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Maternity Advocates in Kolkata Maternity Advocates in Kolkata

Just by choosing the city and subject of expertise below, you will be guided to the list of subject expert advocates. PathLegal has simplified and listed many maternity lawyers in Kolkata as per their location, specialization and experience. It may help you to find out a good maternity lawyer in Kolkata for any legal issue. However we always recommend you to consult with a lawyer in person for your final decisions.

Advocate SAYANTAN BANERJEE, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Near J.D Park Metro Stn gate no. 5, Hazra
Experience (years): 7+
Languages Known: English, Bengali, Hindi
Specializations: consumer protection, divorce,matrimonial,registration,agreement,trusts,adoption,labor
Advocate Adv. Sandip Mandal, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Garia
Experience (years): 11
Languages Known: English/Hindi/Bengali
Specializations: civil-property/family etc/writ-service and labour/corporate/banking/bail/anti bail/arbitration
Advocate Surojit Das, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - kolkata
Experience (years): 7
Languages Known: English, Bengali, Hindi
Specializations: corporate, labour, criminal
Advocate Subhadeep Karmakar, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Kolkata
Experience (years): 6
Languages Known: English, Bangla, Hindi
Specializations: excise customs, writ, company matters, labour law, property matters, consumer forum matters, n.i. ac
Advocate Susanta Singha, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Halisahar
Experience (years): 2
Languages Known: English,Bengali,Hindi
Specializations: civil, criminal,divorce & family case, cheque bounce,consumer forum,labour court-tribunal,registry
Advocate Sandip MUKHERJEE, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Kolkata
Experience (years): 20
Languages Known: English,Bengali,Hindi
Specializations: corporate law, labour law,property law
Kolkata | Kolkata
Advocate IMTIAZ AHAMAD, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - THAKURPUKUR KOLKATA
Experience (years): 15
Languages Known: Bengali, Hindi & English
Specializations: civil, criminal, drt, nclt, ngt, labour, cat, sat, aft & administrative procedure
Advocate Souvik Ray Chowdhury, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - North 24 parganas
Experience (years): 16
Languages Known: Bengali, Hindi and English
Specializations: property registration, matrimonial disputes, labor law disputes, motor accident claim cases, others
Kolkata | North 24 parganas
Advocate Md Saaqib Saood Siddiqui, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Park Circus
Experience (years): 7
Languages Known: English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu
Specializations: civil, writ, criminal, corporate, arbitration, industrial and labour matters
Kolkata | Park Circus
Advocate ANANDA GOPAL MAITY, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Garia
Experience (years): 12
Languages Known: bengoli, oriya, english, Hindi
Specializations: labour laws and ir
Kolkata | Garia
Advocate Manaranjan Karmakar, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Haltu,
Experience (years): 30
Languages Known: Bengali, English, Hindi.
Specializations: service,laḅur matter. & criminal.
Advocate Debangan Dutta, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Kolkata
Experience (years): 0
Languages Known: Bengali, Hindi, English
Specializations: documentation and labour matters
Kolkata | Kolkata
Advocate Ranjan Mukhopadhaya, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Kolkata high court
Experience (years): 15
Languages Known: English, Bengali,Hindi, Odiya
Specializations: civil, criminal, family matters, company matters, m.a.c.t matters, labor matters
Kolkata | Kolkata high court
Advocate MONIMA KHAN, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - KOLKATA
Experience (years): 14
Specializations: corporate laws, intellectual properties rights, cyber laws, banking laws, registrations, labour
Advocate Pinku Sona Naskar, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Pailan
Experience (years): 3
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Bengali, German etc.
Specializations: civil, matrimonial, real estate, company law, labour and industrial laws, arbitration, registration.
Advocate SWAGATA SEN MITRA, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Tollygunge
Experience (years): 10
Specializations: real estate, property matters, title suits, registration, labour compliance
Advocate Dipak Ranjan Mukherjee, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - High Court , Dalhousie , Salt Lake
Experience (years): 19
Specializations: civil , company , arbitration , writs , consumer forums ,labour , environmental law
Advocate Anirban Mukherjee, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Durgapur
Experience (years): 14
Specializations: company matters. civil. property. labour. h.r.
Advocate KAJAL RAY, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - near high court
Experience (years): 14
Specializations: civil,property,cheque bounce,labour, writ, company
Advocate S.  Dutt, Maternity advocate in Kolkata - Bhowanipur
Experience (years): 30
Specializations: property, company law, commercial laws, economic legislations, labour laws, industrial laws
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