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Legal questions & answers for human rightsLegal questions & answers for human rights

Saved Legal Questions
Violation of Office Circular ignoring humanitarian ground Human Rights 20 Apr 2019

The Zonal Competent Authority (PSU) of my office has declined to reverting me to Administrative side from Marketing side. Im yet to be confirmed in the...

what is the terms of your employment ? to discuss in detail about your case please book an email consulting session with me.View

Sextual harassment at work place. Human Rights 20 Apr 2019

I was an employee of an NGO in New Delhi where I faced sextual harassment I have resigned and have filed a complain to Internal Complaints Committee. My...

Dear client no fear about that issue, Law secure your integrity, employer could not order to take any action against applicant should be initiate...View

Company Mari pagar experience leter resin leter api sake ke nahi Human Rights 20 Apr 2019

Sir hu short 20day notice period api saku Mari family.problem ne thayan ma Rakhi resin apva magu su company mane Nathi apiyu. Apoint ment leter and Nathi...

u can approach to the labour commissioner office and made complaint against them immediatelyView

restuition of conjugal rights Human Rights 20 Apr 2019

If I file restuition of conjugal rights in district court and the husband filed for divorce .how much time judge will took to allow me to enter into my...

6 months it wil like giftView

Parents not giving the money to their son Human Rights 18 Apr 2019

My parents don't pay my education fees and also they don't give me the money to fulfill my basic needs and I am a student so what to do now. what is the...

Government has made free education system for elementary schooling and for higher education you can get educational loan. To know in detail and get legal...View

Fraud baba case (spirituality case) Human Rights 18 Apr 2019

There is a baba which has performed occult on me for using and one of my family member is also involved in this. they have planned it very well like they...

complain with human rights like giftView

Please send your valuable ideas please Human Rights 18 Apr 2019

Namaste sir .iam sudhakar khammam.sir notification 04/2018 pharmacist jobs.kosam memu exam rasi result occhi 1:3 ki counsellingki select ayyamu 2 months...

sir in hindi or English please .View

To file PIL against sc St act which is charged on me unfair means Human Rights 18 Apr 2019

Dear sir, Today sc St act are illegally file.I have been charged in this case illegally...There is no any action regarding my case .. So plz tell me...

Dear Client,Your concern pertaining to SC/ ST Act , and as your have been involved , being harassed by such alleged named . It would be better to have...View

BSES Rajdhani electricity connection because building\\\s height is mo Human Rights 16 Apr 2019

I have my flat at second floor. There are 15 flats in the building. I purchased it in Aug 2017 during its construction. Now, I have been denied BSES Rajdhani...

You can't and shouldn't be denied electricity connection if you fulfill the condition. 15m is irrelevant. There's procedure established by court which...View

in rented house ,society owner house people harassment and taking ille Human Rights 12 Apr 2019

i am living at ahmedabad on rented property. i have done rent agreement. my society people whom having own house are have made one unregistered group and...

please report to the nearest police station for apprehension to danger to life and limb as the group is committing extortion.View

I want to know about rights Human Rights 10 Apr 2019

Doctor give wrong medical treatment to what I do I don't understand. It's happened about three to four times with different different doctors

u may do police complain and complain to indian medical likesView

Intra Relation marriage Human Rights 10 Apr 2019

Can I marry my mother\'s elder sister\'s daughter\'s daughter? Is it legal?

she is your daughter only , if you are muslim or the family ritual accept it then only can marry but not by law . View

Spreading kids photo in WhatsApp and wrong accusation Human Rights 6 Apr 2019

A woman in my apartment posted picture of my 10 year kid in a WhatsApp group for ladies, wrongly accusing him for scratching her new car. She has also...

1) Invite her for evening tea at your house and for to cut the matter short apologize for the wrong your son has done and ask her to cover her car when...View

Social boycott for the past 2.5 years Human Rights 6 Apr 2019

Certain person is married to physically handicapped woman of the same caste.He is being boycotted from social functions of the village by village heads.So,...

shift from there . why to be remain there only the country is so much big . if they start the fight then the life will ruin nothing else .View

In reg soc without any legal resolution getting LOI and IOA Human Rights 4 Apr 2019

can developer process development without any legal GBR or process in REG. AND ACQUIRED SOCIETY in SRA

if it is authorized or registered he can proceseView

legal advice for human harrasment Human Rights 4 Apr 2019

A person blame that my husband got money from his with out knowing anybody. He gave a complaint to the office where my husband is working. The person...

1) I do not think the company will give any importance to such complain. 2) Your husband should keep inviting his seniors of his office for lunch or dinner...View

No support from school for special need kids Human Rights 3 Apr 2019

My daughter is a cp kid n she got admission in kvs Hubli school for std 1.her IQ is 100 percent.she cant walk but can sit on chair.but now the principal...

you can file complaned in consumer forumView

and2350;and2375;and2352;and2366; and2325;and2377;and2354;and2375;and23 Human Rights 29 Mar 2019

मेरे कॉलेज मे पड़ रहे स्नातक...

nahi sir fees koi karan nahi hai ap unke parents se baat kare is bare me and unke ghar notice bheje . and education department se baat kare .View

If Police man beats anybody without any mistake. Human Rights 29 Mar 2019

Please reply my answer. If any person has came from wrong side from his byke or if anyone came from one way. After then if Police man beats him from his...

no, u can complain to police station with ur medical likeView

Information about rti notice Human Rights 28 Mar 2019

I had received a rti notice 2 month ago about showing my documents but I replied him that i can\'t provide my personal information to anyone. Now i was...

sir go to the court for the same , as if the RTI is filed then must be some problem . View

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