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The Registration of Births and Deaths Act,1969: Top 8 Points The Registration of Births and Deaths Act,1969: Top 8 Points

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Sarika Khude lawyer in Rajgurunagar Posted 16 Jan 2020
The Registration of Births and Deaths Act,1969: Top 8 Points

1. The registration of births and deaths act regulates the registration of births and deaths and matters connected with births and deaths in our country. 

2. The registration of births and deaths act gives certain responsibilities to certain individuals to report the birth or death of a person to the concerned authority for their registration. 

 Various registrars or authorities have been established under this act: 

 1.    Registrar-General: The registrar appointed by the central government.

2.    Chief Registrar: Chief registrar of the state who is appointed by the state government.

3.    District Registrar: The state government appoints the District Registrar for each revenue district.

4.    Registrar: The state government may appoint a registrar for each local area within the jurisdiction of a municipality or panchayat.

5.    Sub-Registrar: The Registrar with the approval of the chief registrar may appoint sub-registrars and assign them duties in specified areas of his jurisdiction.

 Section 8 specifies the persons responsible to report births and deaths; 

1.    Regarding births and deaths in a house, the head of the family or the oldest male is responsible.

2.    Regarding births and death in a hospital or medical center, the medical officer or any person assigned by him is responsible.

3.    Regarding births and deaths in jail, the jailor is responsible.

4.    Regarding births and deaths in a hostel or any public resort, the person in charge of that place is responsible.

5.    Regarding new-born child or dead body found deserted in the public place, the headman of the area or the officer in charge of the local police station is responsible.

3. If a child is born in a hospital, it is the duty of the doctor who has delivered the child or the head doctor of the hospital to notify the birth of the child to the concerned registrar. The doctor must provide the registrar with all other requisite details like weight or birth-marks. 

4.  As the name of a new-born is not pre-determined, a reasonable time limit is provided to the parents or guardians of the child within which they have to provide the registrar with the name of the child so that the registrar can register the same. 

5. If a person dies, then it is mandatory to have a doctor's certificate mentioning the cause of death while reporting the death to the registrar. Without a death certificate, the registrar cannot register a death. It requires a doctor to certify the death of a person to know whether the person died of natural causes. 

Section 13 of the births and death registration act regulates the delay in registration of births and deaths; 

 1.    If any birth or death is informed to the registrar after the expiry of the period but within 30 days of the occurrence, shall only be registered on the payment of late fees.

2.    Any birth or death of which delayed information is given to the registrar after thirty days but within one year of the occurrence shall only be registered with the written permission of the authority and payment of late fees.

3.    Any birth or death which has not been registered within one year of its occurrence shall be registered on an order made by a magistrate of first-class after verifying the correctness of the information. 

6. If false, fraudulent or incorrect information is given to the registrar, then the registrar may or cancel the entry with no alteration to the original entry. 

7.  Any information related to births and deaths of citizens of India living outside India shall be valid information, and they may issue birth and death certificates by following the necessary procedure. 

8.  If the person responsible for reporting the birth and death of a person does not discharge his duty, then he will have to pay subsequent penalties for it.

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