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Legal questions & answers for taxLegal questions & answers for tax

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Should I pay income tax again Tax 17 Feb 2019

Sir/madam Income tax department recently send me a notice under 143(1) to pay income tax again,I m a salaried person and I have already paid the tax...

u can ask about it to Ur charted accountantView

Stamp duty on gift deed by grandmother Tax 15 Feb 2019

I want my grand mother to gift me 400 grams of gold via gift deed. What amount of stamp duty will I be required to pay. I am from Indore, Madhya Pradesh...

sir go to the area sub registrar and check it in person.View

Khajna Payment pending for 40 years Tax 15 Feb 2019

My payment of khajna is pending for last 40 years approximate. Please tell me the approximate amount that I have to pay.

You have not provided with any details of your property. You can contact me to help you with this. Advocate Robert D Rozario. Calcutta High CourtView

Taxation Law / rules for Indian with foreign residential Permit. Tax 14 Feb 2019

I am a US Green card recipients but am NOT NRI, Am I allowed to invest my Indian earnings in India in shares, Mfs, PPF contribution and Govt Bonds.

sir talk to CA in india in person .View


We have a home loan going on our residential house for purchase of such property. We also have rent coming from other commmercial house property. Can we...

talk to the bank manager in person. View

Taxation on Home loan paid by taking money from parents and sister Tax 13 Feb 2019

Hi, Scenario My Wife is  working in IT, I am trying to establish some business, but currently no earning from my side, we have purchased our 2 home...

sir talk to your CA.View


What is the GST rate on the school bench made of stainless steel and wood material?

It's four percent Gift to appreciate LIKE for know more Lawyer Commercial issueView

GST for OC Received flat Tax 10 Feb 2019

Hi, I am going to purchase Flat which has already got OC and possession will be in June 2019. Construction is almost done and few residents started...

please understand that GST is not the cast to the Builder and that's why it is not included in the cost as soon as you will go for the purchase of the...View

Maixmum limit to send money to parents Tax 9 Feb 2019

1) much money one can transfer to his/her parents accounts? 2) is therre any limit in sending it to the parents? 3) Are there any tax implication...

Dear Sir, All these questions can accurately will be answered by chartered accountant. View

Income tax laws under the sec 131 Tax 7 Feb 2019

Hi Is it possible for a witness to change his statement in future after giving signed statement to the assessing officet who was called under the sec...

yes it is possible to change the statement at the time of witness in the court depending upon the situationView


Amount is received from brother for release of rights in late father\'s property (residential) will it be considered as Capital Gains? Or Capital Gains...

sir talk to your CA as all the document need to be study in person.View

Compulsory Audit for which Turnover limit Tax 6 Feb 2019

I do Intraday Share Trading on every trading day. Shares are purchased in large volume & sold minutes later keeping small profit & this is repeated...

dear sir when u purchase or sale share. whatever u get profit . first reduce the tax then transfer the amount on Ur account. no need anything to do it...View

Applicability of Section 36 A of Bombay Public Trust Act,1950 Tax 6 Feb 2019

Dear Sir, One of trustee of our community has taken loan for her daughter for education. The constitution of our trust allows loan to all...

yes sir u should take prior permission from charity commissionerView

GST on Life Insurance Commission Tax 1 Feb 2019

Is GST deductible on commission income received from ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited which is below 100000 rupees per year

Gst for agent of insurance, under Sec of Income tax,above then Lac of commission. Do you understand It's help LIKE Forever May I help Pathlegal Associate/Advocate...View

Regarding practice under your guidance Tax 29 Jan 2019

Sir, with due respect i would like to urge you that i have completed my LLB amd want to work under your guidance. If given a chance can prove a key...

dear first clear the bar exam then go for the internship interview .View

Legal help on gst hold by a construction company. Tax 28 Jan 2019

A construction company is holding my 3 lakhs of amount in which 2 lakhs omitted from ledger to gst withheld account and 1 lakhs on unavailability of funds...

why they charge double the amount of gst they invoiced ? have you asked ?View

capital gain tax calculation Tax 25 Jan 2019

There is one property which were divided into three portions , one portion is of My wife and his brother, this portion they got after the death of her...

sir talk with CA.View

Are Insurance proceeds taxable Tax 25 Jan 2019

My employer has bought a policy from ICICI lombard for employees. If employee lose the salary due to prolonged medical sickness, ICICI pays a certain amount...

now i dont know about the condition of policy. if the sum shouod be paid directly to employee or not. more important question is that will the sum be paid...View

Financial Scam / IT evasion Tax 24 Jan 2019

What happens when I file a tax evasion complaint against another person to the CBDT? What are the procedures involved? What if the IT dept does not find...

Dear client you could not Kind LIKE Lawyer Pathlegal KanpurView

Agreement for rendering professional services to my husband\s propriet Tax 17 Jan 2019

Hello, my husband is entering into a contract with a firm in US to supply software services. He has a proprietorship firm which will be supplying these...

Hello, If you can share more details then definitely we can support you with a draft. regards Rajeev RJ Associates View

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