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mahra caste of new CG state r not getting certificatemahra caste of new CG state r not getting certificate

ANY »Posted 4 Jan 2012

legal question R/sir
I want to draw ur attention and take reference of the following letter that

1./ Mahar caste is called mahara in chhattisgrhi (local dialect of chhattisgarh state) (pl refer SC ST Welfare deptt Govt of MP
letter no 7-38/25-5/94 bhopal dated 26july1994 3rd line of letter addressed to secretary welfare deptt GOI New Delhi and was endorsed to shri Sattram Baghel of tokapal jagdalpur (now chhattisgarh state)

2 / SC ST Welfare deptt Govt of MP .letter No f-7/38/25/5/84 bhopal dated 28.8.95
addressed to shri Ganga das Secretary GOI ministry of welfare New Delhi in reference to mahara community of jagdalpur (bastar) now chhattisgarh state which stated that due to local dialect mahar is called as mahara in some part of undivided MP(now chhattisgarh state)para 2 third & fourth line .

3.Office of the Registrar general of census India New Delhi letter no 8/1/92/ss(mp) new delhi dated 29.10.92 with reference to ministry of social justice & empowerment letter no 12016/17/81scd(R cell) comment No 27 of 1992 for ethnic group mahra which state that phonetically mahra seems to be variation of mahar which is found some of undivided MP.

4. Commission of ST, SC NCSC letter no 4/4/2000-ssw-v which indicates support comments of state as well as RGI & commission for inclusion of mahara caste of chhattisgarh region now comprises as new Chhattisgarh state.

5.loksabha Snstarred Q no 2584 dated 11 march 1997 in which question was raised by Shri Mahendra karma MP of Baster Chhattisgarh during undivided MP regarding inclusion of mahara caste of bastar district (CG).Iin reply it was said by Hon’able Minister Shri Balwant singh Ramuwaliya that RGI Register general of India is in support of proposal of State of MP for inclusion of mahara caste in undivided MP All the modalities was adopted in that case as laid down in law in year 1999 and subsequently amendendent in year 2002 .In respect of above it is clear that matter inclusion of mahra caste was basically related with chhattisgarh region as mahar is called mahra in Chhattisgarhi which is local laungage of Chhattisgarh which may be verify from your documents and the above stated reference letter . unfortunately on 1st NOV 2000New Chhattisgarh state was formed it is bad luck for people of Chhattisgarh as the real persons who should get benefitted are deprived from their legal right for which they are fighting for the last more than two decade as due to melafied attention or unknowingly Chhattisgarh state did not find place in Notification issued on 18 Nov 2002 due to formation of new chhattisgrh state. so that lacks of people of chhattisgarh are deprived of their legal rights even students are not getting certificate as well as employees are forced that their having false certificate.

(All the above documents are collected by us under RTI act 2005)

so it may say that formation of new Chhattisgarh state is good for nothing for the people of Chhattisgarh state.

In notification 18.11.2002 caste mahara has been notified for MP only as all the modalities was adpoted for undivided MP( Chhattisgarh region was part of MP) before formation of chhattisgrah thus in notification chhattisgrh state did not get place.

one surprising aspect came to our knowledge that RGI letter No 8/1/2003ss(cg)1/10/2008 which states that in its letter No even Point no 4 of this letter that RGI office was not consulted for inclusion of mahra caste in schedule caste for undivided MPt which appears that some RGI officials have not gone through this own letter which which clearly mention that as per modalities state proposal was forwarded to RGI for their comments than Ministry of social justice put before commission for consent than it came to cabinet than approval from cabinet bill was passed in parliament than denial for RGI indicating that some personal from deptt is playing foul game .Even point no 1,2,3 of said letter is also not correct and is objectionable as in Loksabha mahra caste has to be included in schedule caste in reply and it denied as schedule tribe as it was treated as synonyms of mahar mehra ,and MP(CG) state has already recommened for schedule caste than their is no question for ST. mahra caste is spread all over chhattisgrh and they speak Chhattisgarh and Marathi as well in some part they may speak halbi it does not mean that they are having separate entity . people of Bangladesh speaks Bengali as per ur opinion they must be Bengali ,so it is not true that speaking of particular lagunge is criteria for any caste .

