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Various Law Definitions by Famous Authors Various Law Definitions by Famous Authors

Bronze medal Reporter Adv John Posted 7 Sep 2018
Various Law Definitions by Famous Authors

Given below are the various Definitions for law by most famous legal authors worldwide.

John Austin

“Province of Jurisprudence Determined”

Duhaime's Law Dictionary

“All the rules of conduct that have been approved by the government and which are in force over a certain territory and which must be obeyed by all persons on that territory (eg. the "laws" of Australia). Violation of these rules could lead to government action such as imprisonment or fine, or private action such as a legal judgement against the offender obtained by the person injured by the action prohibited by law. Synonymous to act or statute although in common usage, "law" refers not only to legislation or statutes but also to the body of unwritten law in those states which recognize common law”

Greek philosopher Plato and Aristotle

“An embodiment of Reason”, whether in the individual or the community’.

Oxford Professor of jurisprudence Professor Hart

“The Concept of Law” (1961)

Hart defined law as a system of rules, a union of primary and secondary rules,


“By 'particular' law mean that which an individual community lays down for itself; and by 'universal' law I mean the law of nature. For there is a natural and universal notion of right and wrong, one which all men instinctively apprehend”

Italian philosopher St Thomas Aquinas

“A body of rules fixed and enforced by a sovereign political authority.”

“A rule laid down for the guidance of an intelligent being by an intelligent being having power over him.”

American judgeOliver Wendell Holmes

“The Path of the Law” in Collected Papers, 1920

“The prophecies of what the courts will do … are what I mean by the law,”

Austin, Lectures on Jurisprudence (1885)

“Law is a command from the sovereign person or body in the political society to a member or members of society”

Italian philosopher St Thomas Aquinas

“Nothing else than an ordinance of reason for the common good, made by him who has care of the community, and promulgated”

Blackstone, Commentaries (1847)

“Law is a rule of civil conduct prescribed by the supreme power in a state, commanding what is right, and prohibiting what is wrong”

Senior Law Lord Lord Browne-Wilkinson

“‘The sum of the influences that determine decisions in courts of justice

English philosopher Thomas Hobbes

“Law is the formal glue that holds fundamentally disorganised societies together.”

Cardozo, The Growth of the Law (1924)

“When there is such a degree of probability as to lead to a reasonable assurance that a given conclusion ought to be and will be embodied in a judgement, we speak of that conclusion as the law.”

German Sociologist Max Weber

“Law…exist if it is externally guaranteed by the probability of coercion (physical or psychological) to bring about conformity or avenge violation, and is applied by a staff of people holding themselves specially ready for that purpose.”

Glanville Williams

“Law is the cement of society and also an essential medium of change. Knowledge of law increases one’s understanding of public affairs. Its study promotes accuracy of expression, facility in argument and skill in interpreting the written word, as well as some understanding of social values”.

Hoebel, The Law of Primitive Man (1954)

“A social norm is legal if it is neglect or infraction is regularly met, in threat or in fact, by the application of physical force by an individual or group possessing the socially recognized privilege of so acting”

This will be informative to the Lawyers in India.

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