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The Harley Davidson Supreme Court is top reason to Break IndiaThe Harley Davidson Supreme Court is top reason to Break India

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legal question A civil writ petition ( CP W) efiled on supreme court portal as petitioner in person ends up getting noticed after 2 months ( April to June ) after repeated calls to registrar and his hindi speaking personal secretaries. In this case BLN Achary takes 2-3 months and transfers it to PIL (E) section ( 011-23381507 as given by Raghu from 011-23112249 - these are different efiling sections abruptly arranged by Harley Davidson which ere extracted after repeated calls to 011-23112265 and 011-23111436 which are efiling section ) as its a letter petition which takes 2 weeks further to reject it as its not formatted! His secretary tells he is covid infected but say nothing about who is incharge. Here technically if considered letter petition, format should not be the criteria. The status was finally updated in grievance section of portal as if it was untouchable for the bastards at the top.
Look at the procedure of corruption used by registrars: Read petition, spy on it, if includes influential person use secretaries and switch off landlines. Don't answer emails( infact there are no email ids except one on website). Gobble up fees on portal. After 2 months update on website as format error.

The important thing to note here is hijacking of judiciary into elite circles of Advocate on Records in Delhi who ask 1-2 lakh as upfront fees ( one was Tapan Choudhary from india legal services , another was from llpartners ) Even if we submit a efiling, needing a AoR to sign affidavit makes it meaningless and only for rich and elite of Delhi.
In left we see thewire, prashant bhushan, Arundhati Roy etc forming there own groups to fight. But mind you these groups are also highly inaccessible and limited to their own networks for anyone from states.

There is not a single entity which provides easy entry to supreme court. No other country has such stifling legal corruption like India has whose primary aim is to oppress justice and to have record pendencies and vacancies.

legal answer from lawyer E00019212small fight of individual clan can never break country norms .

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legal answer from lawyer E00313936Advocacy is a profession, and not a charity.

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