In same letter unfortunately mahra are treating as baya mahara /kaushal baya it is misconception as baya mahara /kaushal baya is OBC caste in MP both are not same caste . In Notification of OBC caste Baya mahara/ kushal baya is given not mahra .As u will aware that is must be read as given in presidential order so some personal from your deptt are some time saying that mahra and mahar in not same but for injustice they are saying that mahra and Baya mahara are same .

Thus this was highly objectionable and misguiding with real creates confusion which indicate Melafied attention of some officials which are not in favour of getting benefit of people of chhattisgarh region .

so kindly take cognizance following aspect and advice to protect our legal rights which constitution has provided to us and pl provide us following information to protect our legal rights

1/whether for the modalities laid down by law may double standard for same mahra caste for undivided MP (parent state & for New formed Chhattisgarh state) & for the same region although from the above documents it is crystal clear that the matter is basically connected with Chhattisgarh state as it is only phonically that mahar is called mahra in local dialect. But the modalities apoted for undivided MP & Chhattisgarh region is biased and once it is followed for same caste and same region than than why again it should be repitted whether it is permissible under law.

3/ there are certain provision under the MP Reorganisation act 2002 under section 72 (power of central Govt to give direction) 77(amendment of act 37 of 1956, 78 (territorial extent of laws),79(Power to adpot laws,80(power to construe laws)82 (legal proceedings)can we avail benefit under the reorganisation act as stated above.
3/. If same Registrar general of india census have dual opinion in letter No RGI letter no 8/1/2003 ss (CG) dated 1/10/2008 and RGI letter No 8/1/92/ss/MP dated 29/10/92 for same mahra caste of same chhattisgarh region before and after formation of chhattisgarh than in this condition what is remedies to protect our right.

4/ whether it is permitted under law that RGI may give dual type of opinion for parent as well as new successor state ..

5/ whether it is fault of mahra caste people as they are now citizen of chhattisgarh state as if they remain citizen of undivided MP than they can avail all legal rights.If persons are not getting benefitted than how it can further move to get benefit.

5.In MP(chhattisgarh)OBC list baya mahara/ kausal baya is included which is different caste than mahra . As per presidential order it is clearly that it must be read as same which is given in presidential order than why some times it is said that mahra is same as baya mahara . it can verify from OBC list that in OBC list baya mahara is given in OBC list not mahra . what action your kind office and what type of action your deptt can do to get rid of such difficulties.

from the above aspect it is crystal clear that mahra caste of chhattisgrh are deprived of their legal rights so we humbly request to protect our legal right and persons which are indulged for misleading must be punished.we are very simple illiterate persons having no money & musles power so pl help us.

So it ample clear that is only technical error which may be rectified simply by clarification issued to state Chhattisgarh govt by central govt regarding this matter as it has been observed that the law deptt have legal power in respect mahra caste having substantive supporting materials in favour of cg state as mahar is called mahra in cg state so central govt must take speedy action as in parliament it has been passed so kindly give your legal comments & remedies and obliged. so that we can avail benefit.


legal answer from lawyer E00003925Dear Quaerere,
Concerned Authority

Tehsil Office


An application form to obtain the caste certificate has to be filled by the applicant, other than which an oath form is also required to be filled by the candidate, to be deposited after taking oath in front of a Notary. Although no specified time for the issuance of the certificate has been provided, the process is usually completed within a week\'s time.

Necessary documents/papers
School education certificate is to be attached (class 5th, 8th, 10th, or 12th) as a proof of duration of stay.
A format duly filled and signed by the village Patwari is also to be submitted along with these forms, in the prescribed format.


No fee is required for obtaining a caste certificate.

In case you need any further clarifications kindly contact us at PREMIER service –
Randhir Kumar
AOR- HC.Patna
Corres.Off./Res.- Gudri river road, Behind SLH. School, Sitamarhi, Bihar.

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legal answer from lawyer E00004181Dear sir,just give a notice about rectification of eror if need more clarification then mail me dot com

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