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Bronze medal Reporter ADV.ANJALI Posted 4 Sep 2019

In recent years, India has faced every kind of disasters that could have seen by mankind. Yet in spite of all this India have not been able to withstand or prevent such disasters from happening. There are no precautions.

Environmental law and Natural Disaster Management have not given awareness to the mass or aware of the precaution to be taken during such calamities. India have huge resources which are being misused or not properly utilized by the people. Since India is a country having a huge population, to make people aware and corporate with the government is a tough task. Yet we have made them aware of the calamities made made or natural. This mainly has to done to decrease the ratio of death among people and reduce the destruction caused to buildings and livestock in India. There are some laws which help in preventing, reducing or withstanding calamities. These are some methods to protect ourselves from calamities.

1. Home Insurance

The average homeowner’s insurance policy covers ordinary damages. From a busted pipe in your basement to an accidental house fire, hailstorm damage to your roof to lightning strike incidents, you should be covered by your home insurance. Keep in mind that each policy is different, and it’s important to know exactly what coverage you have with your insurance company (ideally before you have to file a claim).

2.Disaster Insurance

There are many unforeseen natural disasters that are not covered by typical home insurance that you need to be prepared for. Remember to call your insurance agent if you have any questions.

3.Flood Insurance

Floods are the most frequently occurring natural disaster in the country. Get a flood insurance policy to protect your home from damages caused by rising water, especially if you live on the coast or low-lying areas where flooding occurs more frequently. There is usually a waiting period of around a month before flood insurance coverage begins, so it’s best to sign up as soon as possible.

4. Earthquake Insurance

It’s smart and proactive to get an earthquake insurance quote, especially because of the unpredictable nature of this natural disaster. Even though India is prone to Earthquake, none of the society is aware they are insured for all kind of disasters in our country.

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5.Region-Specific Insurance

It’s important to be aware of which specific disasters could potentially affect the area you live in. Depending on the region — and especially in high-risk areas — many states have subsidized insurance pools that provide appropriate coverages to residents.

6. Additional Coverage

There are supplemental policies and endorsements that you can purchase in addition to your regular coverage, which can be a good move if you have things like an above-ground pool, outdoor spa, or anything else home-adjacent that could be affected by a natural disaster. Some events can be covered by an extra clause in your general policy as well, but it’s best to talk to your insurance agent to see what additional coverage can be added to your existing plan. 

There are also NGO’s working in our country that are helping government aw well as private sector in overcoming natural disasters that have taken place in recent years.

Act and Policy

The Civil Defence Act,1968, has been suitably amended by the Civil Defence (Amendment) Act, 2009 by Notification No. 3 of 2010, to include the disaster management as an additional role for the Civil Defence Corps, while retaining its primary role. The additional role in disaster management will be enacted by the Civil Defence Personnel before, during and after emergencies arising out of calamities/ disasters, whether natural or man-made. Although the Civil Defence Act, 1968 is applicable throughout the country, the Organisation is only raised in such areas and zones which are tactically and strategically considered vulnerable from enemy attack points of view. Civil Defence towns have been converted into districts and categorization of the districts in respect of State/ Union Territory is appended herewith 100 Multi-Hazard Prone Districts Civil Defence activities are restricted to 259 categorized towns spread over 36 States/Union Territories.

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Their main objective is to save life-

The objectives of Civil Defence are to save the life, to minimize loss of property, to maintain continuity of production and to keep high up the morale of the people. During times of war and emergencies, the Civil Defence organization has the vital role of guarding the hinterland, supporting the Armed forces, mobilizing the citizens and helping civil administration.The concept of Civil Defence over the years has shifted from management of damage against conventional weapons to also include threat perceptions against Nuclear weapons, Biological & Chemical Warfare and natural and man-made disasters.


Civil Defence is primarily organised on a voluntary basis except for a small nucleus of paid staff and establishment which is augmented during emergencies. The present target of Civil Defence volunteers is 14.11 lac, out of which 5.38 lac have already been raised. Civil Defence is primarily organised on a voluntary basis except for a small nucleus of paid staff and establishment which is augmented during emergencies. However, Duty/Training allowance is admissible to the C.D. Volunteers. These volunteers are administered and trained by Deputy Controllers, Medical Officers and C. D. Instructors which are a full time paid posts. The Civil Defence Organisation is needed to have a strong presence in all districts of the country in order to attain a target of 1 Crore volunteers in the country by 7 years.

Recent times, due to heavy rainfall many have lost their loved ones and another cause is landslides caused due to heavy rain. The main help needed is providing food and shelter in affected areas. In recent times, the youths have come together in helping out the country in times of trouble. This also makes us aware of the unity that Indians feel towards the country and how to develop the nation as a whole. Also, make sure to be aware of our governments' warning and alerts across many states depending upon the regions their disasters.



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