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What will be the punishment if the I.O prepares false charge sheet What will be the punishment if the I.O prepares false charge sheet

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legal question Sir ,

In 2018 that my neighbour filed an F.I.R against me and my mother with sections 325/354(B)/506/379/384 and 34 of the IPC only to take revenge for the previous grudge. We received a notice 41(A) Cr.Pc from the local police station and within right time that we duly complied with the said notice and after that we obtained anticipatory bail from the Hon'ble H.C and subsequently that the I.O has filed charge sheet against us with all the above mentioned sections but till date that the trial has not commenced. I have already collected the certified copy of the said charge sheet and from the charge sheet it appears that the said I.O has put the name of one Doctor of the Govt Hospital Mr. Rakesh Sharma as a prosecution witness and after that through R.T.I Act I asked the Superintendent Of that Govt Hospital to please provide me the informations regarding the date of joining and working period till date of the said Doctor Rakesh Sharma but it's shocking for me that the said Superintendent has sent his letter to me and he has stated in his letter that as per my query and as per the record of his Hospital that no person is working in his Hospital as a Doctor in the name of Mr. Rakesh Sharma from 2018 to till this year. After this report that what should I do ? Should I approach the High Court to take action against the Investigating Officer for making and putting a fake name of a person in the Charge Sheet against us ? Even the said I.O has not given any single explanation in respect of the alleged offences against us.

This is absolutely clear that a big conspiracy has been made against me and my mother by the Investigating Officer and my neighbour.

Please answer me what will I do at this time ? Despite having the strong evidence will I not take any step against the I.O ? I strongly believe that we will be discharged from this false case one day but now I want that the said I.O should get appropriate punishment from the High Court so pls pls advice me.

legal answer from lawyer E00312798You can file quashing of chargesheet mentioning all the facts and evidence you have got and you can get relief from there. It is also good evidence for your trial too.
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legal answer from lawyer E00019212sir cool down deal it tact fully be safe , nothing doing just submit your and mother alibi and perjury and for the defamation with cost at the honorable high court . and if you are strong file complaint for the police too.

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