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CIBIL Reported Someone\CIBIL Reported Someone\'s Credit Card In My Credit Report!

Consumer Protection »Posted 27 Feb 2013

legal question What an irresponsible organization it is & how lethargic their services are, seriously and how lethargic are their services. They have reported someone else\'s credit card default in my report, due to which I had to go through a lot of pain, loan application denials and very much of a loss by taking loans elsewhere with higher interest rates.

The details are provided here, with email exchanges between CIBIL and I.

Please go through this and share it with all public, however & wherever possible.

Please advise if there is any way to file a suit against CIBIL.

legal answer from lawyer E00003833issue a leal notice for deficiency of services and claim damages for the same and file a suit for the same.file a defamation suit like button to rate my answer

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legal answer from lawyer E00000454pls file civil suit for damages/compensation againt CIBIL.

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legal answer from lawyer E00006689The problem occurred is through your bankers, due to the negligent act of the Bank in which you are having Credit Card is the villain behind his. Banks can use the CIBIL software and they can enter the defaulters name in the CIBIL software. Here your bank which granted the Credit Card to you has by mistake entered your details because of negligence.

To correct this error, sort out the banker who issued the credit card you may send a letter to the General Manager Customer care and to the General Manager Credit Card giving all the details of the your credit card and the mistake occurred and due to the mistake of the bank, and give a details of the loss and mental agony caused to you and request the bank to set right in 7 days. Send your complaint by Registered Post Acknowledgement Due, if things are not going as desired with in 12 days of letter. Issue legal notice and claim damages to the tune of Rs.50,000/- from the bank, who wrongly entered your details in CIBIL, and file a case before the civil court for damages caused to you.(Since this case will not be entertained at the consumer forum.)

engage an experienced Advocate in Civil Matters dor preparing the lawyer notice and for filing the case.

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