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Top Most Legal Jobs With Outstanding Salary Top Most Legal Jobs With Outstanding Salary

Bronze medal Reporter adv.Reshmamol Posted 6 Jan 2020
Top Most Legal Jobs With Outstanding Salary

Law as a profession is in great demand in the present scenario. Due to the changes happening in the social and economic circumstances and the continuously increasing regulatory role done by the government, there is an increase in demand for lawyers. Apart from being financially profitable, Law is an exciting and adventurous career option. Lawyer’s salary as a profession can rely upon where you choose to live.

The different type of lawyers who practice in various field can expect to bring in


A corporate lawyer plays a significant role in ensuring the legality of company transactions. This is the primary role of a corporate lawyer. These lawyers act as advisers to a corporation on various problems, like collecting and verifying evidence for legal proceedings, formulating contracts, advising firms on their legal rights and responsibilities in business transactions, and providing recommendations on problems associated with taxation. Depending on the size, financial stability and location corporate lawyer's salary will start somewhere between $30,000 and $100,00 a year.


Tax lawyers mainly deal with state, federal, local tax agencies. Based on all aspects of tax legislation lawyers give advice to individuals and businesses. In order to practice tax law, we need to be brilliant in mathematics, analytical mind and so on. Starting salary for tax lawyers lies between $55,000 and $83,000.When their carrier progresses tax lawyers annual earnings also increases


 Criminal lawyers are also known as criminal defense lawyers. They handle a wide range of criminal cases sex crimes, domestic violence crimes, drug crimes, etc. The main responsibilities of a criminal lawyer include defending criminal cases charged in state, federal and appellate courts which includes investigation of the charged case, take an interview with the witnesses, carefully study the case law , develop a defense and plan to develop a case strategy. Excellent written and oral skills are the two key elements for the success of a criminal lawyer to argue the case in front of a jury or judge. The salary of the criminal lawyer may vary significantly depending on the client, scope, and size of practice, geographical location of the firm, etc. Criminal lawyers earn the highest salary in the law field. Experienced lawyers can earn up to $115000 in their first year making it a profitable carrier option.


Basically Family law is a big field. Family lawyers deal with domestic abuse and child support, divorce and other possible fields. Many of the family lawyers are interested in specializing in a particular field to become an expert in it. Divorce lawyers work with clients to break down the marriage and help them how best to divide the common property. The compensation of the lawyer mainly depends on the Lawyer’s experience and degree of specialization. Studies suggest that the median annual salary of the family lawyers is $70,828.Experienced family lawyers in the private sector earn more than that of the lawyers in the public sector.


 Real estate lawyers are associated with clients in economic and urban real estate. They mainly focus on issues regarding renters, neighbors, bordering and property development. Real estate transactions are a little bit complex in which it requires lots of legal documents, time to estimate and draft contracts and other related files and need to prepare for the consultation for their clients. Studies show that the median annual salary of real estate lawyers was approximately $90,125.If the attorneys are highly skilled in negotiation, they can earn more profit in this field. Experience and location also influence the earning of these attorneys.


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