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Legal questions & answers for family

Legal questions & answers for family

query regrading Mutual divorce    » Family » 9 Dec 2014
I and my husband want to get seperated and fiel for mutual divorce. I want to know the legal procedures and have certain doubts which i want to get cleared. I...
Mutual connst divorce is filed under section 13-b of the hindu marriage act.Both spouses have to file joint petition ofr divorce before court and date...

meri saddi 8 month pahle hui mai bibi ko like nahi karta hu.    » Family » 8 Dec 2014
Meri saadi 8 month pahle hui thi bina dekhe ladki se jabardasti saadi hui av mai use pyaar nahi karta , like v nahi karta , uske kaam aur charector se...
yeh sab divorce ke liye kafi nahi hai . ap is shadi ko nahi tod sakte ap ke pas koi kanooi karan nahi hai . click

i want marry divorsed person he got divorsed but not from court just o    » Family » 8 Dec 2014
he got divorsed but not from court only on stand paper he is live in bhavnagar so i will marry or not
1. The divorce deed should have been notarized. It appears that deed was made for divorce with mutual consent. If the customs of the his society and that...

About divorce and second marriage    » Family » 8 Dec 2014
Sir A women marries a person at age 15 and gave birth a child at 16 lives with father and leaves him at age 21 and married to another person without taken...
1. The first marriage is void abinitio ( i.e from the beginning). 2. If such first husband claims this women who had married at an age not approved...

Abortion done by my wife    » Family » 8 Dec 2014
My wife had done abortion (4 and 1/2 months pregnant) without my consent at her hometown. This is her first pregnancy. Before Diwali, her parent, uncle...
Dear brother 1. father\'s consent is a must 2. yes 3. yes 4. yes Advocate, A.P.Loganathan, Madras High Court CLICK ‘like’ if satisfied or CLICK...

how to get rid of my husband because he use to take drug daily    » Family » 8 Dec 2014
my problem is i couldnot want to spoil my and my two child life because of my husband.he use to take heroine drug regularly from the last 4yrs and two...
Dear sister 1. file a petition of DV case for the court order of protection, separate residence, maintenance and the compensation 2. then you think for...

divorce in case of adultrey    » Family » 8 Dec 2014
I want to get divorce from wife,but she is not ready to leave my house she is a characterless women,I have mobile recordings in which she is talking with...
Dear client. you can file divorce petition on ground of adultery but adultery in matrimonial law is one of the principal ground for relief,and has been...

my wife left me 2 and half years ago.    » Family » 8 Dec 2014
My wife left me 2 and a half year ago, took away my daughter and has done a false dv case against me, someone told me I can getting divorce automatically...
Section 13(ii)of H.M.A says that if your partner has deserted you for a continuous period of 2 years, you can file a petition on the ground of desertion....

I want divorce advise for me    » Family » 8 Dec 2014
Respected All, I am in great problem,my wife left me and went to my inlaws home after 21 days of my marriage due to dhe didn\'t able to adjust with...
file a case for restiutution of conjugal right under section 9 of the hindu marriage act 1955 if you want to lead matrimonial life with her or if you...

After 8 months of marriage my sons wifesent a court notice demanding s    » Family » 7 Dec 2014
My son is a BE engineer working in Abudhabi and was staying with his wife past 8 monts . On reaching Kochin she goes back to her parents never called...
just file restitution of conjugal rights petition asking court to send his wife back to him file this case under section of hindu marriage act if she...

asking for separation    » Family » 7 Dec 2014
sir, already as per your advice my father, and family members are told him, this is not correct share your problems with us we try to solve the problems...
both presence is necessary for filing mutual consnet divorce for details contact me.akellasatyawati .Hyderabad

facts were concealed by girl family    » Family » 7 Dec 2014
girl family concealed the fact that she is having problem in one leg that by birth bone heights are not same between two legs. 25 after marriage she...
Dear client, If your wife is not willing for divorce, you cannot file mutual consent divorce petition. you can only file divorce petition under section...

Wife tried to commit suicide during divorce case ..How make record    » Family » 7 Dec 2014
I filed divorce case against wife on cruelty . Today one person who live near of wife's house told me on phone that she tried to commit suicide and some...
You can summon him as a wit ness to prove so.

Senior citison married with widow 4 moths back she want diverce    » Family » 7 Dec 2014
I am pensioner and getting some interest on deposits i have some property in my name i want to protect my interest in pension deposits and property
after completion of 1 yer divorce can be granted.if she is getting pension or have money u dont have to pay money to her

in guardian law and act child custodydecided on what basis    » Family » 7 Dec 2014
My son is with my sister and we are asking the custody in guardian act what are chances to get the custody as we are natural parents.
being parents you should get the custody of child but how & why is your son is with your sister you must disclose. plz clik like to evaluate

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