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Lawyer answers

Legal Q/A by Balasubramaniam

Balasubramaniam has answered nearly 60 legal questions for free.

"Help doesn't mean that offering money, offering legal advice is a great help to the society."

Saved Legal Questions
i wants bail on medical base Criminal 19 Oct 2015

my client is in jail in ipc section 420 465 467 468 471 120B. i wants bail on medical base.

First u need to file a bail application before the concerned Magistrate Court. Only at the time of argument u need convince the court that the person who...View

Need advise for 498 and Maintenance Family 22 Oct 2014

My wife has separated since October 2013 and child is also staying with her. I need your valuable advise on below point(s). 1. She has left the my house...

1. As far as the maintenance is concerned she & your minor child are entitled for maintenance. 2. Whether it is below 7 years or above 7 year, she...View

Is a lawyer mandatory for divorce case Family 17 Oct 2014

Sir, I am a wife - respondent in a divorce case filed by husband in 2012. I am very well educated and had hired a lawyer till now. But it is getting...

Yes you can defend your case without hiring a lawyer. If you are financially constraint you can approach Free Legal Aid for further assistance.View

can someine has finaced money to my brothe does he has rights to take ANY 5 Apr 2014

My brother has taken the money from market and left the city? The financers are giving me mantelly haresment and to my mother? They have right yo do i...

they do not have any right to demand money from you. if they keep disturbing you and your family, kindly lodge a police complainant.View

Is sale through GPA is valid Property 5 Apr 2014

Hello Sir, I am purchasing a site\plot in yelahanka, Bangalore. I am purchasing this plot from Mr. Gowda(property Developer). Mr. Gowda have got...

There is no problem in purchasing a plot through GPA. Kindly get an EC for the period from the date of execution of GPA till date, so that GPA name will...View

Mutual Divorce1 Family 17 Oct 2013

Hello, I belongs to Patiala. My wife wants a divorce. She feels that she can't spend her life with because i have a less salary, can't fulfill her desire....

Dear Client, You don\'t agree for mutual divorce, you can file a petition for Restitution of Conjugal Rights, so that your wife and you will be sent...View

Is conditions mentioned on overleaf of invoice is applicable Consumer Protection 13 Oct 2013

I have purchsed gold coin & jewellery on verbal assurance that buyback will be at market rate and no deductions will be made however there invoice on...

since it is only verbal assurance, you cannot claim unless there is something in writing. My suggestion is better to accept the deduction of 3%.View

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