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  • Name : Sourav Das
  • Gender : Male
  • Website : Website not published
  • Experience : 11 years
  • Education : B.A.LLB(H),5YRS
  • Languages Known : english, hindi, bengali, french, italian
  • Practice Courts : Supreme Court of India, All High Courts & International Associates
  • Specialization : Full Service Law Firm

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hi,myself Sourav Das,a practicing advocate of supreme court of India, member of Supreme Court Bar Association and International Council of Jurists. Services of my firm ( lex rete) - 1. International Private Practice: We provide planning advice, counsel, and legal support services to organizations, enterprises and individuals engaged in international transactions, business or investments. We focus on the jurisdictions of the Globe. Our knowledge and experience in the dynamics of transnational legal and economic milieus assists clients to structure international businesses and investments. Firm members are fluent in various languages (primarily English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Russian) and continuously update and improve their professional skills through seminars and conferences. 2. Planning, Structuring and Organizing: We represent a spectrum of domestic and foreign business structures (corporations, partnerships, pass through entities). One of our fortes is implementing business start-ups, including: Planning to attain long-term client goals Selecting appropriate operational structure(s) Establishing basic relationships (commercial, executive, banking) Providing executive support (eg: executive participation, visas....) Protecting industrial, commercial or intellectual property (trademarks, trade secrets etc) Due diligence research and reporting. Another fort´┐Ż involves effectuating changes in business or investment structures or entities with perspectives of updating and improving them, such as: Legal reviews and analyses Reorganizations Mergers, fusions, spin-offs Acquisitions and divestitures Arbitration We may also constitute and coordinate the expert and professional teams needed to prepare and maintain effective operational, financial, business, or reorganization plans. 3. Tax Optimization and Compliance : We undertake an extensive and diversified tax practice regarding domestic and international tax jurisdictions. We provide domestic (central/federal, state and local) and international tax services primarily for investors, multinational businesses, general and limited partnerships, individuals, trusts, estates, corporations, and other entities. Our services include: Analyzing and optimizing appropriate laws and jurisdictions Elaborating and adapting international strategies and structures Utilizing domestic and international entities and structures Conforming chosen plans with judicial, tax and governmental requisites. 4. Real Estate : We enjoy an extensive real estate practice involving investment, commercial, and residential realty. Projects include acquisitions of shopping malls, purchases/sales of commercial buildings, mortgage financing, and resolving land development problems. Our services include: Preparing contracts, agreements, and other related items Negotiating purchase/sale agreements Elaborating financing (sale-leaseback; mortgages) Brokerage and marketing arrangements Leasing and rental contracts Participations, syndicates and partnerships Closings (major transactions). 5. Investment and Security : International investors often seek special legal services regarding potential investment projects. Our firm renders a range of services, including: Legal analyses Due diligence research Tax impact minimization Negotiating investment relations. Our legal services extend to various investment vehicles, such as: Stocks, options, warrants Bonds, debentures, and rights Mortgages and secured rights Asset-backed arrangements Private offerings Funds, unit trusts, SICAVs. 6. Business and Commercial : Various corporate clients have entrusted us as counsel for general legal matters arising from their corporate and commercial operations. Our approach - teamwork with highly qualified professionals and clients trusted advisors - provides a wealth of skills enabling elaboration of comprehensive strategies. Thus our clients benefit from wide-ranging experience in structuring, negotiating and implementing business acquisitions and divestitures, mergers and reorganizations, debt and equity financing, capital market transactions (both public and private sectors), leveraged buy-outs, corporate restructuring, commercial compliance, as well as equipment leasing and U.C.C. matters. 7. Estate and Asset Planning : We assist clients in planning their estates and preserving their wealth. We often render our estate and asset planning services in conjunction with our tax, business and commercial services. Our approach emphasizes security, confidentiality and reliability by: Elaborating and adapting international strategies and planning Utilizing domestic and international entities and structures Conforming chosen plans with judicial, tax and governmental requirements. 8. Government Relations and Compliance: Our government relations practice involves both active representation and continuous monitoring and compliance. We represent clients directly before Central/Federal, state, and local agencies as well as other governmental authorities, particularly in administrative processes. We assist clients to anticipate, plan, negotiate, and navigate with legislations and regulations. 9. Executive and Investors Visas : We provide immigration advice to domestic and foreign businesses or investors. We often render immigration services in conjunction with tax and estate planning for persons receiving significant foreign-source income or for business executives. Through our networks, we assist clients in applying for, and facilitate their procurement of, appropriate visas. 10. International Notarial Practice : Obtaining Apostilles Certifying Facts International Notarization International Wills, Trusts, Estates 11. Criminal : We provide advices and services to our clients in all types of criminal matters at any stage,including felonies and white collar crimes.Our experts dedicated for serving each client professionally and aggressively. 12. Constitutional : We undertake an extensive and diversified practice regarding Constitutional Law of different countries including issuance of writs as well as Public Interest Litigation. 13.Marine Law : We are also specialist in shipping and international trade. Charter Party / Bill of Lading disputes Cargo claims Ship sale and purchase / construction and building disputes Ship Finance Insurance and reinsurance Bunker quality disputes Hull and Machinery damage claims Groundings and unsafe port claims Arrest of ships and enforcement of debts General Average Commodity disputes including international sales Letters of Credit and Bills of Exchange Personal Injury Salvage Damage to Fixed and Floating Objects Freight Forwarding and CMR Agency agreements 14. Cyber Law : The firm has expertise in complete range of matters related to Information Technology sector, including technology and strategic consulting services. We deal in software protection & licencing, data protection, domain names dispute resolution, technology transfer and technical assistance agreements, credit card frauds etc. We advise our clients on cyber laws, Indian Information Technology laws, data protection, IP protection, e-commerce, etc. Data theft is one of the most common problems faced by the companies today. We advise our clients on, protection against data theft and the best possible method, to resolve it. Our lawyers are well versed with the cyber laws, information technology laws, and data protection laws in India. We deal in software licencing, development and support and website development agreements. We assist our clients in drafting agreements such as shrink wrap agreements, click wrap agreements software licence and maintenance agreements, hardware maintenance and system supply agreements, access and beta test agreements, service provide agreements, interconnect agreements, broadcasting, satellite and digital terrestrial agreements, Conditional Access Systems (CAS) agreements, server co-location space agreements and other related commercial agreements. We also assist the IT companies in protecting their intellectual property and information technology-related compliance and taxation issues. We also deal in cyber law and handle cases like internet fraud, hacking, privacy and security related issues etc. 15. Intellectual Property : Lex Rete is a specialized law firm which has been offering comprehensive legal counsel with its competent team of patent attorneys and attorneys at law in the field of intellectual property. Our services include: Patents Utility Models Trademarks Designs Semiconductor Topology Plant Variety Variety Denomination Employee Inventions University Inventions National Infringement Proceedings International Infringement Proceedings Licence Agreements International Patent Cooperation (PCT, EPC) International Trademark Cooperation (MMA, CTM) International Design Cooperation (Hague agreement, Community Designs) Japanese Patent Law and Japanese Industrial Property Rights Copyright Competition Law Domain Law Product Piracy Software, Computer-implemented Inventions
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