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Saved Legal Questions
Natural Guardin can did the Agreement without court permission ANY 29 Aug 2018

A one House owners brought the home in 2007 and after three due to his death a properly transfer his wife name and he has a one daughter she is now 16...

Dear Sir Since the house belong to the deceased, after her death, all his LR will claim equal share in the property. Since the deceased had wife and...View

Can a grandson ask for share in property Grand parents died without a Property 10 Apr 2018

Maternal grand parents did not make will and left a bungalow worth 1 crore in Mehsana city of Gujarat India. Those grand parents has two daughters and...

No. Grandson has NO right, titlpatere or interest or any business in the paternal grand parents property. Such maternal property is not an ancestral property....View

498a quashing time limit Criminal 8 Apr 2018

I filed quashing petition 498a on settlement basis with following supporting documents 1. Affidavit of case withdrawal signatured by complainant 2.petition...

Once the Complainant appear and give her statement in the court, the proceedings will be quashed. Unless the complainant personally do not come to court...View

Buying agricultural land Business 10 Jan 2018

I want to buy only part of agricultural land that is 51 Guntha from my cousin, total area (H.Are. SqMt) he owns 2-74-20. How do we do it ? This is in...

If you are an agriculturist then you can purchase any agricultural land in Gujarat. However, just make sure that the land do not fall under 1) New Tenure...View

Inheritance property Civil 10 Jan 2018

What will be court fee and advocate fee in case of claim in inheritance property

Dear Sir Court Fees depends on the valuation of the Property. Maximum Court Fees in Gujarat is upto Rs. 75,000. Advocate fees depends on Lawyer. Feel...View

Buy agriculture land in Gujarat Intellectual Property 1 Dec 2017

What is the minimum land area and tenure required to be an agriculturist with a name registered in 7/12? Can an agriculturist from another state buy land...

Sir Gujarat High Court has held that Agriculturist of any State will be a Deemed Agriculturist in State of Gujarat, however, that Judgment is Challenged...View

Entering the name in land Property 30 Nov 2017

I had agriculture land in Gujarat with my 5 Brothers. Out of one brother was expired. Now, I would like to enter the names of my descendants (Wife, son...

Dear Sir The property seems to be Joint Family Property. In that event all the family members hold share in the property. SO based on that you need to...View

jamin cancel total 12 cases Criminal 29 Nov 2017

agar jamin cancel hojaye to kya karna chahiye or cases 10 jyada ho to kya stay rakhana jaruri h 10 cases ek hi police station ke nahi he to stay order...

Dear Sir Please provide more accurate and precise details of your case. As i understand, Bail has been cancelled. Which Court cancelled the bail, the...View

property distribution of deceased father Family 16 Oct 2017

plz. guide proportion of property distribution of my deceased father among we 5 . I myself: a son, my mother & my 3 married sisters. My father was also...

Sir The self acquired estate of your deceased father will be distributed as per the provision of Section 8 of Hindu Succession Act. (I presume you are...View

73AA land regarding help Civil 1 Aug 2017

sir i am from surat and i want to know that if a person who is non adivasi .and he is interested to buy land from adivasi who have land of 73AA navi...

Sir Lands allotted to SC/ST u/s 73AA is non-alienable land, and such land cannot be purchased by any person. To purchase such land, you need to have...View

Hookah lounge ban in gujarat Civil 27 Jul 2017

In an recent event government of gujarat banned all the hookah lounges over the state. My question is, would it be legal if we friends hire a appartment...


Married having affair with unmarried girl Family 11 Jul 2017

I'm married having affair with unmarried girl what case my wife or her parents can do on me and my family ? What other charge they can put on me and my...

Having extra marital affair may be socially wrong, but it is per se not illegal. But if you get married to the second girl without getting divorce then...View

Canadian with Indian parents who recently passed away and owns land Property 4 Jul 2017

Hi, I'm a canadian born of indian heritage who recently lost his father in India (originally Gujarati). My mother had also past away 5 years ago and I...

Dear Sir Since your father was an Agriculturist, he would hold Agriculturist Passbook under Form 8A of the Gujarat Land Revenue Code. This passbook...View

conversion of land from new tenur to old tenure Property 15 Jun 2017

What is the procedure for conversion of Navi sharat to juni sharat which r the documents that I have to present for the same, kindly advice me

For conversion of land, you need to have minimum 15 year of possession of the Agricultural Land. Secondly, there should not be any breach of condition....View

FIR question on validation Civil 13 Jun 2017

How long is an fir valid for? Can the person file in amother country?

Dear Sir Your query is totally hypothetical and unclear. First of all there is nothing like time duration for which FIR is valid. And Second thing,...View

Navi ane avibhajiy sarat to juni sarat ANY 29 May 2017

Mare atiyre navi ane avibhajiy aevi kaik sarat ni jamin che to have aene mare juni sarat ma ferva mate su karvu pade

Tame ketla varso thya navi sharat ne jamin dharan karel che. Gujarat sarkar na vartaman jahernama mujab 15 varas thi upar jo navi sarat ni jameen dharan...View

legali sell land of navi sarat Property 11 Apr 2017

i have land which is navi sarat i want to sell the land without transfer the land into juni sarat .....please give me the way to figure it out

A New Tenure Land is basically a Government Land, which the government gives you only for the purpose of cultivation. So a new Tenure land cannot be sold...View

Laws and statue of limitation regarding child sexual abuse in India Criminal 9 Apr 2017

In our family a male child was sexually and emotionally abused by two girls when he was 15 years old. One of the girls was 15 years old but mentally quite...

Law of limitation is not applicable to Criminal Cases. It is saying "Crime Never Dies". So once an offence is discovered, it can be prosecuted, subject...View

transfer of shares of a pvt ltd company Property 23 Mar 2017

if there is a violation in the transfer of shares of a pvt ltd company and shares have been transfered to non members.. In AOA, it is mentioned that first...

Sir In private limited company, transfer of shares can be controlled by making necessary necessary provisions in Articles of Association. Normally...View

Release of goods in truck seized by police ANY 30 Aug 2016

Need to release our goods through court seized by police alongwith transporter truck which met accident. Fir lodged. We are concerned only with our goods....

Sir Since this is a Case of Motor Vehicle Accident, for which the Police would have registered FIR against the offending Truck, and pursuant thereto,...View

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