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property related to kul kaydaproperty related to kul kayda

Property »Posted 12 Jan 2012

legal question Govt wrongly issued tenancy order (under section 32 G of the B.T. & A.L. act 1948. to my brother without informing other family members. This was noticed recently. My older brother was not informed me earlier and i have not checked land documents because we have good relation. After I have noticed this, I checked all the passed documents in tahasil office and I found that one statement given by my older brother that our father cultivated mango and coconut trees in same place in document i.e.\"Kula chi Jabani\". This is only evidence I have. Can this is valid? Please guide me for adding name in said property. Actually we all stayed and farming this land since 1923 jointly.

legal answer from lawyer E00004181Dear client,If you show the document then i will provide best option....If u need more clarification then mail me...Adv. Ashok Kumar Bhatt....

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