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Legal questions & answers for intellectual propertyLegal questions & answers for intellectual property

Saved Legal Questions
I\m being warned for trademark infringement. What can I do Intellectual Property 12 Apr 2019

I was warned today by someone for trademark infringement of a personal care I sell at It\'s a Chinese product ‘Jiaobi ’ (Registered with IP...


AM I loosing my rites immediately as a owner after signing in registra Intellectual Property 8 Apr 2019

AM I loosing my rites immediately as a owner after signing in registrar office? My father and uncle was having join property, my uncle want to sell...

u may request to uncle..file partition suit or lodge police complain against ur uncle likeView

Land survey injection Intellectual Property 13 Mar 2019

I own a settlement land which contains a common path of 12 feet while agricultural before 20 years .. now the common paths are equally occupied for all...

Yes, you can file a bar injunction suitView

Is it legal in India to download and use pirated movies games software Intellectual Property 8 Mar 2019

Is it legal in India to download and use pirated movies games software for personal use only?

sir your answer is in your question only . it is illegal when you go for the pirated .View

capture and ocupied case Intellectual Property 4 Mar 2019

क्या किसी जमीन जिसको capture vertical भाग...

dear client, yeh mumkin hai. details dekhne ke baad pata chal sakta haiplease click LIKE to appreciateADV JANAK RAJ VATSA HIGH COURTView

Information about non-disclosure agreement between employee and my sta Intellectual Property 23 Feb 2019

Sir/madam , I am going to start a new startup for which I need some developers. I am going to tell them my idea and I am worried about my idea being stolen...

yes, you can do so but it does not guarantee you abt misuse /use of your idea nor u can file case confidently. before proceeding consult your lawyer for...View

Notarized GPA holder purchasing house on behalf of buyer is valid or n Intellectual Property 21 Feb 2019

Dear Sir, I have created Notarized GPA. GPA holder is my father-in-law. He has registered house sale deed in sub registrar office, where I am the "buyer"...

Dear client want to examine document.Send it's for check and validation Get detail click on# lawyer detail# Pay by click on Gift it only appreciate...View

Regarding inheritance of property Intellectual Property 21 Feb 2019

Dear Sir, My mother and me have single joint property in Bangalore in both of our names. I also have my own sister. Unfortunately, my mother passed...

sir mother share will be divided equally among all the kids , but your share you can keep .yes sir you need their signature as mother was one owner of...View

Central Government Patent: What is the inventor entitled to Intellectual Property 15 Feb 2019

My father was a scientist with a central government research institution. His most successful invention was patented just before his retirement. He is...

if patent registered on Ur father's name then only Ur father can file complaint against them otherwise noView

Do I need to get any license from a politician for using his name and Intellectual Property 9 Feb 2019

I have created an artwork of Hon. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi which contains his name & portrait. Have created it to print it on merchandise like...

dear sir u must to consent of the BJP party or pm Narendra Modi otherwise they will file case against u .View

GPA ON REGISTERED PROPERTY Intellectual Property 2 Feb 2019

Dear sir One person A executed Registered GPA one property to B in 2001.In 2002 the person B sold the property to C. in the year 2019 A cancelled GPA.If...

A cancelled GPA he is owner of propertyView

Local software development company wont release my code Intellectual Property 24 Jan 2019

I have been outsourcing my software coding to a company close to you. Recently they have been tending to ignore me after there were some technical issues...

You can issue. a legal notice asking them to refund the amount and return the code. Regards Rajeev RJ Associates Trivandrum View

How can I file the case to builder Intellectual Property 20 Jan 2019

I Booked the flat in year 2011 and done the registration in year 2014 by paying the stamp duty, registration fees, VAT/service tax to govt. Till time...

you can file a consumer case or suit for recovery, fees is depends on advocate. In consumer case you will get result earlier and compensation also. For...View

Property received through will can again be transferred to only partic Intellectual Property 12 Jan 2019

1.My Great Grand Mother has written a will to my grand father\\\\\\\'s sister 2.My Grand Father\\\\\\\'s sister has written the will to my grand mother 3.Now...

1) yes.2) the will was bequest to anyone at the discretion of will creator. 3) yes.4) no. Answered by Muralikrishnan Advocate eight seven seven eight seven...View

Issues with selling post cards with celebrity images Intellectual Property 10 Jan 2019

I am starting an online postcard company where fans of various celebrities can choose to send postcards to their favorite celebrity. The postcard will...

sorry sir this will be treated as infringement of right of privacy of the celebrity . so be cool and discuss with some cyber lawyer in person discuss the...View

registering a TM which is a person\s name with his/her written consent Intellectual Property 5 Jan 2019

I wish to obtain a trade mark such as “Dr. Morpen”(example) . My primary research shows this mark is not registered to anyone yet under any class. I wish...

sir go to the concern department in person .View

distribution Parental property Intellectual Property 2 Jan 2019

My Grandfather passed away in year 2014 with three property left with his name. I have three uncles and one aunt. My younger uncle had document of all...

File partition suit along with injunction suit before the civil court. Please click👍👍👍👍👍like button. Call me...View

please contact my number. Intellectual Property 25 Dec 2018

Hi Sir.. I am durgababu. My property issue. I am suffering my family please contact my number.

Sir, please give your number otherwise cannot contact. Or contact me at: or 9051582768. You can also click the talk to lawyer button...View

Does wedding reception really require PPL and Novex license to play dj Intellectual Property 14 Dec 2018

Does Novex and PPL organisation registered under section 33 of copy rights act. Does wedding reception really require these licenses to play songs. If...

There need not be any permission for a private group to conduct any performance. If needed it is enough if no objections arise from the neighbors during...View

copyright infrigement and settlement Intellectual Property 14 Dec 2018

hi, When a copyright is infringed then the copyright holder and the infringer (party copying the material) need to move to the court? Can the entire...

No the court process is offline, you can appoint an advocate who can represent you in like.View

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