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Want to get surname of first expired husbandWant to get surname of first expired husband

Family »Posted 20 May 2020 Post Answer

legal question Sir, I need urgent legal help for ky mother in law. Actually, my mother in law was married in the year around 1983, my father in law died in the year 2000, post that my mother in law remarried to another person and it's been almost 11 years she has been divorced with his second husband. All the property papers, bank accounts, passports etc. are with her surname which she got after her second marriage. She wants to get the surname which she got after her first marriage so that all the property etc. goes to her son which she has with her first husband ( she has no child with her second husband, the second husband has children with her first wife who expired in year around 1999) , only one bank account locker is with the name of first husbands surname. Now she wants to get her first husbands surname so that the children of second husband can't claim in the property.

legal answer from lawyer E00027627she has to move the court with right petitioning, tks

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