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Suicide Note:Last Heart Breaking Letter of a Law Student Suicide Note:Last Heart Breaking Letter of a Law Student

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Aneeta Posted 7 Nov 2019
Suicide Note:Last Heart Breaking Letter of a Law Student

Dear Mom, I am writing this to say goodbye and I love you and dad a lot. I am sorry for what I am doing but I can’t take it anymore. I am not meant for this world! There is no happiness or peace around me. When you and dad are gone for work I have to stay all alone in the house and I am scared. You have no time for me. I tried to fight off my depression but I fail every time. Now I want to take a good deep long sleep without stress and pain.

Every time we hear about a student committed suicide we think it is because of failure in exam or failure in love. Only very few commit suicide for this reason but there are many reasons behind this. Everyone goes through stress and anxiety but some are affected than others. In our country, it all starts with the pressure put by the parents or teachers in terms of their studies or career. Sleep has a strong result on a person’s mood but if it’s not proper it can bring sadness, moodiness and fatigue. Parents think my child should be better than others so they buy them latest technology which is used all night and also has to study hard to get an extra mark than his neighbour.  Most of the kids are asked not to participate in any extra activities because they may lose their mark. Parents and teachers should encourage the person to do some exercise or participate in sport, dance etc.

Education is maybe society’s most dangerous responsibility. Educational institutions should pass on knowledge to students but may teachers and institutions do not understand the mental health of the students. Parents and teachers should understand that every child is different and had different mental ability. They should be praised for their work and talent. Everyone goes through tough times when things seem hopeless but if there is one to stand close by then all this can be avoided.

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