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Advocate Advocatesatyajit Pawar Mumbai

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  • Name : Advocatesatyajit Pawar
  • Gender : Male
  • Website : www.satyajitlawsolution
  • Experience : 4 years
  • Education : B.S.L , LL.B , LL.M , A.D.R , P.G.D.H.R
  • Languages Known : English , Hindi , Marathi
  • Practice Courts : Supreme Court , Bombay High Court , Session Court
  • Specialization : Civil , Criminal , Financial

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My name is Adv. Satyajit I am qualified in LL.B , LL.M , A.D.R. , P.G.D.H.R . I just use my knowledge for good reasons as follows Analyzed and applied legal principles and performed legal research to support litigation strategy. Supported clients with business analysis, documentation and data modeling. Initiated success of human's organization by improving performance, motivation, job satisfaction, hiring practices, all programs and management systems . Compiled research data and gave professional presentations highlighting finds and recommended optimizations . Developed strategic component development plans to support future projects. Provided updates to all governments on key milestones for projects. Authored detailed work plans to meet business priorities and deadlines. Developed service plans in consultation with NGO , Government authorities , and performed follow-ups assessing quantity and quality of services . Conducted thorough reviews of all types operations to devise and deploy improvement strategies, facilitating consistent Result. Managed monetary transactions with perfect accuracy, which elevated customer satisfaction ratings. Leveraged business tool expertise to develop and deploy customer interfaces. Contributed to success of human's organization by improving performance, motivation, job satisfaction, hiring practices, training programs and management systems . Developed virtual teams with focus on trust development and extreme programming . Directed and supported Job title with business registrations and other legal requirements. Took detailed notes and kept records of program and performance progress, education initiatives and leadership. Devised strategies to improve organization efficiency and optimize group management. Provided outstanding service to clients to maintain and extend relationship for future business opportunities.Drafted agreements, contracts and other legal documents for all company. Communicated advice about all areas of  law with internal business partners. Examined, researched and interpreted laws related to all organization. Managed onsite personnel and liaised between team and senior management. Reviewed internal systems and organized training plans to address areas in need of improvement. Conducted meetings with clients to determine project intent, requirements and budgets. Liaised with NGO , Government authorities and management team to better understand human's needs and recommend appropriate solutions.Managed revenue models, process flows, operations support and human engagement strategies. Conferred with existing and potential customers to assess requirements and propose optimal all solutions . Conducted legal research and conferred with colleagues with subject matter expertise to develop strategies and arguments in preparation for presentation of cases. Addressed employee concerns regarding demotion and termination. Apprised clients of potential risks and costs associated with each course of action.Resolved post-judgment litigation settlements and default judgment orders in favor of people. Minimized risk exposure through careful advice on business operations and estrategic plans. Drafted motions, petitions and waivers. Drafted demurrers and replied to oppositions. Interviewed witnesses and gathered public record research relevant to each case. Advocated for people before court in oral argument by presenting facts and evidence in most favorable light.Conducted settlement negotiations and trial for property case with $Amount in counterclaims. Explained available courses of action and possible repercussions of cases to people.Assessed cases for probable outcomes by researching black letter law and other legal authority, comparing fact patterns to those of precedential cases.Get help writing your bullet points with the pre-written example below. Developed campaigns to increase public awareness and engage more people. Forged strong media relationships to further public relations goals. Monitored marketing content for quality, accuracy and impact.Communicated with media weekly to build relationships and optimize press coverage. Reported on press coverage recaps to determine areas for improvement. Delivered program information to public by authoring and presenting press releases, conducting media campaigns and maintaining program-related websites. Managed service projects from start to finish by finding partners, making detailed plans and executive projects. Developed product and brand press placements for Product or Service through Action. Gathered information on people opinions and adjusted plans to capitalize on current trends.Wrote and distributed Q&A for all executives to use in face of Public  crisis. Used Software to create and distribute press releases to media outlets. Onboarded and monitored program participants and guided each through entry-level stages. Organized supporting documentation for individuals under evaluation and coordinated paperwork transfers to correct staff members. Created professional and error-free business correspondence to communicate with prospective and currently enrolled participants. Conducted pre-screening activities to help determine eligibility for advocacy . Supported individuals with legal, physical or mental health concerns in dealing with routine needs and complex problems.Maintained positive relationships with service providers and Job titles relevant to all program operations. Completed physical and digital reporting on all activities. Identified service gaps and located needed resources for individuals, including housing, work placement and other support. Helped social workers build, coordinate and lead programs supporting individuals with NGO and other social concerns. Collaborated on program operations with Job title, including offering feedback from participants and improvement recommendations.Handled Number calls per Timeframe to address people's inquiries and concerns. Managed quality assurance program, including on-site evaluations, internal audits and customer surveys. Resolved Type problems, improved operations and provided exceptional client support.Worked with human right organisation to understand needs and provide all  services. Saved $Amount by implementing cost-saving initiatives that addressed long-standing problems. Drove operational improvements which resulted in savings and improved profit margins. Led social and cultural  team in delivery of human rights  project, resulting in Result.Monitored social media and online sources for human rights trends.Transported Product or Service to attached people locations Timeframe. Increased people's satisfaction by resolving Problems or Service issues. Devoted special emphasis to punctuality and worked to maintain outstanding attendance record, consistently arriving to work ready to start immediately.
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