.C. 2. In case of such complaint filed u/s 125 Cr.P.C. there is no provision in law to...View

got ex party degree in sec 9 from wifehow to got divorce Family 21 Apr 2016

dear sir/mam. i got ex party degree in sec 9 from my wife. what is right way to get divorce from my wife???

wait for 1 year send notice to her that u got exparte decree in rcr after ine year file divorce on grounds of failure of rsrs crukety and desertion she...View

family issue i filled in 2014 against to my husband and he also filed Family 21 Apr 2016

I am filled DVC case in 2014 against to my husband for conjugal life ,but he is not attend the case the same am filling petition for Maintenance...

file alimony petition in rcr u will get alimony in courtView