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Why Lawyers Struggle With Legal Drafting? Easy Methods For Legal Drafting Why Lawyers Struggle With Legal Drafting? Easy Methods For Legal Drafting

Bronze medal Reporter Reshmamol Posted 3 Nov 2019
Why Lawyers Struggle With Legal Drafting? Easy Methods For Legal Drafting

Written word plays a very important role in many fields, especially in the legal profession. Words can be used to inform, persuade and instruct. Legal documents need effective accounting of facts and laws that can attract parties to a document. The documents we draft can create the fact that triggers the legal response on our client's desires. This is the essence of drafting.

 Basically “legal drafting" involves the preparation of any written document legally. Legal drafting can be defined as the combination of law and fact in a language form. This is the main essence of legal drafting. It is the development and preparation of legal instruments such as constitutions, wills, conveyances, contracts, letters, statutes, regulations, trusts, and leases. The process of drafting can be done by using two planes: conceptual and verbal.

Draftsman not only seeking for the right word but also the right concepts. Therefore in drafting thinking is the first step then only the composing. In a legal sense, drafting means the act of preparing documents like notices, wills, contracts, etc. The following are the easy legal drafting methods for lawyers in India.

Important tips for legal drafting

1.Be clear…

The document should be clear about what to say and what not to say. We need to crack the different provisions of law that the documents deal with.

2. Be precise.

Precise and concise matter is the key feature of drafting. Better drafting provide a complete message in a simple and convenient way it may cause the reader to inspired by it.

3.Create a skeleton plan

Never begin a draft without a skeleton plan. Skeleton plan will always give an idea about how to start, contents include and end the drafting process. The skeleton plan provides an overall structure of your draft.

4.Determine essential content

 It is important to identify the essential content that means what all things you need to focus mainly on.

5. Try to avoid ambiguities…

Always make sure that you cleared all ambiguous instances from the document. Only one concept should associate with sentences in documents.

6Specify important things…

Keep a chapter containing important things in the document and make sure that they defined and explained clearly.


The content included in the draft should be adaptable to the truthful position to the circumstances of the case as well.

8. Understandable…

We should use simple, appropriate,  lucid language and words while drafting. It will help the reader to understand the content in a better way. Longer sentences and paragraphs create complexity while reading. Ordinary language helps the reader to catch the content easily.

9. At a time only one paragraph

Drafting should consider only one paragraph at a time. It will make the drafting process easy. Make sure to keep precise, elegant plain English content in each paragraph.

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