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Legal questions & answers for familyLegal questions & answers for family

SNOOPING against Women petitioner to Divert the Maintenance payment ma Family 12 Feb 2018

To AVOID payment in maintenance case(pending) When Respondent and his lawyer Attempted to Furnish a MOBILE PHONE CAPTURED PHOTOGRAPH as Evidence before...

sir go for the divorce, you are not the social activist . View

how to file divorce, Family 12 Feb 2018

what is the procedure to file divorce in DELHI.I am 45 years old & my wife is 35 . she was in adultry .she threatens to kill herself and our two children...

simple procedure engage a lawyer he will file divorce petition in family court .that is all then the case will be heard and decidedView

Mediation process at divorce case Family 12 Feb 2018

In mediation process of divorce, a mediator can recommend or advice or write her view to judge after completing the mediation process of divorce

no dear they will say only that the couple is ready to live together or go for the divorce nothing more then that .View

Precautions to avoid dala implications. Family 12 Feb 2018

My son wants to marry a girl of different caste, to which father of girl has strong objections. They plan to marry under SMA, the girl wants to come and...

sir if the son can live on his own then father has no right to file any FIR , before the wedding go t the police and talk there then the police will help...View

divorce petition on false affidavit Family 12 Feb 2018

sir I am residing in foreign country but basically from India and marriage was solemnised in India under the hindu law of 1955. now my husband sent me...

who said this he is not eligible for divorce he is eligible . who told you this as your lawyer is not guiding you the right way , madam where ever the...View

How to file a divorce How long does it take What I\\\d the complete pr Family 12 Feb 2018

How to file a divorce? Please help to know the process of divorce. How long does it take? What are the legal formalities? What will be the expense...

If both husband and wife agreed for divorce then file a joint petition for divorce by mutual consent .And minimum one year separation is required for filing...View

Grandmother not giving share Family 12 Feb 2018

My grandmother has named the house recently to two of my uncles however my father has invested lot of money in it whereas none of my uncle has spent money...

no sir it is lady property she is free to give to any one does not matter from where the money comes . no one can challenge it .View

Police not execute NBW and section 83 Family 12 Feb 2018

It\'s a 406 case running in Ghaziabad for more than a year but accused didn\'t turn up to the court yet. Judge order NBW many times and applied section...

Dear client, In that situation you should file a Writ petition before Hon'ble High Court for fair investigation and why that NBW has not been executed.Better...View

Full custody of two boys Family 12 Feb 2018

I am a 35 year women plz Help me for divorce with children custody

By Advocate Ashok Kumar Gupta, Patna High Court 1.You may file a petition for Divorce on any of the grounds specified in section 13 of the Hindu Marriage...View

need information on the quash in the high court Family 12 Feb 2018

Dear sir in my DVC case i had filed Quash petition in the HC on 7/01/2018 ,to quash 9 of the family members name .The base for quash applications is 498a...

Dear Sir, Quash of proceedings is extremely rare and will take a lot of time as told by your lawyer. Better to also file a writ to get the IO to complete...View

Inquiry for filing a case Family 12 Feb 2018

Respected sir/madam, Within how many days of wining a case ( 498A) I am supposed to file a case of defamation against the other ? Is there any such specified...

By Advocate Ashok Kumar Gupta, Patna High Court As per Article 74 of the Limitation Act, a suit for malicious prosecution can be filed within one year...View

Inquiry about filing a case Family 12 Feb 2018

Respected sir, Humne recently ek 498A ka case lower court me jeeta Hum abhi unpar maan haani ka case kab file kar sakte hai? Humne yeh case nagpur me...

Dear Client, Yes, you can file case for defamation in your nearest court. You only have to get the true copies of case details from Nagpur court. click...View

High court gave ad-interim but still we got Arrest warrant Family 12 Feb 2018

My wife filed an 498 and 114 against me. Warrant came and went to her city, in police station where complaint was lodged. There we took bail. Then we went...

in 498A no summons are given by police police ony makes arrest 498A is not yet in court what happened to bail ? you said you took bail . show them bail...View

Mutual divorce as soon as possible. Let me know your contact details Family 12 Feb 2018

Need a mutual divorce . Got married six months Back and he he beats me sometimes..So I need to get a divorce.. Please let me know when can I get it

no divorce possible for one year for mutual husband also have to agree .both meet a local advocate . click likeView

High court order on quashing of 498 Family 12 Feb 2018

High court has order that “let there be an ad-interim order in terns of para 13(c). Direct service is permitted. Even after this order I have received...

By Advocate Ashok Kumar Gupta, Patna High Court 1.You have not stated what you had prayed in para 13(c) which has been allowed by the Hon’ble High Court...View

Clarification needed Family 12 Feb 2018

I filed a dv case before 2days against my in laws. My 1st hearing is on March 2nd. When will the summon be sent. Will the summon be sent after my 1st hearing...

Summons should reach the accused before the date of first hearing. You need to be present on that day since you have filed the case. Click like please...View

Legal advice (divorce / separation) Family 11 Feb 2018

I am married for 7 years with 2 kids (age 5 & 2), my husband has no physical relations with me and has no interest in contributing to raising the children...

Dear Client, I would like to advise a counselling before you proceed with divorce. Find the root cause for his behaviour and give time for him to change. Don't...View

Inlaws have destroyed my marriage. Family 11 Feb 2018

My in laws interfere a lot and have destroyed our relationship totally. They abuse me n instigate my hubby to divorce me. What can I do?

In laws will not change so divorce him if he does not protect you . clickView

what should I do to win sec 13 Family 11 Feb 2018

I have win sec-9NHM in 15/9/2016 and I case sec-13 now and gardinwact and my wife is a goverment teacher and I have a son 8 years old. I am a small farmer...

Once you got the decree u/s 9, you have not to prove anything else. You will get divorce on the basis of RCR decree. You need to contact if needed.View

False case by husband Family 11 Feb 2018

@ advocate santhosh, Delhi.... I didn't take any jewels.. he mentioned I took and came his jewels..They have relatives in police. So I doubt they really...

Then just wait till you get a call from police or a notice from either police or court. And better concentrate on your relief of divorce.View

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