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Advocate Lex Conseiller Mumbai

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  • Name : Lex Conseiller
  • Gender : Male
  • Experience : 50 years
  • Education : B.A. L. B.B.
  • Practice Courts : Supreme Court, High Court, City Civil Court and Small Causes Court
  • Specialization : Real Estate Laws, Intellectual Property Rights Laws and IT Industry Laws and Civil Litigation

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We specialize in 1)Real Estate Laws including drafting of Development Agreement, Sale Agreement, Conveyance, Gift Deed, Release Deed, Deed of Settlement, Permanent Alternate Accommodation Agreement, MOFA Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Contract for Excavation, Tenancy Agreement, Deed of Assignment, Lease Deed, Leave and License Agreement, etc. we offer legal services for development/redevelopment of properties and also for commencing or acquiring running mining project/site, etc. and we also specialize in Civil Litigation with In-house Counsel in our Firm. 2)Intellectual Property Rights:- Filing and registering of Trade Mark, Copy rights, etc. and filing of opposition etc. and also specialize in IPR Litigation. 3) IT Industry:- Drafting of Non-Disclosure Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, Sharing of Technical Information Agreement, etc. and even contracts with employees and associates etc. 4) We also specialize in Civil Litigation and appear in High Court, City Civil Court, Co-operative Court and Small Causes Court. We also brief counsels in supreme court matters. 5)We also offer legal services for recovery matters, Cheque bouncing matter, Matrimonial Matter and to some extent even to the Criminal Matters.
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