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Relevant Documents For Mutual Divorce Relevant Documents For Mutual Divorce

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 10 Sep 2020
Relevant Documents For Mutual Divorce

What Is Mutual Divorce?

Mutual divorce or divorce by way of mutual consent from both parties in a marriage where both the husband and wife agree to get divorced mutually at their own will. This is one of the most possible ways to end a marriage peacefully without any clash. Necessarily, documents are also required when filing for mutually consented divorce.

Documents Relevant For Mutual Divorce

  • Proof of address of both parties in a marriage(husband and wife ) – It is one of the required documents when filing for this type of divorce and some of the generally used documents for address proof are passport, aadhaar card, ration card, voter ID card and so on.
  • Four photographs of the marriage (passport size) – The photographs of the marriage of the couple that is going to divorce mutually is a requirement.
  • Proof that both the parties stayed apart for a year – It is needed for mutual divorce that both the husband and wife have been apart for one year.
  • Certificate of marriage – It is a proof that the marriage of the divorcing couple has been performed and that they were married legally. It also helps when applying for a passport and such other documents.
  • Proof that the attempt to restore the marriage failed – Sometimes, a marriage breaks down due to misunderstanding, communication gap or any small reason so attempts will be made to see if a marriage can be saved. When the trials fail, then the evidence is needed that trials made to save marriage had failed.
  • Details related to the family of husband and that of wife – The information related to the family of both the parties to a marriage is also a necessity when filing for divorce in a mutual manner.
  • Three years’ Income Tax statement is required – This is also one of the needed documents when going to divorce. The statement of Income Tax of both husband and wife is required.
  • Information about the profession and how much income – The details about what profession is pursued by the couple and how much is earned by each of the party has to be provided.
  • Provide information about the assets and property – The details with regards to the assets and property of the couple who are on the verge of divorce, has to be given.


Mutually consented divorce requirement is that both husband and wife should agree for divorce mutually at own will. To know more, do contact Lawyers in India.

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