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vacating of the tenat vacating of the tenat

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legal question I am from Bangalore, I have a property in shimoga which is more than 65 years old.
This building is in very bad condition and full of leakage.
This property is in the name of me and my brother [SD Gururaj and SD Shivaraj].
Khata of this property is in both of our names, and upto date tax is being paid.
We got this property through a registered will, from my uncle and anut who are no more and they do not have any children.
Myself nor my brother have not executed any rental agreement with these tenants. I am not sure whether my uncle or aunt has executed any agreement.
There is a tenant in that property, I would like to get them vacated.
Below are the details of the tenants: 10*15 = 150sft room and 3*4 = 12 sft small shop. [ approx ] and he is not paying rent from 4 years
We have requested orally many times for vacating, we are not getting proper response from him and he is behaving arrogantly and taking help of local gondas. we do not have his residential address or the contact number of the tenant. He will be changing his mobile numbers very frequently
Can you please let me know if you need any more information and how to go about this.
Out of your professional experience, I would also like to know how many days it might take to get an order from the court for vacating. Do our physical appearance is required.

legal answer from lawyer E00297058Dear Sir,
You may execute a Special Power of Attorney in the favour of any of your near relative who is residing in Shimogga District and get initiate necessary civil proceedings in respect of above property.

I could have explained more if background is known to me. I am at your service if you visit my office.

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legal answer from lawyer E00294874In my opinion at first serve a legal notice for vacate the room if not possible then you can file eviction suit before the Civil Court.
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