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Important Facts On Media Trial Important Facts On Media Trial

Bronze medal Reporter Anjum Rukadikar Posted 5 Sep 2020
Important Facts On Media Trial

The Media Trial

There has to be some guidelines drafted for the media and the journalism to work upon. The media trial should stop as it creates the obstacles in the fair trial by and investigation. In any case or in any of the ongoing investigation procedures the matter or the subject is sub judiced and no one has the right to give their judgement on that. The line of investigation procedure is hampered when there is too much of media interference. The investigating agencies tends to lose their track on public panic or the  pressure created by them. 
The CBI, police or any investigation agency shall be given their space to investigate. No  information should be divulged to any media untill the whole investigation with evidence is over. 

There should be a legal ban on the leakage of any of the information of the investigation proceedings by the media without the permission of the authority. 
Unnecessary disclosure of each and every step and procedure taken by the CBI, Police or other authorised agencies in investigation alerts the accused and presurises the witnesses. 
There has to be some law formulated on this. The media is taking undue advantage of the freedom of expression. They need to follow some guidelines and some restrictions while handling such sensitive cases wherein the whole nation gets involved.

The only Moto should be the justice and the truth to prevail and not just to sell the news. 

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