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Legal questions & answers for intellectual propertyLegal questions & answers for intellectual property

Saved Legal Questions
Disparity among students Intellectual Property 4 Dec 2018

My ward has appeared in NSEJS exam 2018. From last 10 years, the exam allowed the use of un-programmable calculator and students prepared accordingly....


Patenting an idea - time and other variables Intellectual Property 30 Nov 2018

Hey Ishita, we have an original idea and we want to patent it. We are not sure how this works , which part of it is patentable. So if you can help us ,...

Dear Client, Patenting something , which is not known prior to people at large, must be for utility at large, It should not mere ideas only, It shouldn't...View

How to win case in civil court Intellectual Property 23 Nov 2018

Sir mera vakil govt vakil rah chuka h use galti nahi hui sayad... Sir wo judge ek taraf hi sun raha hame sunta hi nahi h...

Ask to ur lawyer for transfer of case he wl do appropriate procedure for that.View

Case transfer civil court to the district court Intellectual Property 23 Nov 2018

Sir mera case satna civil court nagod me h lekin waha ke judge mere advocate ki kisi bhi tarah ki Baat nahi sunte aur mere koi bhi gavah nahi hone dete...

१) कुछ तो कारण होगा केस को खारिज...View

Fair Usage of Copyrighted Material in Films. Intellectual Property 22 Nov 2018

Hi, I am a film maker completing my debut feature film. I have certain sequences in the film where we have used copyrighted material from other sources....

sir better go to the feature film sensor board and talk to them in person then decide the thing . as now a days these are very sensitive matter .View

Copyright infringement Intellectual Property 22 Nov 2018

Developed an app using some freelancer (Assigned IP Transfer Agreement) How can i make sure that the freelancer did not copied the code from the internet(if...

ask him to register himself then it will be clear . View

Can POA holder can sell property on his name Intellectual Property 19 Nov 2018

Can power of attorney holder can sell the property on his name.POA was made in 1993.

sir if the owner is alive then yes why not . he has given the power for the sale he can sale to him self and give the money to the owner .View

Infringing trademark Intellectual Property 11 Nov 2018

I have some issues regarding trademarks. I had launched an Android App in the Google Play Store which has a name say AbcdEf. The app is a product itself...

it requires deep study.View

I have retune my flat to builder but he is not closing my loan with ba Intellectual Property 31 Oct 2018

I have purchase a flat in Sanand few years back in Oct 2016 I have re tuned this flat to my builder Initially I have given the payment of 2 lacks in 20,000...

dear sir u should approach bank . told them. otherwise take possession of the flats. if builder not close Ur EMI .View

Property transfer from wife to husband. Intellectual Property 27 Oct 2018

I purchased a plot of 1000sqft in Varanasi in the name of my wife on 12Feb 2016. After that I built a G+3 building on that plot. Now my wife and her family...

1) This is really an instance of cruelty. 2) Though you have the proof of the providing all the required funds to have the house constructed it will be...View

House tax receipt to be issued by goa panchayat with all names as per Intellectual Property 25 Oct 2018

My house is located in Goa and my brother and myself purchased old house . sale deed includes our names and our wife name. Presently when we have gone...

sir the receipt is given in the name of the first owner and the tax payer only . not as per the sale deed. View

Registration of trademark name under same class but by two different c Intellectual Property 25 Oct 2018

If a trademark is registered in India by a chinese company and the mark is proposed to be used , then can another company (USA) register the same trademark...

then it can be the franchise not the owner . View

Rent Agreement related quarry Intellectual Property 23 Oct 2018

I have given my house on rent. I have made rent agreement with tenant on 100 Rs Stamp paper. The period of agreement is 01/06/18 to 30/04/19. Please take...

please send him legal notice. notarization is not mandatory but in case it is notarized then it gives you additional security for rent agreement of 11...View

cinema script a copyright / patent material therefore apply royal Intellectual Property 20 Oct 2018

The cinema script also copyright and patent material therefore also apply royalty for past ,present and future cinema script . PI.L FILE POSSIBLE...

yes cinema script also comes under copyright law. you can't ask for royalties of past that is before copyright but royalties of present and future. please...View

Health Treatment method , patent paterial so royalty possible , PIL Intellectual Property 20 Oct 2018

File P.IL and justice possible that matter , by Health sector , Treatment method also patent material therefore also apply royalty for past...

royalties of past is not possible. only present and future is possible.View

Land encroachment and eviction case. Intellectual Property 19 Oct 2018

I purchased a land in khordha municipality at odisha. Demarcated it by govt officials and started construction. Some people complained that is a govt land...

1) You can file an C M.A. praying to the Court to close the legal right of the Govt of defence and try the matter ex-parte. 2) Please do click upon the...View

copyright on website content Intellectual Property 15 Oct 2018

When i make a website, how do i take copyright on the content? Is the copyright available for whole world or only in India? Is there any international...

1) You can type copy right in India in the search engine of Google. 2) You will get how to get registration on line too. 3) The Copy Right of India...View

Property having stay owner sell the property Intellectual Property 11 Oct 2018

If property having stay the owner has sell the property will property become null and void and what are the criminal offense

file contempt petition in the court and challenge the sale of property to make the registration null and void. for discussion in detail please do call...View

Breach of agreement Intellectual Property 10 Oct 2018

Sir I have a rent agreement and my tenant breach the rent agreement The agreement is for 11 months and they leave only in 6 months period And now they...

Hi, Sir if there is any specific condition of refund is written over the rent agreement which bound you for refund only then you will have to refund...View

Does commentary and criticism on youtube come under fair dealing in in Intellectual Property 9 Oct 2018

I run a youtube channel where i criticize other youtube channels and sometimes for context, i have to show their clips for a few seconds. Can i fight back...

Dear client, running you tube channel parallel to you channel is violation of copy right Act and punishable, you can not legally do this. View

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