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How To Process A Motorcycle Accident Claim Top Points How To Process A Motorcycle Accident Claim Top Points

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Sarika Khude lawyer in Rajgurunagar Posted 3 Dec 2019 Read More News and Blogs
How To Process A Motorcycle Accident Claim Top Points

Many people are wondering how to file a motorcycle accident claim, and the reality is that you need quite a bit of info before you do. You cannot just call up your company, and tell them it was the other drivers’ fault. Here is a short and quick guide for what to do. Essentially a motorcycle crash is looked at by law as identical to crashing a regular car. You have to prove that the other driver caused it. If you were responsible, your expenses are still covered, but your insurance rates will increase dramatically. That is why it is so key to prove it was not you, assuming you indeed were not at fault. Here are the steps you need to take immediately following the crash:

First, make sure you know the car you crashed with, as well as the license plate number. Figure out what kinds of damages the other cars or trucks suffered, as well as the names of anyone else involved and where they live. If someone else saw the crash and could verify who was responsible for it, get their identity and location as well. Avoid claiming the crash was your fault on the scene unless of course, it was. Otherwise, your company will have to pay, and your insurance rates will sharply increase. Immediately when you get home, jot down what happened by your account. In reality, this probably is not going to make much of a difference if there was no witness because it is your word against the other driver. It is what the witness says that matters. If it cannot be proven who is at fault, each driver’s insurance will take care of his or her own hospital expenses under the “no-fault” policy. Also, if you were hurt badly enough that you cannot work for a while, figure out how much that is going to cost in lost wages so you so that you can claim that. If your policy does not cover this, then check with your health coverage and see if they will. Usually, comprehensive health coverage will take care of any money you lose by not being able to work. 

In any instance, all your hospital expenses will be covered up to a point. Do not forget about the deductible, because you will have to cover this before the insurance company pays a dime. 

Will you be covered for all your expenses? 

Not necessarily, if you have a low limit on your policy. For instance, if your policy covers you for 50,000 and your expenses are 60,000, you have to come up with the remaining 10,000 yourself. 

Hopefully, this article gives you a basic understanding of what goes into filing and what you should do immediately following a crash. When you take these basic steps when thinking about motorcycle accident claims, you will ensure you do not end up covering any unnecessary expenses out of your own pocket.

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