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restitution on conjugal rightsrestitution on conjugal rights

Family »Posted 31 May 2012

legal question 1 what happend if i file case on basis of restitution on cojugal rights.
2 what procedure if i want to go for mediator
3 if my husband is not agrre to go for mediator what can i do

legal answer from lawyer E000053171. if u file for restitution of conjugal rights after hearing both husband & wife court will direct to live together
2.once case is filed court will arrange for mediation
3.if husband does\'nt co-operate mediation will fail but case will proceed

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legal answer from lawyer E00002489Dear Madam,

Filing a petition for restitution of conjugal rights will give you the right to live with your husband. During the proceedings in the court, you can request the court to send your case in mediation cell so that you can sit with your husband to resolve the issues. In case your husband will show his non-cooperation in the court to go to mediation centre or during mediation, he do not resolve the issue, the case will proceed further.


Brijinder Khurana (Ms)

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